Volunteer Firefighters Spent Saturday Training to Save Your Life

Firefighters practicing extracting someone from a vehicle

[All photos provided by Captain David Brockman of Cal Fire]

Yesterday, from 8:30 in the morning until  4:30 in the afternoon, local volunteer firefighters used their free day to train to save your life. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate what this entailed.

Cal Fire sponsored the event where crew members from Fruitland Ridge, Palo Verde, Redway, Alderpoint, Miranda, Briceland, Telegraph Ridge, Salmon Creek, Piercy and Garberville came to learn everything from how to work with a helicopter,

to how to extract someone from a vehicle,

Firefighters practicing extracting someone from a vehicle

to how to communicate clearly by radio.

Notice, not one of those situations actually included firefighting. They still have to train for that also. Plus, some of them are getting training in large animal rescue and CPR among other skills they need to use to help their community.

Remember this training is in addition to their regular jobs, the fundraising and training they do in order to belong to their fire companies, plus the actual response to the frequent response to emergencies. On Friday alone, volunteers from Garberville Fire responded to three separate incidents.

Captain David Brockman from Cal Fire pointed out that this kind of training builds trust between local volunteers and the paid professionals in his department. Brockman who served as safety officer during the event said, “It was good for them to know our faces and for us get to know them and get that good relationship.”Volunteer firefighters at a training

Southern Humboldt Fire Chiefs Association thanked Cal Fire Battalion Chief for Battalion 1, Issac Lake, who was in charge of the event, Dave Brockman, as well as Diana Totten. They also acknowledged the help of multiple others, including

Catering for our wonderful food, Doris and Daughters Catering. Radio and Report on Conditions, Tran Beyna and Marie Sager. Auto Extrication, Shannon Stilwell, Dave Anderson, and Louis Lucier. Helicopter Operations, Mike McFarren, Logan Kalfsbeek, Geoff Marshall and Tyler Leonard.




  • I love each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do!

  • There are no words strong enough to say how awesome all you volunteers are!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! We take so much for granted here, with our amazing local fire depts and local news sources, we are prepared for a natural disaster way better than many other places.
    Really think about that. These events linking the agency folk with our volunteers can only be extremely beneficial especially in a major event.
    Give some money, food,,time, words of thanks, whatever to these groups!

    One great support thing ive seen, find out who in your neck of the woods is doing this type of volunteer work and go help them with a project on their land thats needed, like mowing the lawn, or whatever is going unfinished because that person is busy learning how to save our lives! 🙂

  • So awsome. All volunteers rock,thank you!!HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ALL,hope everyone is safe,and hug your MOM🌹🌹

  • Thank you volunteer responders!

  • Michelle Guthrie

    Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the work done by volunteer firefighters. It’s such a hard job and so necessary and beneficial to the community.

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