Pickup Attacks Shell Station Sign in Garberville; Both Badly Wounded

Pickup hits gas station sign

Is that a pack of Coors? [Photo provided by Ritchie Fagan]

At approximately 2:15 a.m., a 2005 Chevy pickup struck the Garberville Shell Station’s sign. Neither was unscathed from the assault. As can be seen, the sign suffered heavy damage.

Pickup hits gas station sign

While the pickup looks red in this view, that’s probably a function of the lighting. [Photo from another reader]

According to information from the Lost Coast Outpost’s hosting of the CHP Information Page, the vehicle was “releasing heavy fuel.”

Pickup hits gas station sign

Fuel can be seen underneath the pickup. [Photo provided by Ritchie Fagan]

The CHP said that this was a minor injury traffic accident.



  • Guess Mario will have to put up a new sign!!nice driving

  • This gas tax protest is getting out of hand!

  • Crazy drivers everywhere

  • Looks like Truck on Sign violence, with one bleeding out.

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    How many times since September has a vehicle crashed into something on the street in Goobsterdam?

    Are these people ON DRUGS?

    Hope the driver is OK… Or at least not a current patient at Jerold Phelps Hospital, where he would have a good chance of being killed by incompetence and criminal negligence, or given pediculosis…

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      Proper planning prevents poor performance, particularly in preponderantly paranoid provincial places such as Goobsterdam.

    • LHL Are you serious??? Garberville & Drugs, that is what is commonly known as a “foregone conclusion”!!! Of course there was some type of substnce abuse, the question is, which one????

    • you’re funny

  • Sweet, now it looks like a Shell lego flag

  • 15 minutes after the bars close.

  • Phineas Homestone

    This is my favorite headline for the month!

  • Hey bars closing! let’s head to my house and keep partying! Race you there! Jump in I got this!

  • It’s been hell on signs this week. Yikes

  • He was trying to flee…I caught this idiot and hogtied him over at the overpass until chp arrived…he had just been performing angry donuts in the Rd right as the bars pushed everyone out. He could have killed someone or hit those pumps nearby and blown himself up…he’s actually quite lucky we kept the angry witnesses from stomping his face in like they all wanted to.

    • I think DRINKING and driving is one of the MOST dangerous of all, IMO, I was NOT a good drunk, I say opinionated, others…belligerent! TERRIBLE! Especially when under 5′ tall, lol! So…I stopped drinking 29yrs ago! It is ok not to drink! Booked always has DUI and Drunk in public, same people, even 3x in one day! Have some pride and respect for your selves, STAY HOME IF DRUNK! Never an angel, yet much better as a non-drinker!

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


      Take every Lettuce Head down when they commit acts of terrorism.

      The community isn’t safe for children with futures, until everything associated with Devil’s Lettuce is banished, jailed, or air dropped into North Korea as chaff.

      Nice job!

      • Take your Meds & calm down before you have a coronary, HBC!!! Likely as not this was caused by alcohol not “Devil’s Lettuce” as you so “kindly” call it!!!

    • This pickup ‘driver’ needs to learn some consequences. What an a$$wipe.

  • There was someone screaming all night and smashing things. Assuming this was the same person.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    I blame the additives. Natural gas doesn’t do that kind of damage to your combustion. But Shell salts their fuel with all manner of dinosaur minerals and alchemical magics, even a normally sane domestic truck can experience an embarrassing public episode. I say, “Let Mario pay for it.” It’s just part of the cost of doing business.”

  • Omg what is wrong with people. ….. Im happy no one was killed

  • Seems to be a pattern of trucks smashing into businesses. At least it wasn’t Clover’s place again. Where’s the fuzz?

    When I was bar hopping in the Bay Area, in my early twenties, the fuzz was always around when the bars were closing. They would herd us all like cattle until we left & then bust everyone driving for a DUI. They probably made their monthly quota in 1 Saturday night.

    Glad no one was seriously injured, especially if he was doing angry drunk donuts.

  • The driver is ok and is seriously bummed. Thank God no one got hurt.
    I hope this will be the very very end of your drinking…Both of you! I see Your boy’s Coors! And you know who this is!
    As for the person who beat him up, not cool.
    Two wrong a don’t make a right.

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