District Attorney’s Office Issues Statement as Defendant in Racially Charged Case Released

After today’s release of Kyle Zoellner in the racially charged case of white, local man being arrested for the stabbing death of a young black Humboldt State University student, a flurry of press releases from various concerned agencies were issued. Here’s the press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

The recently completed preliminary hearing concerning the tragic death of David Josiah Lawson did not result in Kyle Zoellner being held to answer for the charge of murder. In the hearing, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office presented all the information available, including testimony by seventeen witnesses with distinct accounts of key events. In addition, all available physical evidence was presented to the Court. The hearing proceeded while the investigation is ongoing because a person has the right to a preliminary hearing within 10 days of arraignment. The information presented in the hearing differed from the information available when the case was charged and additional information is expected, including more analysis of the knife found at the scene and analysis of blood samples found on clothing. Like the initial charging decision, any future charges in the case will be determined by available evidence. Anyone with additional information relevant to the investigation should immediately bring that to the Arcata Police Department. The District Attorney contacted the victim’s mother and her pastor to discuss the outcome of the hearing and advised her the investigation remains open.

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  • A concerned citation

    A senseless fight one little guy gets the better of one member of a club he just had him in a heat lock he asked the club member hey are you going to be polite and not hit me or my women any more he tapped with little more than his pride hurt and then members of this group / club acting as a gang.
    Knocked the Lil guy out in 15 seconds max, then beats a unconscious man and hits women in the midst this group/club members who admitted to assaulting the little guy should be charged for almost beating and now proven innocent kid, to death. Similar Dynamics were presented by the four officers charged in the Rodney King beating officers were pissed when Rodney King eluded them they nearly beat him to death when acquitted What happened then LA riots??
    Millions of dollars of damage, double standard or what.
    A club could not expect different treatment than, they wanted, expected and rioted over, years ago.
    Justice for Kyle
    As stated years ago, if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.
    The fingerprint fibers blood wasn’t his or on his clothing clearly there was somebody in the background that took misguided Justice in their own hands
    Stand tall Humboldt!!!!!!!
    infectious truths.

  • I play that Kyle being let go is a sign that the system works (if even temporarily), and not that it has failed Josiah.

  • Can we get an actual fk*ing account of the events that actually transpired, not some bleeding-heart (no pun intended) race-baited Farrakhan-esque hyperbole? Thanks.

  • Veterans friend

    An apology for the arrest without compelling evidence would be appropriate.

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