Well-known Local Artist, Stu Moskowitz Has Cancer

Stewart "Stu" Moskowitz

Stu Moskowitz making his four children smile with art. [Photo from the YouCaring Fundraiser]

A beloved Southern Humboldt artist who is internationally known, Stewart “Stu” Moskowitz, is in hospice care after being diagnosed with cancer. A fundraiser has currently raised almost $10,000 to help bring his family to his side and ease his last few months. Organizers hope to raise even more to help the popular painter.

Cow in the Wind by Stu Markowitz

Cow in the Wind by Stu Moskowitz. You can see more of his work at his website.

Many locals know Moskowitz’s whimsical paintings. Children, as well as adults, delight in the humorous slant he adds to most of his pieces.

According to the fundraising page,

In the late 1970s, Stewart earned huge success when he released many of his images in poster form, which helped reinvigorate the poster market. Millions of his posters have sold worldwide, and Simon and Schuster published four of Moskowitz’s children’s books, three of which have recently been re-released on Amazon.

Stu’s work became especially popular in Japan in the early 1980s; he maintained copyright licensing deals for his work’s distribution there, and traveled to Japan regularly for decades. He has been celebrated in museum and gallery shows in Tokyo, Hakone, and Osaka.

After twenty-six years of living in Topanga Canyon in Southern California, Stu and his family relocated to Northern California in 2002. Stewart’s kind and playful spirit and generosity with his art and talent, have touched many people in both communities, along with others who don’t live close, but love him and his art.

If you would like to see more of his work, click here. If you would like to help by donating, click here.




  • Love you Stu. Prayers for the family. We are here for you all.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    So sorry to hear this. What a marvelous artist and person. May your days be filled with love, happiness and peace.

  • Nooooooo!! Stewart is one of the nicest more caring men. Why do all the good ones get taken?!?

    Wishing for a pain free & peaceful send off (if there is no way to heal him completely).

    Stewart, you are an amazing man & I am heartbroken for you & your family. You inspire us all to be better people. You will be remembered & will continue to inspire us.

  • Love you, Stu! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family!

  • So bummed to see this, Stu i hope you know what an inspiring person you have been to so many, in art and attitude and humor. I still love the shave the bush painting. That made me laff out loud when bush jr was prez.
    Sending luv to you and family, i truly hope you can feel the community sending blessings.

  • I wish that that Stu could have a scene like the last one in the movie Big Fish where everyone he knows and who holds him in high and fond regard (as we do) could cheer and wave and send him off. It would be quite a crowd. Bless your soul Stu, you and your art brought a lot of smiles to the world. Love and support to the family.

  • Spurious Truthyist

    ….and yet, here ẃe are, in the heart of cannabis country. How about some high grade RSO being made and given to him? Even if it doesn’t cure him, it will ease his passing. Love and blessings!

  • i know Stu isn’t taking visitors now…
    he was always very supportive to me
    with his humorous attitude about life and
    his never-ending love for the ladies…
    Stu…one of the good ones…

  • I am from Topanga and am fortunate to have known Stu for many years. I will never forget sitting at George Harlanders talking Volvo when Stu walked in. the look on our faces must have been a gas. What a long strange trip it’s been. I’ll see. You on the otherwise my brother. One hell of a guy. Love to you and thee family.

  • I would love to see a link, if there is one, to earlier paintings of Mr. Moskowitz that have topics other than ganja. Thank you, what a great and talented fellow! I like the cow in the wind, and I think he also did many paintings of redwood trees.

  • Unfortunately, the smoskowitz site is not the official Moskowitz site, he is paid no money from it.

    Please reference his official site instead:

    http://www.StewartMoskowitzNow.com and http://www.StewartMoskowitzMedia.com

    – Sincerely and appreciatively Stewart’s Family

  • So sorry to hear about Stewart’s illness. We worked together developing a comic strip in Santa Monica years ago and he was always a gentleman to work around…and such a talent! A silly painting he gave me when I left (a work in progress of a goofy dog taking a leak) still hangs over my desk in my studio. Please tell him I wish him the best and feel better. Dale Hale http://www.CartoonsForKids.com

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