[UPDATE: Located] Missing Woman Sought After Making Statements She Wanted to Harm Herself

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

 Elizabeth SmithOn Monday, May 15, 2017 at about 1540 hours, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a concerned friend of Elizabeth Ana Smith stating that Elizabeth was missing. Her friend was concerned for Elizabeth’s welfare due to her making statements that she possibly wants to harm herself.

Elizabeth is [described as] a Black female, age 39, 5’3, 185 pounds with brown eyes and long brown hair. Elizabeth is associated with a 2007 black Lexus, Ca plate 5TYB663.

Anyone with information regarding Elizabeth’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Update: Good news!



  • I just hope and pray she is safe. I really admire this young lady !!!

  • I didn’t know her personally but saw and heard nothing but great things about her.

  • I hope she is found safe and sound. Sometimes life gets overwhelming, but things can change in an instant. There is hope and there is help. Ending your life doesn’t end the pain. It just transfers it to your loved ones.

    • Omg, this my friend..I was hoping this was a hoax, please if anyone knows her number please inbox me

      • Ashia, I guess her friends are calling other friends and looking in the Trinidad area . At this time she has not yet contacted anyone. If you can think of somewhere she might go please call , you can post to me or Porsha . Thank you

  • Liz, we love you so much!!

  • John Fullerton

    Oh no. She is such a terrific lady, I pray that she is OK.

  • Liz is a rare compassionate beautiful woman both inside and out….she has helped countless individuals….you have cradled so many with love…Now let your community cradle you with love and support… praying for your safe return…Sincerely Lisa Feraru

  • Don’t know Elizabeth. If this story is accurate, with her beautiful, smiling face, the photo teaches us (me) to be more aware that a smiling face may not necessarily bely a happy person. So lean in, ask good questions, and LISTEN to what y/our friends say.

  • Has anyone received any new information at all ???? Please post if you have seen her , her car , received a phone call or text message ok . As of now she is still missing and friends are looking 🌺

  • Praying for her, unfortunately the ones who are the most caring and giving are also the ones who are hurt the most in the world because they give and give and the world is full of bad people so the mostly get back pain after all the giving. The people with the biggest smiles often hurt the most. Praying for you, hope your doing okay.

  • This makes my heart ache. Liz is a beautiful, compassionate, smart woman. I am going to have faith that she needs space to process everything that she’s been going through, My prayers are with her and her friends and family.

  • Hurting the ones who want to love you............

    I known Liz for years and she would brighten my day with her wonderful smile and cheery voice. I also know she has friends and family in other areas and I hope that is where she hiding. Something bad happened to her at the B&G Club. If you are reading this know we are your friends and nothing you would do would make us not love you and more than willing to help you through this. And remember running away will never make you free. I think that is from Kenny Loggins.

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