[UPDATE 5:11 p.m.] Trailer on Fire in Redway


Smoke from the fire as seen from the Evergreen Business Park. [Photo from Robert Sapsford]

At approximately 3:10 p.m., a trailer was reported on fire on West Coast Road in Redway (behind the California Highway Patrol Office.)

According to scanner traffic, a single wide trailer is fully involved.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.: Video and photos by Bobby Kroeker.

UPDATE 5:11 p.m.: Redway Fire Captain Brian Anderson describes what they know so far:



  • Veterans friend

    Whoa. Glad my RRHC appointment was early

  • Hope the family is OK and everyone got out! Pets included!

  • Where on west coast? Shady grove? West Coast trailer park, somewhere else?

  • Hash lab I’m sure. Wait for the explosion, soon to follow.

  • Hope everyones ok.
    Everyone knows those trailers are super old and in desperate need of renovation or stight up replacement. Should be a crime to charge for such run down places. Probably faulty wires from generations of rats and mice.
    Again hope everyone’s OK (especially all the kitty’s) and it doesn’t spread to other trailers.

  • This fire was right next door to me.. not 15 feet from my Mobile Home.. No one was living in the trailer, no one was hurt. It had been owned by a private party until just a couple years ago. Was sitting vacant waiting for re-model. We don’t really have a rat or mice issue due to all the cats in the park. NO other mobile homes were damaged.

  • I hope nobody one was hurt! Be safe all!!

  • No one ever wants to adress the dirtball way, the scummy side of living in Humboldt.
    A Subpar level of living.
    PERHAPS CODE ENFORCEMENT SHOULD COME THROUGH AND DO WHAT TAXPAYERS PAY THEM FOR, THEIR JOB! instead their busy trying to figure out how to milk this cultivation business.
    How about that redway landslide?, it was caused by the unpermitted flat above the shops at the north end of town, but it seems that this is an old story now and the owner is left with the damage,..
    Its a fucked up place when everyone looks away.

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