[Audio] Jury to decide fate of mom accused of multiple deaths; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (10:04): After preliminary hearings last week a judge ruled to let a jury decide if a mom is guilty of drunk driving and killing her own teenage daughter as well as her daughter’s teenage friend. 39-year-old Marci Kitchen has plead not guilty to all charges and allegations. Last summer the 14-year old victims, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas, were skateboarding on a rural road just south of Fortuna city limits when they were struck and tragically killed by a vehicle.

“(Faith) was a very intelligent, thoughtful, and caring,” said someone close to her wishing to remain anonymous. “She loved sports and she was good at everything she did… She was a little bit mischievous but in a good way, a funny way. She was always smiling. Happy to be alive… Her mother is a culinary graduate, and Faith always helped her (make food).”

“(Kiya) was a beautiful soul full of life and love that loved the outdoors and everything that it had to offer,” reads her obituary. “From riding motorcycles to hunting and fishing and riding long boards with her brother and friends… Kiya was an amazing artist that loved to paint and draw. She had an amazing voice that only few were lucky enough to hear.”

Reiterating info made available to the public last summer, CHP spokesperson Cy May said Kiya and Faith were struck by what they believe was Marci’s Jeep and that the vehicle fled the scene. Faith died at the scene and Kiya died that next morning at the hospital in Oakland. May says the Jeep that allegedly killed the girls was found at Marci’s house the next day.

“…This is an unbelievably tragic incident and it’s unfortunate that two young lives were lost,” May said. “In the wake of the aftermath the community is going to be shaken for a very long time.”

Nine days after the incident CHP asked the public for help locating Marci and her boyfriend as “persons of interest,” saying they made several failed attempts to contact them for questioning. Marci’s lawyers took issue with that saying Marci immediately opened lines of communication with law enforcement, made her Jeep available, and was prepared to surrender upon request. It’s not known if Marci was only available for arrest, but not available for interviews. She surrendered months later after the investigation was concluded and an arrest warrant for her was issued. She was released a little over an hour after she was booked and posted bail.

Lost Coast Outpost reporter Rhonda Parker covered the preliminary hearings last week, which were pushed back multiple times from the original date in late November. One of the most memorable moments from the hearings came from Marci’s son Jevin, who said when she returned home in her wrecked Jeep her passenger said they had hit two girls and he could “easily” tell she she was drunk. Her son also noted that he refused to crash her Jeep into a basketball hoop to make it seem like that was the cause of front-end damage. The prosecution argued the girls would not have been killed had Marci not been drunk and speeding. Marci’s lawyers have maintained that from the beginning she made it clear to all involved that she initially thought she had hit a deer, these girls didn’t have enough room to skateboard on the side of the road, and they noted the girls — who had THC in their systems — were partially at fault for being in the middle of the road. It’s disputed how much Marci had to drink that night, how fast she was driving, and what was said in the aftermath of the incident. A judge ruled there was enough evidence to go to trial and soon a jury will decide if the charges can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Parker stressed that less evidence is required for a trial than a conviction.

Some have had a hard time understanding why Marci’s preliminary hearings were pushed back so many times and have criticised her use of free plane tickets to travel to Mexico and Colombia in recent months. She eventually had to surrender her passport to the court.

LA-based psychiatrist Dr. Judy Ho — known for recurring appearances on “Crime Watch Daily” and “Dr. Drew” among other national news shows — delved into Marci’s case a bit and said she hopes those impacted by the events prioritize their mental health. She spoke about how average people dealing with trauma experience and show grief. With the disclaimer that she hasn’t evaluated Marci as a patient, the Ph. D. wondered if some of her alleged behavior is indicative of antisocial personality disorder.”

“I just wonder if she might fit that type of profile,” she said. “Somebody who just doesn’t really have a ton of remorse — isn’t all that connected to human emotionality — and that’s the kind of person that would be okay with taking trips afterwards and pretending like nothing happened.”

While the court process continues Marci is dealing with the loss of her child and the loss of her child’s friend. She does have friends continuing to show support for her. Camille Riggs has been friends with Marcy since their freshman year of high school. She said she knows Marci has a good heart and is a good person. That she always wanted to be a mother and she’s someone who cares enough to remember to ask you about specific details of your life. Someone who even left jobs so she could spend more time with her family. Early on in their friendship Camille says Marci suffered a trauma that solidified their friendship.

“When (Marci) was 16 her sister was killed in a car accident — it was a really tough time for her and her family,” Riggs said. “…She’s devastated by this horrible accident and it’s changed everyone involved forever. She’s so sorry the pain caused to all the family members and it’s been extraordinarily hard for her to be restricted by the legal process and to not be able to talk about that evening at all or reach out to Faith’s family to apologize. This absolutely changed her and it’s devastating.”

Again, Kitchen has plead not guilty to vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence causing death. She has denied fleeing the scene causing harm to multiple victims. Her next court date is May 25.

The much more in-depth story begins in the podcast at 10:04.

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Marci’s booking photo, Kiya, Faith, and a Facebook photo of Marci










  • This whole thing is tragic I hope that the girls get all the justice they deserve.

  • Kym!!! On mothers day? You’ve sunk to a new low. Guess I’m going back to getting my local news on LoCO.

    • Kym did not write this, I did. And the fact that you’re seeing it here today is coincidental. Humboldt Last Week comes out Saturdays and is re-released via Redheaded Blackbelt on Sundays. This came out yesterday.

      New details were brought to light regarding this case last week and this coverage adds new perspective including mental health concerns, additional background on the suspect, and more information about the victims. The victims are the most important part of this. The hope is that delving into this case a little more puts it into a perspective that encourages people to make better decisions behind the wheel and to take better care all around. That way everyone — including moms — can truly appreciate this day with perspective on how fragile life truly is.

    • Please DO. Kim is a mother too, you really think she would do it Intentionally to hurt some one? And who Marci? Happy Mother’s Day Kim.

    • Good go there

    • Myles may have posted this but I fully support my news site posting news. Myles’ Humboldt Last Week reviews the last seven days of news so, of course, he is going to talk about the developments this week in the Marci Kitchen case which is a major story.

    • If it wasnt for Marci this would have been done months ago. Point your finger at marci not Kym.

    • Rubber band ball

      What a lunk. Some people have such a sad life that they need to look down on any/everything to be happy with themself. You left LoCo for a reason, not because Kim is better lol (not saying you’re not Kim, just proving a point 😘😘 )

  • The worst mother ever award

  • Orangejumpsuitformarci

    Doesnt matter what disorder or anti social Marci is, you dont drive around drunk and kill people, she is due for two consecutive life terms in prison!
    Stop making excuses !

  • Orangejumpsuitformarci

    Ignore it kym! The truth needs to reach the people on any day!

  • Lol have fun with loco, the news isnt kyms fault 😂😉

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Other than posting a comment now and then, I consider myself anti-social, but you better believe that if I killed my own child or any child I would not be vacationing in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter! This Hollywood psychologist bullshit is a perfect example of how the American justice system works. Money buys freedom! Guaranteed this psychologist is not speaking about this case or Marci for any reason other than she was paid to do so. And I’m sure she is not cheap.

    • Dr. Judy Ho provided her comments free of charge.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Really? Any idea what it is about Marci case that led Ho to “delve” into it? Even though Ho hasn’t spoken in a courtroom about this case yet I just have a feeling that having her comment on this case is one step leading up to a mentally unstable defense by Marci’s attorneys or at least using her to rationalize Marci’s vacationing soon after killing two children. Having a high profile person like Ho be involved in someone’s defense usually doesn’t come for free. It’s not always cash, sometimes it’s about connections or favors or a new Rolex etc. This is just my presumption, but it’s based on knowing a little bit about how the courts work because of my own court battles. Then again maybe I’m wrong and this LA based high profile celebrity psychologist is just interested in this case.

        • I reached out to Dr. Judy Ho and she agreed to speak to me about her opinion. She is in no way affiliated with the defense in this case. The Ph. D simply commented after researching the publicized details of the case and discussing recent developments. I wanted to hear from a board certified mental health professional about their thoughts… and speaking with a local psychiatrist was not the best choice for a number of reasons. It’s a small community so a lot of psych pros would be compromised by close affiliations with those impacted by this. And locals would not want their practice to be impacted by issuing a public comment on this sensitive situation.

          • The shrink is interested for the publicity, she apparently likes being in the public eye, Marci screwed up and needs to plea guilty and quit wasting the taxpayers dime and face the punishment, the fact that her daughter had THC in her system makes Marci look worse as a parent, mom is drunk and daughter is high, quite the example, her actions after the accident are typical of a drug user , call it mentally ill if you like, but what part if the body do drugs affect ? Case closed, Marci just get off the drugs and do what’s right

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Okay. I didn’t realize her statement was the result of you asking for her opinion. I can lower my radar of suspicion now. At least until the next fishy detail I misinterpret.

          • Cause that’s what real journalists do! Thanks Myles and Kym both, rock on!!

          • Where were the details publicized, other than locally?

  • Camille’s comments while intended to be supportive, indicate that Marci acknowledges that she’s responsible. Her comments that Marci is sorry for the pain she’s caused and that Marci wishes that she could apologize to the Tsarnas family contains an admission that she has something to apologize for. It’s hearsay, of course, but I hope that this comes out.

    My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy. But I think that if Marci had done 3 things: acknowledged her actions, gotten herself into rehab instead of off on a beach vacation, and was willing to pay the social penalty for her addiction-related tragedy, I’d be much closer to having empathy for her.

    As it is, I hope she’s sued civilly for damages and she loses everything to the families of her victims. I hope she’s imprisoned for the maximum term for each death she caused. And then I hope that for the safety of the public, she’s kept off the streets. Because she has all the hallmarks of somebody who will drive without a license in search of her fix, with no remorse for whoever happens to be in her way. Her addiction is more important than anybody else’s life.

  • I wonder what Marci does for a living to be able to bail out pay her high prices lawyer . The pych DR..one can surmise that she,and her boyfriend must grow a lot of dope just saying maybe the IRS should look into that ,but in all reality she is a hi priced grow ho .with no soul.

    • I reached out to Dr. Judy Ho and she agreed to speak to me about her opinion. She is in no way affiliated with the defense in this case.

  • why is she even out for this long?You can obviously see that money does buy someone! Anybody else would be in jail. And for her being a mother she does not deserve that title.After what she did and to ask her son to cover it up,what a mom…..damn where are the tears…she has none.she only worries about transporting drugs!! cold hard fact…and then she pleads ,NOT GUILTY!! lol She does not care,so quit acting like she does!!

    • No matter how heinous her crime, and how obvious it is that she committed it, she has the same rights to justice as you or I do. We can’t remove her rights without removing our own.

  • She pleaded not guilty but is feels bd cause she cant apologize to faiths family. Apologize for what? If your not guilty what do you need to apologize for?

  • Veterans friend

    For a professional to speculate about this woman’s mental state…to wonderingly “diagnose”…is really offensive.
    Walk in Ms Kitchen’s shoes and let the system deal with this. She will never escape the consequences of this horror.

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      Myles already stated he reached out for a 3rd party opinion out of curiosity or another point of view. Nothing illegal nor nefarious about doing such.

  • horrible person

    My question is will our media connect the relationship out of court between Mrs. Kitchen and her lawyer ?
    Blinded by the light won’t buy you a alibi , but money will buy you freedom, despite the opinions of whether marci got drunk before or after , still nothing can excuse the rash choices one makes when angered .put on your big girl panties and face the outcome you chose.

  • what is THC, they said the girls had this in their system??

  • The Life of a Child is Priceless!

    Although hearsay, what is rumored is that Ms..Kitchen and her boyfriend are Marijuania growers. And that is what was in the 2 girls body system. They were young, and through my trainings, when.children begin recreational use of drugs or alcohol at a young age, it is condoned and available. Ms. Kitchen didnt make a substantial amount of money for her employment, so where did the traveling cash come from, and purchase of a high priced lawyer. Its rediculous to give any creedence Dr. Judy Ho, she has never met Ms. Kitchen, as a client, or delved into her life, therefore, to even make a statement if any disorder, is just blowing smoke and hoping The Jury will buy the painted picture of Ms. Kitchen. The bottom line is: Accused of being drunk by her own Son. She killed her own daughter and her daughters best friend, she was speeding, she fled the scene, she hid out, she lied to police and continued in hiding. During that time there were headlines in news papers daily re: where is Ms. Kitchen, she is evading the law. So its just another pile of bologna to say she didnt know or that she did contact police. Also, how hard it is to write a letter of sorry. I dont buy it for a second. I know disorders well, and know many with disorders, they dont act like that even when somthing small has bern done wrong. I dont like the fact that a high profile Dr. Was used to weigh in on this case. I can understand being a friend, however, if that happened to your child, in the way it happened exactly, would you still feel the way that you do. Its a crock of crap stating she thought it was a deer, especially since she was looking for her daughter on the road, with a sjate board, and I dont believe her son is going to lie about her first statement. If I did somthing like that, I would get out, and not leave there side, no matter what. She clearly has made human life worth Zero!

  • It’s just to sad we have to look at Marci’s face!P.M.A. pardon my attitude

  • I believe what you are looking at is a report done by a psychologist but more so working sociology. Psychology is based on a person where sociology is more studies of a whole group of people. She is not making excuses for marci she is just stating there is clearly a bigger picture here because while most people would be devistated and mourning .. someone who can detach like this at this time clearly has some bigger issues going on. She did lose a family member years ago… it has carried such a heavy weight on her shoulders her whole teen and adult life. This incident hasn’t had any goods in it. 2 amazing lives lost.. families torn apart. the community angry and sad…. it’s horrible that we all have had to live through this. I wish some people would just carry an ounce of empathy for the family… mainly her remaining child who is continuing to go through this horrible tragedy. He is angry..yes…but loved his mom so very much. So he has lost his sister and his mom who had full custody and was a phenomenal parent Prior to this tragedy. I don’t understand the denial and not guilty pleas… I would hope the marci I know and love would own up to it and help others get some sort of peace. if that’s even possible

    • Bigger issues, definitely, got drugs written all over it, never met a honest addict yet

    • WTF she lost a family member years ago due to an accident and hasnt fully recovered from it, are you kidding me! If true then WTF was she driving fucked up, and not taking responsability for this. i know Faith’s dad and he will never get over loosing his daughter, nor will the rest of her family and friends. Accidents happen but you learn from them and take responsability for it. YOU DONT OR SHOULD NOT go on vacations or put your son through this. She has no remorse

  • Use a gun go to prison,drive drunk kill two go to prison it’s simple.Not guilty??No contest maybe..but she ie guilty and the only justice for the girls is she spend every day they could not li e in a prison she. Cant escape…. Not the one I, her head because obviously she has No Heart…Not Guilty…what a joke

  • Maci’s friend on this audio is an IDIOT……she’s a good person, a caring person, a nurturing person???/ REALLY?? She’s so so so sorry……then why the hell is she putting her son through a trial and not just accepting her shit??

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  • I wonder how all the media coverage of this case, including all the comments, will effect the trial? Is the trial actually going to be heard in the Humboldt County courts? This seems odd, considering the small pool of qualified peers located in HumCo. I bet her lawyer is going to get this case moved – which will increase her chances of getting a lesser conviction.

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