Eviction and Fire on the Roof of a Restaurant in Garberville

Firefighters on a roof

Firefighters on the roof of the Humboldt Bar and Grill. [Photos by Jacob Whitney]

A little after 8 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office evicted a man who had apparently been living in the attic on the roof of the Humboldt Bar and Grill (the old Waterwheel Restaurant.) Somehow, and we’re not clear on exactly how, there was a fire that started and Garberville Fire was called to put it out.

We’re trying to get more details now.

(If you see a Garberville Firefighter, remember they are all volunteers and they’ve been called out three times today! Let them know how much you appreciate them leaving their beds early, their jobs during the day, and missing dinner this evening. UPDATE: We just learned they also have training tomorrow. Those guys give up an incredible amount for our community.)
Firefighters on a building



  • Thank you to all our wonderful volunteer firefighters!!!! 💜👌💜

  • Couldn’t make the restaurant work so why not rent it to bums….probably make better food. Place was better as the water wheel.hahah

  • Humboldt County. Enough said.

  • Alden Akselsen

    The guy was definitely was not living there. His story is that he was hiding from people who were after him and he lit a fire to signal help. Typical Garberville shit these days.

    • Wow, lighting a fire in a wooden building…

      • Alden Akselsen

        Not even “in” it. He climbed on to the roof and stuffed cardboard into the boards around the attic vent and lit them on fire.

      • All buildings in California are wooden, with exception of METAL STRUCTURES. metal,framing also gets covered with plywood as you saw with the exterior roof at flavors which then was covered with metal roofing,…😜

        • I don’t live in a wooden house.

        • We lived in a cinder block house in the SF bay area, before we moved to Humboldt. One small wall was wooden – between he kitchen and bathroom (kind of hard to run water & sewer lines through cinder blocks). The ceiling and roof were wood (cinder blocks are kind of heavy for roofing). Floor was one huge concrete slab.

          When I was a real estate agent, I sold a house that was solid concrete slabs. Poured on the ground, then raised to the upright position and somehow fastened together. Utilities ran out windows.

          Wood houses are easier to hang pictures on the walls of, but have an esthetic coldness to them.

    • Wow, just wow. So sorry you have to deal with this shit!!

    • Wow that’s so sad it sounds like someone in dire need of mental health care. Too bad we have so little available anymore

    • Meth induced poor choices…

      • Yep. Just because someone’s choices are to be an alcoholic or junkie of either meth or opiates and is now mentally unstable… dosent mean we should help them!!! Mental health is there for those who want it. This plantet is infested with parasites.

        • I have a son with mental illness. To say that mental health is there for those that want it doesn’t describe what I’ve experienced. Luckily, my son isn’t interested in drugs as a means to solve his problems but lots of desperate folks turn to anything they can find that helps ease their pain. In my experience, many times when you see a drug addict there’s a good chance that they started out with mental health issues that have never been addressed.

          • Thanks for saying that, Kym! I think it’s true also and I’m disappointed by how we throw our mentally handicapped to the streets where they are predated upon by hard drug dealers. In most cases the drug addicts- and alcoholics- are self-medicating some underlying mental illness. I wish they had no access to the hard drugs and easier access to better mental help. Rehab only works if we also treat the underlying original problems and give the recovering addict a job! I have to remind myself of this when I begin to demonize the tweakers and junkies in our streets.

  • Bums are tearing our towns apart, It’s not just here in Humboldt. I was in Fresno 6months back and it’s 100x’s worse there if you could imagine that!? Hundreds of homeless bums roaming run down neighborhoods, tent cities the size of of small towns. I couldn’t hardly wait to get back home to Humboldt, it’s not all that bad here even with the bum issue…

    • Veterans friend

      Thank you for this. People need to know that it is not just here. This problem is everywhere in America. And it is not because of cannabis.
      It is the result of poverty, mental illness, drug addiction, lack of jobs & housing and decades of pointless war.

      • “decades of pointless war”

        Home and abroad.

      • That war isnt exactly pointless when it comes to meth is it??
        Humanity could certainly do without it. The self destruct mode your seeing in America is rooted deep in upbringing. Everyone of these people had a terrible childhood.
        Study American family, it all went to shit once the American dream,ws introduced and kids were left to be raised in the streets.
        Interesting though that liberals think all of this is just fine.

      • Yes, blame everything on the government and not on the individual. Typical victim mentality. This is what makes homeless: being a victim. MAN UP.

      • I guess it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that instead of having to work for a living, these people can just sign up for government benefits and lay around and do their drugs while other people pay their bills?

  • Our volunteers and public service departments spend 75% of their time attending to calls stemming from our “Homeless” situation. And by homeless I mean drug addict trespassing freeloading bums. Meanwhile, publicly funded information outlets (k-mud) and department of health have been advocating for us to have more “compassion” for these people. Even going as far as suggesting we should use more tax dollars to expand the enablement programs. Makes me fucking sick. The social standards of the Left are something that nightmares are made of. Social decay should not be masked in the name of compassion and absolutely shouldn’t be funded by those that actually care about community value. Disgusting.

  • What is the public opinion on how we should treat this situation? It’s obviously become a problem that we can’t ignore and the “silent” voter seems to speak in the comment section on news posts….We need to stop complaining and come up with solutions. We all have the common goal to have a safe, friendly community so we need to work together to achieve it. What are your ideas?

    • Higher Standards Humboldt

      Ideas… How about arrest the bums for trespassing everytime they are found destroying private property? If a normal (not housing and reality impaired person) set a building on fire, they would be arrested and have to pay restitution. If a normal person shit in public they would be arrested. ARREST THE BUMS FOR BREAKING THE LAW. When the bums are in jail, put them to work cleaning up all the areas they have turned to shit (literally) so they have to earn their meals. Like really put them to work. 40 hours a week. Throw away all their crap and rehome their poor animals when they are in jail. Have a feeling they wont appreciate that. And then… Third time they are locked up, put them on a bus to where they came from (who cares if they want to go). If they are from here evaluate them for mental and physical competence. If they can’t work or take care of themselves make them wards of the state where they can be rehabbed or permanently looked after in a locked down facility where they will not harass law abiding citizens and burn down buildings. There are many options for the homeless. Betty has made Humboldt County Disney Land for bums. If they have not committed to one of the many housing options we bleeding heart tax payers keep offering it is because they don’t want to play along in a minimal way (like you can’t bring drugs and alcohol to these “sanctuaries”). Until we hold these destructive freeloading asses responsible for their actions and stop feeding them while allowing RIDICULOUS behavior they will keep coming. Why not? It’s a free ride. We are loosing control of our communities. At what point are we going to realize that perhaps it’s not the bums that need saving but our law abiding citizens?

      • Veterans friend

        And what will you do after arresting them. If you do not fix the systemic problems that create this situation, all you can really do is house them in ever increasing numbers in concentration camps….or kill them.

        • The systematic problems are the drugs that pour in from Mexico. And Liberals. Solve the second problem and everything else will follow.

      • And are you willing to pay more taxes to do that?

      • Bums are people too

        So your ideas involve several non sense options, I know you wrote this as a jest but try harder, you advocate slavery like a muslim, you want to take away their animals and property like a communist and you want to punish them like a quaker, also you get a little biblical with the exile thing at the end. Bad form and illogical. Also are you aware of the prison reallignment program? It basically makes the county have to choose who to spend its incarceration resources on. And the reason you will keep seeing this is that the law and order folks in this town made an entire generation of losers in to highly trained and networked professional losers, now those convicts are doing the crazy robberies and madness that you see and you want to let them out of the full jail to keep bums who are mentaly ill in jail worked hard and stolen from? If you cant understand that these people are our neighbors now too and you have to make the whole community well and whole before it gets better, then you are fucked and goin to be stuck not getting it the whole time until they kill and eat you during the bum happening of 2018

        • Why dont you set a good example and take some if these fuckers home with you and give them,a fresh start you bum lover

      • But God forbid you have a strong opinion. They’ll all get quiet and petend you were Adolf in person.

      • Arresting them,for those few hours, while getting fed is just a free meal to some of these lunatics.
        I think penalties must be much harsher, such as a public flogging.

    • Mother nature would say survival of the fittest, but we live in a society that tolerates this.

    • Excellent question. It should be compassion for their humanity mixed with a strict program of rehabilitation. As stated above there is often underlying mental illness- perhaps just a shitty childhood- that lead to the drug use. Recovering addicts need counseling and they need to be given employment to keep them busy and productive in the community- self-esteem/pride/ and belonging are important! It will cost money but it will eventually save more money. (Prime the pump- I just invented that phrase!) Is it possible to be understanding yet also have strict guidelines that do not reward bad behavior? Well, we have to generally agree and so it will take trusted leadership to establish a good program, get the naysayers on board. Our present system isn’t working and is only heading towards deeper frustration and possibly some horrific “solution” that will dehumanize us all. Our society’s slacky attitude towards this problem will not work. We need to clean up the easy availability of hard drugs. That’s probably the hardest part as “somebody big” (CIA, cartels) is making serious bank off of it. Treatment with strict guidelines, reduction of street supply, reintegration into society- yeah it sounds authoritarian but I’d like to see some other ideas that might work!

    • Stop enabling these people by giving them subsidies so they don’t have to take care of themselves?

  • Thank you commenter’s for clearing up the confusing headline and filling in the blanks.

  • Bums will be bums. But our society breeds bums just like it breeds rich f-cks. Until this country stops rewarding greed and avarice, there will always be haves and have nots.

    • 1984 is ended by 1933

      There has and always will be Haves and Have Nots. Its how little the Have Nots have that is the indicator of the closeness to the night of broken glass.

    • Nothing will change anytime,soon.
      The system works way to good for its designers.

  • Thank you volunteer fireman and maybe the ones who come here and want to work can help and volunteer. They have been using prisoners at Richardson grove to clean up the grove this month. Everyone should volunteer to help their community in some way. Thanks to the person who called in the fire also.

  • Thanks All you volunteer Firemen for keeping your community safe!! All Firemen and rescue teams you rock

  • The following links may provide some food for thought.



    It would be nice to have a name and a photo of this person so we can protect ourselves from them. Also, urge the police and especially the District attorney to do something to protect us.

    I have high resolution video of Ron Machado setting a fire on the Radio shack back porch. Sheriff’s log number 041317-1208

    He is widely known in Southern Humboldt as “The Street artist”. He makes huge mounds of trash in the streets and all over town.

    I would be glad to post the video if anyone is interested

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