Shelter Cove Homicide Victim Identified

Jessie Simpson

Jesse Simpson

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of the victim who was allegedly struck intentionally by a vehicle driven by Eric Lively in Shelter Cove on May 3.

According to a press release, “The deceased subject in this case has been positively identified as Jesse Earl Simpson, age 42 of Shelter Cove.”

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  • So sorry to the family of the victim. I so hope the victim gets justice ,for this sense less death .I don’t know what s in the water in Humboldt, but this sorta stuff has got to stop or slow down .wtf .at least no robbery or murder or hit ,and runs home invasion s yet today ,but the day is early .again so sorry to the Simpson family RIP EARL .

  • I don’t think there is justice for anyone any more the world is full of takers and beggars what happened to good old hard work!,

  • Jesse was a hard worker. He worked for Mario’s Marina and also for other clients of mine. I also know that he worked for many other folks here in the Cove. He never overcharged, was fast and did not complain per weed whacking. Jesse also had an artistic eye for pruning. Jesse had a big heart and will be missed by many folks in the Cove.

  • Jesse always made our yard beautiful and helped with things I couldn’t do. He was a good man. He will be missed!

  • Love ya Jesse

  • Was this the same guy that got mauled by the pit bull and put in the hospital last year?

  • R.I.P. Jesse🕊

  • Jessie touched heart’s in so many ways. He could make you laugh and cry it was so easy for him he enjoyed joke’s and life. Love you Jess you will be missed.

  • I got to know Jesse “Nogg” very well over the years. There’s not enough good things I can say about him. The person who killed him in the most chickenshit manner you can kill someone had no motive. His dellusional thinking fueled by drug use was that Jesse was a “junkie”, that he was ” screwing” his girlfriend and ” giving her drugs”. None of this is true. He died an innocent, caring man who was loved by the young ‘n the old. RIP bro. Your death did not go ‘n vain. Eric is ridded from society and will rot in his own hell.

  • This is so sad. Not prison time. Send him to war.

  • Always willing to help anyone. Such a big heart. Will be missed by many. Rip jess

  • Jessie Simpson
    Thursday May 11,2017
    Time 1:29 p.m.

    825 5th st.
    Eureka Ca.

    If anyone whould like to show up for Jessie Simpson in court that would be great

    If anyone would like to write a letter about Jessie Simpson or Eric lively so we can take it to court with us that would be much appreciated anything helps.

    Lets show them how much love we had for Jessie
    85 Spring rd.
    Whitethorn Ca.

    You may also drop with Rhonda Burke at Marios bar or at the general store
    Thanks to everyone for there help and there condolences.

  • Jessie Simpson’s memorial is held at the community center in shelter cove California on May 21st at 3:00

  • Concrete Washington

    always had a good time with you Jesse! Always made me feel right at home.

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