Chanting “‘Justice for Josiah,’ Protesters Gather at the Courthouse

Braving the rain, this morning a small but determined group of protesters gathered outside the Humboldt County courthouse. Chants of “Justice for Josiah” and brightly colored umbrellas marked the event.

The group is continuing a series of protests that marked the release of Kyle Zoellner in the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson. A judge ruled Friday that there was insufficient evidence to hold the McKinleyville man. Since then there have been a number of events expressing frustration with the decision and/or expressing concerns about racism at Humboldt State University and in the surrounding areas.

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  • Shouldn’t they be chanting for someone to “Come forward for Josiah”?

  • Wish I could go there and ask them what they want. Do they want Zoellner arrested and charged because they have facts and know he did it??? Do they just want someone arrested so they can feel justified??? The only way there will be ‘justice for Josiah’ is when the real person is tried and convicted, not just someone sitting in a cell with no evidence of why. They may be protesting for months.

    • JusticeforJosiah

      They want the CA DOJ to take over the investigation. They want the women involved to be arrested.

      • Hi I’m curious what charges you want brought against the women?

      • Ok I want the men involved to be arrested until they can be cleared. Both of them were involved in felony assault in which a person lost there life.

        • Really, so you want them to be treated as guilty until proven innocent? So many people have lost contact with the constitution that has made this country work.

      • To J F J …..Haven’t seen one quote that the protest is for DOJ to take over. They want the women arrested??? What charges and proof of those charges???? Pepper spray is not a crime in self defense. Be truthful…..all they want is someone arrested now and Zoellner seems like the logical person, but evidence cannot prove it at this point. What about arresting Lawson’s two friends for the beating they gave Zoellner??? Plenty of proof there. Maybe DOJ needs to look at that.

        • JusticeforJosiah

          Actually, Livin’ Easy, the request for the DOJ to take over is on the paperwork that has been handed out today and yesterday by the group.

          • Fine for the last two days, but why did they terrorize a mother and children and hold hostages last weekend??? Just watched the news and all the speaker for todays protest said was “we demand answers”. Answers will come, but it has to be done right and legally. Why can’t the protesters understand that??. Why continue to create chaos when they have stated their concerns?? They would get more support by giving the process time to work.

            • JusticeforJosiah

              Livin’ Easy, there is a major problem with our local media sources only choosing to provide certain pieces of information. 🙁 🙁 🙁 The speakers did not just say only that they want answers. They want the CA DOJ to take over and they have a lot of very specific questions that haven’t been answered yet. I don’t understand why it is considered “creating chaos” by going to the courthouse to support the family who was inside? I wish people in our community would just open their hearts and think what they would do or how they would feel if David Josiah Lawson was their family member. Why can’t people of our community reach out and stop by and talk and offer their sympathy instead of just judging them from afar and, at worst, saying horrible and cruel comments.

      • Could be anything

        Does this include Josiah’s girlfriend to?

  • Good grief! The cops are investigating the incident. What else do these people want?
    This is a pointless protest if I’ve ever seen one.

    • JusticeforJosiah

      They want the CA DOJ to take over the investigation. They have more resources and experience.

      • I think that’s legit, put the investigation in the hands of those with sufficient resources to tackle it.

      • Were you one of the protesters?

      • If that’s true, then I suggest they change their flyers, news quotes & blogs to say that. You might want to send a memo to the hsu staff behind this too.
        The community is tired of being called names.

  • I’m sorry but when 3 people start the violence and assault one person, and one of the 3 gets killed in the process it’s more like karma. They could have used words anyone of them cold have been the bigger person and stopped the assault but instead one of them got killed and they are blaming everyone else, you reap what you sew. I want justice too not a fuckin lynch mob. If this is the mentality of the next generation I fear for the future.

    • In addition to initiating the violent assault you can add delaying the EMT response, interfering with the efforts of the first responder on scene, and lying under oath. Next they falsely label the entire community as racist, attempt to make the entire thing a racial issue, and repeatedly throw hissy fit protests demanding justice while the police department is doing their best to deliver the justice that everybody wants. If they aren’t getting the justice they want or the respect that they think they deserve it’s because of their own actions, not the color of their skin.

      • JusticeforJosiah

        They are not labeling the entire community as racist. Stop saying that. There are people of all colors advocating Justice for Josiah. It is not “repeatedly throwing a hissy fit” by asking the community to respect his name, to respect his legacy, to respect his family. What would you do if Josiah was your son, your brother, you family member? His family is in town. His mother, his little sister, his younger brother and other relatives and the pastor for the family. Please show this family your love and respect. They are our family!

        • Tina, the one with the blog, wrote that the community was racist. Since she has been outspoken about how she feels, it is her voice that people hear and her words that they remember and attribute to the people she claims to speak for.
          She has a degree in communications, won an award (college paper) for her writing. She knows the power of words so if she writes/says something, it’s with full knowledge of what the effect of those words can be.
          If people have been hurt by what others say, then they should be responsible for the effect their words have.
          I’ve said it before: Since she’s going back to LA in the fall, I wonder if she’s planning on capitalizing on the events in Arcata, maybe even writing a book. On a FB page I posted some of what I’ve written her (and a link to her blog) and she replied, accusing me of stalking her.
          By her writings, her comments to other press outlets, she has made herself a public figure, so observing what she says and does online is NOT stalking. She either stands behind what she’s written or she should take it down (I don’t care, I’d like to see it stay up) and she shouldn’t give interviews to the media if she doesn’t want people to know her views.
          I write about her not because I care about her but I do care that people have a right to know the person behind those words and feelings.

          I think the respect I would pay Josiah’s family would be to not associate them with what others are doing in their name and wish them the peace which passeth all understanding now, and as they deal with their loss. Pax

          • JusticeforJosiah

            I think it is imperative that people listen to what David Josiah Lawson’s mother, extended family and pastor are saying and requesting. They do not want his life to have been in vain. Please respect his name, respect his legacy, respect his family. Please think and act like you would do if this was your family member. Please if you see people commenting publically about David Josiah Lawson in a negative fashion, correct them and tell them to stop speaking ill of the dead. He cannot speak for himself. Please do not disrespect his family in this way. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

        • Friendly Observer

          Other than from his family and friends, I haven’t seen or heard anything positive about the character of David Josiah Lawson. Whether or not true, reports of Josiah’s aggressive behavior, purported drug dealing, and want for segregating himself within a fellowship more interested in building walls than bridges strongly overshadows community-based empathy for Josiah Lawson.

          It is truly a tragedy that Josiah was killed. But the nonstop accusations of racism by a small core of instigators must come to an end.

          If I were a member of Josiah’s family or his pastor, I would immediately call for an end of the finger-pointing, race-baiting, and divisiveness.

          If embracing diversity is supposed to feel warm-and-fuzzy — it now feels irritating, vexatious, and smothering — much like a heavy wool coat against bare skin on a sweltering day.

        • That would certainly be nice gesture but How come these supporters of Josiah are not following their own advice , including some rather high placed administrators at HSU , people allegedly in positions of responsibility they should walk back some of their more inflammatory positions . I don’t even think the poor kid’s body was even cold yet before some HSU admin were race baiting on the subject in very crass and opportunistic way They didn’t bat an eye while accusing the EMTs of being racist , and the cops of being incompetent and unethical.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I have never heard of anything more obsurd than seeking justice for someone who got hurt while commiting a violent racially motivated crime!!!! At least this time the protesters weren’t terrorizing innocent shoppers and forcing them to call the DA and say something they don’t believe in.

    • Agreed if they were the aggressors and did in fact jump Kyle they all ran the risk of some one using an equalizer in this case a knife if I was being jumped by 3 dudes I would level the playing field in one form or another

  • >”I want justice too not a fuckin’ lynch mob. If this is the mentality of the next generation I fear for the future.”

    Unfortunately, that is the future.

    Why doesn’t the DA’s office arrest and charge the other 3 assailants ???
    (Yeah, I know…)

    • I know it’s disheartening at the least. I agree with the arrest of the involved party’s someone would probably break and come forward with the truth, people are hard to break in a group mentality, a person is much easier especially when questioned alone in custody. Someone knows exactly what happened, the fact they haven’t came forward speaks to me that Kyle wasn’t at fault or they would have came forward already and he would be charged.

    • I wondered why they didn’t arrest the people that admitted to assaulting Zoellner together, or Lawson’s girlfriend who threw the first punch in two different fights according to Lawson’s friend. Are they afraid of seeming rasict for arresting people that admitted to a crime? Have they checked Lawson’s girlfriend’s fingerprints and his other friends to see if they didn’t actually stab Lawson while jumping Zoellner and his girlfriend? Are these people chanting for justice the same ones that prevented EMS from helping their friend by chanting obscenities at the cops preforming CPR? I’m sickened by the lack of responsibility from the people that started the assault, the Brothers United who immediately kicked out the member that didn’t go along with their story of Zoellner being racist, and everyone who claimed the EMS and the cops were rasict when really they prevented their friend from getting help.

  • Zollner is white so he must be guilty.

    Perfect example of racism although the real racists are the protestors.


      drink the kool-aid and chant” all white people are racist, all dark people are incapable of racism”

  • They should spend their time and energy looking for the killer, this protest means nothing other than a good use for their embrelas

    • JusticeforJosiah

      They are asking for the CA DOJ to take over the investigation. They are asking the community to respect Josiah’s name, to respect his legacy, to respect his family. Please do not show cruelty and a lack of compassion to a family and community who are suffering due to the loss of someone they love dearly. What would you do if Josiah was your family member?

      • If what you say is true, they sure as hell are not doing a good job of expressing their desires. Why didnt they say that when they held a mother against her will and forced her to call the DAs office? WHy no signs that say that? Why no chants that say that?

      • It would break my heart if my child, full of hope and dreams, was brutally killed in a fight at a college party. What would I do if Josiah was my child? I would ask that everyone at that party come forward and make a statement to the police. I would ask that the police be allowed to do a careful investigation without having to be side-tracked by demanding protesters who appear to be more concerned about making allegations of racism than actually finding the truth of how and why my son died.

        • JusticeforJosiah

          Ann Hall, if you have not been to any of the events supporting David Josiah Lawson and his family and friends, don’t you think it is interesting that your assessment of them is that they are “demanding”? Why do you think that is? Why can’t people in this community reach out with kindness and ask how people are doing, to talk with people and listen to their experiences? I don’t think that people going to the courthouse and chanting things like Justice for Josiah, respect his name, respect his family is someone side-tracking an investigation.

          • Justice for Josiah – I did indeed observe the march last Saturday, have watched a film clip or two, and read an article here and there. Demands were made during the HSU walk out, demands were made during the march (Call the DA if you want to leave this parking lot; “No more racist police!”). I also received a flyer telling me who I needed to blame for Josiah’s death – which comes too close to vigilantism for comfort. If the persons named in the flyer are known to be responsible for the death of this young man then those witnesses need to be talking to the investigators. Instead, not enough evidence was found to hold him, at this time. Everybody who was at that party needs to talk to the police so the murderer can be positively identified and tried in a court of law. I am saddened that you found my response above to be unkind. It was not meant to be. My heart breaks for the mother who has lost her son, the friends who have lost a brother. This should not have happened.

  • A concerned citation



    You guys r going to put the same zeal for Kyle, when u find the real killer and clear Kyle Zoellick name, Right

    • I’d love to go out there with a justice for Kyle sign but those protesters are so destructive and pushy they scare me!

      • JusticeforJosiah

        That is a lie. It was a peaceful protest. They were chanting things like Justice for Josiah and respect his name, respect his legacy and respect his family. Stop trying to push your narrative that people of color and “destructive and pushy and scary”.

        • ” Stop trying to push your narrative that people of color and “destructive and pushy and scary”.”

          With all due respect, you’ve pushed that narrative not the commentor you’ve accused of it. The commentor you responded to above made no mention of “color” or “race”.

          “those protesters ”

          Your forceful demands are not garnering what you desire.
          After what happened in the parking lot the other night, it’s a mistake to claim that the protestors haven’t been “pushy” and “scary”.

          (“Protestors” is a race-free, color-free description of the participants in the protests of the past few days.)

          • JusticeforJosiah

            Hi Vistor, in case you haven’t noticed all across the country and in our local media, the sentiment that people of color who protest are described as “destructive and pushy and scary” is pushed constantly. Were you at the march yesterday with David Josiah Lawson’s family, friends and pastor. Were you at the courthouse today? If not, you do not know what you are talking about. Please stop adding to the hatred being spewed at this young man’s family and friends.

            • Wow. Ok. You have a nice day. No more interest in trying to dialogue with you, not after being accused of “hatred”.

              Take care.

              • JusticeforJosiah

                Your fragility is a problem.

                • The protest in Arcata was not peaceful. They vandalized property, vehicles, terrorized a mother and two children and held several people hostage in businesses. Don’t say they are peaceful protests. !!!!

            • I consume a lot of news media and I have not seen the the sentiment that people of color who protest are described as “destructive and pushy and scary” being pushed, or even hinted at.

              The anti-liberals and Trump supporters in Berkeley have both been described as such, fairly, imo.

        • What was his legacy?

          • Wrong place, wrong time

            As far as I have read: that of a young man, a young black man, working to earn a degree in Criminal Justice, and not JUST be a protesting complainer. As well as being motivated and ambitious enough to be one of the youngest presidents of a student group on campus.
            A legacy, if focusing on those items, that is one that should be emulated.

            • JusticeforJosiah

              I might be reading this wrong, but are you suggesting that the people at the courthouse were “protesting at the wrong, place wrong time”? If so what is the right place and the right time? The people there were outside of the courthouse supporting the family, who was inside. Why do you think that people who were asked to show up in support should be labeled “protesting complainers”.

              Thank you so much for writing something positive about David Josiah Lawson.

  • These are some of the most ignorant, out of touch, white complaints I ever heard. Ya’ll make me ashamed to be white. If this is how you complain to try and win an argument, this worlds screwed!

    • Enlighten us with your vast unbiased knowledge, the fact your are throwing race around in your ignorant comment shows your lack of comprehension of the facts shown to the public, as far as white goes I’m far from from your stereo type. I don’t ware a label I’m a mix of many nationalities less than 10% European according to my genealogy

      • It’s ancestry, and if your are the commenter ??? Then you are the problem no explanation necessary. I have had more intelligent conversing with a fence post.

        • You talk to fence posts? I think you need therapy.
          P.S. Look who’s talking, while you corrected my misspelling, maybe you should have focused on your sentence structure. Who’s having an intelligent conversation with a fence post? Or who’s had more intelligence conversing with an inanimate object? Proof in the pudding, enough said.

    • When you’re done patting yourself on the back for being so virtuous and for never generalizing all people of the same race can you please explain what exactly you mean by “white complaints?”

  • It’s horrible that this young man was killed . A lot of the aftermath is due to a few cynical individuals wanting to advance their careers and create more superfluous administrative positions at an already ridiculously top-heavy HSU. If the entire World suddenly came to its collective senses and decided racism was over, I suspect Kenya James Nunnerly and Corliss Bennett Mc Bride et al would be more bummed about it than just about anyone. They want desperately for this to be some kind of “hate crime”. They have no loyalty to this community ,they will gladly smear all of us to feather their own nest. And if some superfluous administrative positions with more money or prestige were to open up elsewhere they would both be outtahere in a hot minute.They would just leave all the bad feelings and animosity they have stirred up behind

    • You hit on a good point. Kenya Nunley’s job relates to racial conflicts; and she has made some very racist, uninformed statements in regards to this crime. In her position, she should be advocating for people of color to be patient and let the legal process work. She should be teaching them NOT to jump to racist conclusions before any legal evidence has been produced. Instead, she added gas to the fire by her comments and lack of good judgement. Nunley proved she is not the best person for the position of teaching students to react rationally to situations.

      • Exactly Kenya James Nunley has lived here a grand total of four months and now feels qualified to dismiss Humboldt as inbred, festering shithole of Ku Kluxery.

    • JusticeforJosiah

      Rob Ash, did it ever occur to you that the two women you mentioned might love and care for Josiah and his friends? That they may have been meeting and comforting his family. That they are also traumatized and grieving. Stop being cruel.

      • Both things are possible: they maybe comforting and consoling while also being unnecessarily inflammatory.

      • Could be anything

        We should never make excuses for poor behavior. My sympathies abound. I am a mother too. But justifying poor behavior and negativity in the name of Justice for Josiah does not honor him. Think about it

      • I call
        Bullshit on that. These people are positions of responsibility they are representing HSU so they ought not to be going off half-cocked like that . If Zoellner is ever officially exonerated of
        This crime he will have grounds to sue the bejezzus out of HSU because of what those HSU employees have said about him.

    • Friendly Observer

      Wow. Well said.

  • Lost on the Coast

    It’s about time we “Make Humboldt Great Again “. Don’t be surprised when these fools create a conservative backlash.

    • JusticeforJosiah

      At what point do you think Humboldt was great, Lost on the Coast, when the island massacre happened?

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        You keep flip flopping on your opinion of the North Coast justiceforjosiah. You repeat over and over how we need to honor his name, legacy, family, etc. that is what this community needs to do per you. I can do that. But then you go trashing the community and the history of the community. I understand. A lot of shitty things happened here a long time ago. I wasn’t a part of it. Maybe this community isn’t a good one for you and your friends. Maybe it’s time to pass the word out that the North Coast isn’t for everyone and for everyone’s safety it would be best to go to another university. I’m serious. We aren’t a big city. We are pretty laid back and mellow here. We don’t condone violence and people who come here only to engage in inappropriate or illegal behavior. I don’t want to see this area turn into something it is not meant to be. Those that come here to live or attend university need to respect and embrace the community. There are a lot of decent people here. People who care and give a shit about other people no matter their ethnic heritage. I’m done with the accusations from people of law enforcement being racist, EMT being racist, anyone with a different opinion being racist. If you don’t like the way it is up here, get the hell out. Pretty simple really

  • Justice for Josiah would involve honoring Josiah’s dreams of a fair and just criminal system.
    Too many are sent to corporate owned detention centers, awaiting trials that never happen. Due Process of Law, aka 5th amendment, is a faded memory as they are handcuffed and shackled in 3×3 cells, and worse. One man was reportedly shackled to a bench for 3 or 4 days, without potty breaks. Another man, over 90 years of age, has been waiting for his trial for over 3 years. These are just a few of the many cases that exist. Men and women of all races, ages and status are being abused by the corporate ran system.
    The HSU staff and protesters are, in essence, dishonoring Josiah and promoting the abusive system, imo.

    If you want to help stop the injustices, join the torture chamber challenge at a detention center in Nevada. The protests are being held for raising awareness of the injustices and to raise funds for the defense of those who need good attorneys. Unite and hold a similar challenge here. Fight FOR due process of law, not against it.

  • What, exactly, are these people protesting? That we have a justice system that investigates crimes, and that we don’t just pick a random person and string them from a tree? If any of these protesters have evidence whatsoever of any kind, they should go to the police with it. If the court had any evidence, they would have held him. This seems instead like a fine example of a lynch mob. Chances are none of them were there, or if they were they didn’t see it happen, and they’d be perfectly happy hanging the first person anyone suspects. Since people seem to keep trying to drag race into this, they really should be aware of how and how often this manner of (in)justice was used in the past, and not repeat it.

    • JusticeforJosiah

      These are his friends and family and other concerned community members who are there as support. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 What would you do if it was your family member who died? People grieve in different ways. Please stop being cruel.

      • If it was my family member, I’d want his killer to go to prison for a long time. I wouldn’t want to risk blaming the wrong person and letting the actual killer go free, turning one injustice into two.

        • JusticeforJosiah

          Which is why they are asking the CA DOJ to take over the investigation. I would imagine that you would also want the community at large to not speak ill of your deceased family member?

      • Making blanket assertions that the entire community outside of HSU is “racist” is not exactly a nice thing to say . You want compassion and understanding without showing it to anyone else…

        • JusticeforJosiah

          Who is saying the entire community is racist? That is not what people are saying. You obviously haven’t been to any of the events supporting Josiah’s family and friends, which have been made up of people of all colors. David Josiah Lawson is the only person in this situation who is deceased. What are you doing to help his family and friends? They are part of our community.

          • JusticeforJosiah, please expain why you feel any commentor here has any responsibility to “help his family and friends”.

            It’s very unlikely that any commentor here – save perhaps you – has any actual personal connection to Josiah, his family and his friends.

            You comments here today are not helping Josiah, his family and his friends. You’re further polarizing rather than connecting.

            • JusticeforJosiah

              We all have a responsibility. I am so curious why you think my comments are not helping. I am asking people to respect his name, respect his legacy and respect his family. How is that polarizing? It is asking YOU to connect to you humanity in regards to David Josiah Lawson, his mother Charmaine and his family. Open your heart.

              • ” I am so curious why you think my comments are not helping.”

                “stop adding to the hatred”

                “How is that polarizing?” ^^^

              • J F J……You continually talk “Respect, Respect, Respect”. Where was the respect for that mother and two children being terrorized??? Where was the respect for the hostages being held in businesses???? Where is the respect for wanting the real killer prosecuted?? Respect is earned and goes both ways.

                • Wrong place, wrong time

                  Honour should be earned.
                  In our free society, respect should be offered right from the beginning. Like how how you pointed out that those random folks caught up in it all should have been offered, instead of being trapped as “hostages”.
                  In this case, it seems much dishonour was earned, and much disrespect shown.
                  A better way to bleed off those rallied up emotions that led to the confrontations is what is needed, now and in the future. More signs, and less blocking traffic next time, please.

                • JusticeforJosiah

                  Livin’ Easy, the protest in Arcata was thirty minutes of people not being able to get into a shopping center parking lot. It did not involve David Josiah Lawson’s family. Please read what I am writing again. Respect Josiah’s name and respect his family.

  • Could be anything

    It was a peaceful protest. Whether we agree with the protest or not it is their right. I appreciate them being peaceful in expressing themselves. Thank you.

    • Agreed, and in the correct location this time.

    • Agreed. I also agree with the above comments that it’s misplaced, wrong-headed, etc but guess what?- It’s their right to protest peacefully and I respect that. That shopping center fiasco was whack…but this is their right and I’ll defend that right. I hope more eyewitnesses come forward and we find the stabber. It’s a tragedy for sure.

      • JusticeforJosiah

        Why is it “misplaced and wrong-headed” to ask that the community respect his name, to respect his legacy and to respect his family? These were some of the things that were spoken of today at the courthouse. This community has been absolutely terrible towards David Josiah Lawson’s family and friends and community. Just read the above comments. They are grieving and suffering and traumatized. They want the CA DOJ to take over the investigation. Long live DJ!

        • It’s misplaced and wrong-headed to demand the imprisonment of someone without evidence of their guilt. Lynching the wrong person won’t bring about justice for anyone. As to whether they found the wrong person or not, I don’t know. If you know, let the police know.

          • JusticeforJosiah

            Again, they are advocating that the DOJ take over the investigation.

            • White people work for DOJ too, sooooooo.

            • I’m all for truth and justice, If the same outcome was found with the doj, would the group except it without question?

              • JusticeforJosiah

                The CA DOJ has more resources and experience. It sounds like many mistakes were made initially and there is fear and concern that people will want to cover up mistakes. This is a small community and having a larger agency with more power and resources investigate is what is being asked for.

                • I understand that but it doesn’t answer my question

                • JusticeforJosiah

                  Guest, I don’t know the answer to your question. There are many people in the group.

                • i think you do, Is it in your opinion that if the next level of law enforcement found Kyle innocent, in this case the doj, would you accept the outcome or would you still be protesting until he is found guilty regardless?

            • That’s a reasonable request! First time I’ve heard it right here….sounded like it was all about being angry Zoellner wasn’t kept on bad evidence. Thanks for pointing that out- and doing the job a journalist should have done!

        • Could be anything

          You don’t listen. You need to listen to people with differing views. Isn’t that how communication and respect is formed. You repeat yourself over and over. You want us to listen to you. We are. I am. But please listen to other people too. You might learn something also.

          • JusticeforJosiah

            Could be anything, I am confused why you are saying I’m not listening. I am.

            • Double speak outside of cheek

              No. You just want to keep deflecting back on to everyone else. Why why why. People are telling you why they feel the way they do and all you do is claim you are confused, you don’t understand, what do you mean?! Don’t play stupid. It’s almost passive/aggressive commenting.

  • Veterans friend

    Barring a confession, this murder will likely go unpunished. Too many errors by police & too many conflicting statements by witnesses, no forensic evidence….too much doubt.
    Sorry folks, this is not about race. It’s about stupidity

    • I’ve been thinking this also! Our local police are inept. Our DA ‘s office is terrible. It’s not about race- they let murder of white people slide too! `Without some key eyewitness stepping up there may be No Justice. Welcome to Humboldt!!

  • Sounds like a cult.

  • Reactive responses polarize rather than unite. Reactive, misplaced accusations polarize. I’ve no interest in dialoguing nor interacting with any individual or group that casts unfounded accusations my way, particularly not when their accusations mirror their own comments.

  • Fights can be pretty crazy, sometimes one can be accidentally assaulted by an ally , good luck figuring this mess out, sounds like someone comes forward or consider unsolved no matter who investigates

  • Well it seems when one of the spokepersons for Justice advocates”to burn this MFer up” is not wanting to unite the community, as seen in her postings on line. Let alone for her actions in trying to coerce the citizens of Arcata to bow to her wishes.

    Plus it seems that this morning the protesters decided to not block traffic on 5th Street due to the fact they would get run over, or hauled off to jail for blocking Hwy 101.

    Respect is a two way street, and the protesters seem to want things their way or not at all….

    I can’t wait till the students who are wannabe social justice warriors leave HSU for the summer!

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Has any of these protestors taken a course in the legal system, or even basic civics? I saw a sign with No Evidence Doesn’t Mean Justice. Really? They just want someone to hate, and a reason to dramatize their own perceptions of the world at large. People die in stupid drunken brawls all the time, sad, but true. If the demonstrators want someone to blame, they should look at the witnesses who told the cops one thing and then said something different in court. But that would take more than a knee jerk split second emotional reaction.

    • Wrong place, wrong time

      I too want to hear the end.
      Plus, where her new gold phone ended up. I wonder if it’s still under a couch there….
      Plus, I agree with the No Evidence doesn’t mean Justice idea, from how I saw it when I read it. And just that : Justice obviously hasn’t been served with this outcome. The evidence didn’t pan out for this suspect, in this attempt at getting a trial. There is obviously more story, even if it does end up being as you said: a stupid drunken brawl (containing drunken mistakes due to ballance and seeing double).

  • Sad but tragic

    After reading all of the posts I can say this is a very difficult problem for everyone. Sadly there is no clear evidence. Tens of people at the party and no one saw anything directly related to a young person’s untimely death. And another person who is beaten senseless. Then authorities arrive along with medics. Evidence is collected and medical treatment provided. Then everything turned murky. No clear outcome. What are people to do? Like in most similar situations people begin to make up their own scenarios. Nothing based of hard data because there isn’t any. Just people’s opinions. From the posts there are many sides people are taking. And then other people begin to line up on sides. The next level is sides begin to attack each other. And soon the tragic loss of life and everything surrounding it becomes mired with people who have not a clue because they don’t read or hear the news, but are driving home from Safeway and are confronted by protesters. The driver takes the protesters actions personally and contends he/her are infringing on my rights to drive home and being violated by uncontrolled students. Shouts, “why don’t the police control the protesters”. I read one letter that said, and she went quite a ways out, to say why are students complaining about increased costs to attend HSU when they refused to go to class. And it is only beginning. I predict people’s opinions will become more extreme and maybe even bizarre or for some more bizarre. And will the deceased person’s family and friends find justice? Will the accused find the same? Will anyone be able to understand the others. And what of the actors who ride this tragic train for self aggrandizement. Soon their attention gathering will cease. Yet nothing will change the reality that a young man has lost his life. A family is notified about the worse nightmare for parents. People who have formed strong feelings for the deceased will not find solace anywhere. It all is a no win experience. No one can prove they are right. No one will say they are wrong. And most of the others just hope the whole thing just goes away.

    • Enough already.

      Very very true and well said

    • No one wins.....................

      You obviously are not partial with either side. I commend you for that. And what you posted shows how ridiculous the entire process is. You are painfully correct that no one on either side are winners. Although there ARE losers. Thank you for your well crafted post. You are one voice of clarity.

  • Enough already.

    I hope the DOJ does get involved. Who would pay for this? The sooner the guilty party and/or parties are found and arrested the happier I will be. I am tired of all this negativity from so many people. My son was almost killed and nothing was done. No arrests no convictions. Where is the justice here? Terrible things happen to people of all ethnic backgrounds. Accountability to the guilty party is the important issue. Let’s not blame a whole community for the violent acts of a few. May the family find peace and the murderer be punished.

  • Just wonderin'

    What happened to this law:

    “A death that occurs during the commission or attempted commission of any felony constitutes murder”

    I put the blame on his buddies starting a violent assault on Zoellner. What about justice for him? He might have to leave the county if some still believe he is guilty.

  • Yourfiredifyoucantdoyourjob

    How about justice for Josiah and Randy Markin who died right down the street? How about justice for all the murder victims in Humboldt? How about we review some of our detectives? Not solving murders? Forensics training, more forensics trainings…follow procedure. There is NO excuse for so many unsolved murders. Dirty cops? I am beginning to wonder.

  • The AED deliberators unless charged at the beginning of every sift, will always have less than 100 percent charge. Also, charging too frequently will also result in further battery degradation.

    Also, the APD only has 28 officers…Less than 10 are on duty at any one time. Even less on patrol duty. What this means is that the personnel resources are not really adequate for handling large crowds.

    It is SOP (standard operating procedure) to place any suspect or anyone under arrest or being detained in the back of a patrol car.

    incompetence on the part of the APD has not been proven, they followed both the law and standard police practices.

    The scene was secured in a “timely” manner as per CA POSt Standards.

    Could everything have been done better? of course, but that would require more police, which the residents of Arcata have actively tried to prevent…

    A tragedy yes, but the blame lies with the killer, not the police.

    Unfortenley the sad fact is that the national “clearance rate” for homicide today is 64.1 percent. Fifty years ago, it was more than 90 percent.

    this is due in large part to the underfunding shortfalls in resources and personnel available to the police agencies and also due to the public refusal to work with the police.
    The source from NPR:

    Also according to the following article the scene was secured and CPR was performed in a manner of minutes…

    Also, and arrest was made and charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence. over 100 people were at the party alone. but “nobody saw nothing”

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