[UPDATE 10:05 p.m.] Car ‘About to Go Off Side of the Road;’ One Person Still Inside

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA gray Dodge Charger went off Hwy 101 near the exit to south Leggett about 9:40 p.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The vehicle is about to ‘go off the side of the road.’ In addition, one passenger is still in the vehicle but it is unknown if s/he is trapped.

UPDATE 10:05 p.m.: Everyone is safely out of the vehicle and the scene is safe, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.



  • Good news!!

  • I’ve never been through that area, but it sure sounds like a treacherous road. Unless people just drive recklessly through there. Scary!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Most of our roads are dangerous! People need to stop screwing around and focus on the road. These days people are focused on everything in and around their vehicles other than the road! Must have gotten their license out of a cracker jack box!

  • Wonder if they got knocked off the rode by a bicycle? Not a joke.

  • I was almost to the Humboldt county line heading north last night and saw the CHP heading there…thank God every one is safe.

  • I am assuming this is a logical consequence of bring back ‘muscle cars’ (Chargers, etc) to the auto market. Lotta power. Drivers not skilled to know how to use it.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Most drivers in our area can’t handle the torque from a geo….

    • if you look at the HP and torque differences between most 4 door cars these days and then 30 years ago. They generally have much closer to the same power output as the muscle cars of 30 years ago, they might not be geared as aggressively but hp and torque are pretty close.

      I think the biggest nuisance is people that buy the sporty economy models. These are often drivers that just lack the ability to pay attention to the road to begin with. They tend to have poor situational awareness to begin with, or just not give a damn (lots of that). Then they spend their time texting or watching their phone at the same time instead of driving. They are slow to stop if they do, and often either excessively above or below the speed limit creating a driving hazard. That person doing 40mph before the safety corridor coming south from arcata to eureka. Is often the same person that is doing 60-70 in the safety corridor.

  • Torque has nothing to do with this.
    Its low iq and little value for life, perhaps the amount of brain that’s been fried off as well.
    Its not that hard not to,crash or fly off the road. Question is how much you like living??

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