Do You Know These Folks? Sheriff’s Office Is Looking for Them

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating multiple burglaries and the use of stolen credit/debit card; all occurring in the Mckinleyville area. The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the subjects possibly involved. Please see the attached photos.
Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Now, these are what security cameras should do. Very clear pics.

    • Yes, Radio Shack in Garberville went to those same hi-rez cameras about six months ago. They are even sharper on the security monitor. They will give you a 4 megapixel still shot. Plus you can zoom in or out.

      Sad that we need cameras isn’t it?

      • Yes, very sad.

      • Ernie Branscomb, do you sell them at your business?

        • Yes. Now Kym is going to have to send me a bill for advertising….

          • I’m happy to help in any way I can to improve the quality of surveillance video…

            • Thanks Kym
              The problem with video surveillance has always been a lack of huge memory required to store the footage from multiple high resolution cameras. Modern chip technology now makes the storage cheaper and more usable. The cameras probably cost us more than the shoplifting, but without them I’m sure that we would be fleeced out of business. Plus, we use other proactive methods to deter theft. Also, the local Sheriff’s office is very responsive and helpful.

              We only use the cameras when we suspect a problem, otherwise the cameras are no more than a fly on the wall. Most people are used to them and kind of like the fact that thieves have a harder time getting away with their misdeeds.

              • Hey Ernie,
                Are you going to be able to still source product with Radio Shack imploding?

                • Yes Mr. Bear
                  We started going around Radio Shack 3-4 years ago. We developed new suppliers. In most cases we are able to buy the same product at a lower price point. Less than 20% of our store is actually “Radio Shack”. That is one of the advantages of being a “Dealer” store, we own our own product and are free to sell anything.

                  We sell gobs of cell phones that are not Radio Shack, also musical instruments, car stereo, cell boosters, UPS shipping, etc, etc, etc.

                  We have created lots of foot traffic…. now, if we could just teach people to wipe their feet.

                  Now I owe Kym Dinner or something.

    • Yes, just what I was thinking. They are gonners and gonna be caught fast. Excellent pics 🙂

    • Excellent pictures, definitely. I hope all security cams go to this resolution as soon as possible. Somebody MUST know these people

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    I’m sure it won’t be difficult. Excellent pics.

  • I couldve sworn i saw the guy with the gold chain necklace yesterday at the 76. ill ask my manager to pull up the tapes and give em a check.

    now this is pure speculation, but i *might* remember the woman from years ago in Shelter Cove from her tattoos, although the woman i remember had blonde hair at the time. she worked at the Deli and asked for a month of pay in advance for “bills” and then skipped town. ill check in on who it was when i get a chance.

    *EDIT* she is not the same person, it was worth a gander

  • Must be three of Einsteins kids lol, idiots!

  • Not just McKinleyville, the one photo is in Arcata.

  • On the lookout. Great photos and thank you for getting the word out.

  • It’s sad we can’t trust anyone.😣

  • I have worked retail for many years, and have caught not nearly enough scumbag thieves. I just wish those a.holes would realize the financial burdens they are placing on good citizens, in the form of higher prices to cover the losses from thieves.

    • Even if they did realize how their actions affected people, they wouldn’t care, thieves feel entitled to do what they do and it isn’t just retail thieves…there are a lot of deceitful and manipulative people out there who think it’s their right to “take a piece of the pie” from hardworking and honest folks, and it isn’t just strangers, either. This is who you trust: your gut feeling. Degenerate deviants make the world a real nice place…even for zebras.

    • Unfortunately this may start to cost local businesses more money. I have been feeling like walking out of stores in this area lately. The hovering by theft prevention is alienating your honest customers. It is not OK to punish good people for the wrongs of another. Figure out a better way…it only takes one time to lose a customer forever.

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