CHP Finds Stranded Juvenile Motorist; He Was a Missing Person From Montana

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

chpstarAt approximately 4:12 am, Humboldt Area CHP responded to a report of a vehicle that had slid off the roadway in a remote area near Maple Creek.  The driver of the vehicle was unfamiliar with the area and was unsure of his exact location.  The driver informed the CHP that his vehicle may not be visible from the roadway.

Humboldt Area CHP responded several units to search for the stranded motorist.  The driver called back multiple times attempting to give CHP units better directions.  After several hours CHP finally located the young man.

The Juvenile was cold and wet from being stranded through the night.  CHP units placed the Juvenile in the patrol vehicle for warmth.  After speaking with the Juvenile CHP units discovered he was a missing person out of Montana.

Humboldt Area CHP is assisting in contacting the Juvenile’s Guardian and making arrangements to get the young man home safely.



  • probably not what the young man had in mind,,,,,BUT!!!!!

  • I would check his guardian also. You never know.

  • Maybe he ditched his pygmy pony and zircon incrusted tweezers in Montana because he got tired of growing his lonely dental floss bush, plucking strings and waxing ’em down in tiny white boxes he was selling uptown, so, he thought he would try his mental floss tycoon skills out on the green rush of the Humboldt hills. Ya never know the entire story. Yippy-ky-yo-ky-yea!

  • Juvenile? How old was he? Six? What’s with all of the Labels lately? Black, White, Homeless, Elderly, Juvenile..? Knock it off!

    • The CHP shouldn’t inform people that they found a missing juvenile?… I’m not sure I follow your logic on this.

      • Why does it matter

        Im with ya kym, how are they/you supposed to describe people? Especially in a succinct way!

        If they said a missing person was found, everyone would ask in the comments who it was, then kym would have to respond with a juvinile missing from montana. It saves a step in the info delivery process.
        Im pretty sure most news agencies do this, only they would use words like “a battered young man was found after a tragic and harrowing time in a dangerous forest with no help for miles and wild animals around every turn” or something like that.

      • The word Juvenile usually has negative condemnations and is usually heard in a sentence followed by the word Delinquent.

        A better description would have been a “Minor” in my opinion.

        • Well, maybe, but the CHP press release uses juvenile and the commenter above seems to be arguing that describing people is the problem–minor is also a way of describing so it doesn’t solve Goat’s issues.

          • What I find curious about that press release is the capitalization of “Juvenile”. It’s not a title; it’s a common noun, not a proper noun; capitalization is incorrect.

            No big deal, of course; just a curiousity.

          • Stephen Arnett

            Atleast the individual was found alive & not severely harmed just cold & wet!

    • Hmm my rant for the day

      Lolol. Homeless= people that dont have a home, elderly= older people, I’m soooo lost on the labeling.. black white… Yes.. but hey.. “racism” needs to be cut out of the school systems…i understand support of culture… But when there is racial segregation clearly happening and college students are killing and claiming racial motive… Why does hsu have clubs like BU.? Isn’t that’s brothers united? black student union? So what I’ve heard. And hsu supporting the president of ? Over a racial fight that took place off campus at a party? Hmmm. And they are getting involved because?? He was a president of a racial group? Or honor student? So what if it was anyone else that attended hsu? Would they be getting so involved in that incident a party off campus on the weekend?? Racism is still strongly amongst us…. Why can students get together and form groups of their race? Why don’t they form muti cultural groups… Why are groups being formed based on color of skin?
      Brothers united –
      “. BU was formed in the intent to unite mainly brothers of color”

      Compared to the German club “The purpose and mission of the German Club is to bring university members- students, staff, and faculty- together on the basis of a mutual interest in expanding knowledge and appreciation of the German country, language, cultural practices, and history. ”

      We sit here and fight racism. Yet sit here and support it at the same time. Why do black people only need to unite…why? It is clearly racist and because they throw in a sentence of others are welcome to than it seems ok..? Yet the German club never states German only? Or nor do any of the other clubs listed under cultural clubs at hsu. And why are school’s supporting groups like this and allowing clubs like this to form and don’t see this as a racial issue…because they are doing community work it’s a makes it different… I don’t get why the color of there dam skin makes it to where they need to form a group and call it a black, I don’t see white brother united, white Americans united… when racism is clearly an issue..”black lives matter” wasn’t about ice cream. Was about black vs white cops, black vs white… . And clearly still an issue in this country and world, the mentality of the human race is rather sad.
      But then there’s counter fight of… it would be racist to not allow cutural groups… However, there are other cutural groups at hsu that don’t come off racist at all, and welcome all. This world is black and white…just reflections of.light that present color… No need to label black white is what people need to do and stop forming groups based of the color of your skin. It’s not a group about African culture… So therefore why is it racially labeled and clearly racially segregated group.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by college students killing? I don’t believe that there has been any proof of a college student killing anyone in this case.

    • Stephen Arnett

      Juvenile is anyone under 18 so perhaps maybe the kid was in his or her teens?

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