“Above and Beyond”: Local Deputy Lauded for Her Kindness in Letter to the Editor

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Detective Hilary Havens

Detective Hilary Havens

As the supervisor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Garberville Station, it is bittersweet for me to report that Deputy Hilary Havens will no longer be patrolling the communities of Southern Humboldt. Deputy Havens was recently promoted to the rank of Detective and will be fulfilling one of her goals within the Sheriff’s Office. I felt it necessary to report and recognize the outstanding police work that Deputy Havens has provided in Southern Humboldt communities for the last three years.

For those of you who got the chance to meet Deputy Havens, I am sure that you quickly recognized that she is a true professional with a heart of gold. Deputy Havens routinely went above and beyond the call of duty which showed me that she genuinely cares for people; her passion for the job is obvious.

Last year Deputy Havens responded to a call where a welfare check on an elderly lady was requested. As a result of this call, a close friendship blossomed between the two. You see – the elderly lady thought Deputy Havens was in her home to do her dishes. Deputy Havens saw that the dishes needed to be done, so what did she do, you guessed it, washed the dishes for her. Over the next several months Deputy Havens brought the elderly lady homemade dinners and was sure to visit with her on a regular basis. This person was in need of a friend and someone to talk to and Deputy Havens graciously filled this void. Sadly, the elderly lady passed away last December.

This was just one example of excellent community service. Deputy Havens has always sought to volunteer her own time in the interest of kindness. Deputy Havens participates in the annual “Shop with a Cop” event which gives to families in need. Last Christmas, Deputy Havens identified two Southern Humboldt children whose situations didn’t allow for very many gifts during the holidays. This event allowed these children to hopefully enjoy Christmas a little more. Deputy Havens also participates in the annual “Backpacks for Kids” event where community donations are collected. These donations provide food and school supplies for children in need during the Thanksgiving season.

In July of 2016, Deputy Havens was one of two deputies selected by Sheriff Downey to attend a police memorial in Dallas Texas after the tragic slayings of Dallas Police officers. Because of Deputy Havens’ commitment and appreciation towards her profession, she is a member of the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard. Deputy Havens attended this memorial in full Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office “Class A” uniform. Deputy Havens later reported to me, “I have never been so proud to be able to serve my community and embrace my profession as a member in law enforcement”.

We in the law enforcement community should strive to have the same compassion as Deputy Havens.

Good luck Hilary on your future endeavors and don’t be a stranger!

Sergeant Jesse Taylor



  • Thank-you Sergeant Taylor for the well deserved praise of Deputy Haven. She served our community well.

    Good luck with you new job Detective Haven.

  • Kudos to Hilary Havens we need more people like her in our community. I also was an I.H.S.S. worker for the Elderly at one time till I had a massive Heart Attack almost 4 years ago that ended this for me as a care provider. I so miss it. I would also Love to get a Chance to meet Hilary Havens someday to discuss what it is like for her to connect to people.. I loved this myself and have been named the Social Butter Fly by some Family and Close Friends. What a Great Feeling knowing there are people who still care in our world.. Keep up the Great Work Hilary Havens.

  • So good to hear news like this.

  • Yes she is wonderful

  • You will be missed deputy Haven. Good luck to you. Come say hello once in awhile😊

  • Wow! She’s amazing. Best wishes to this fine woman🍀🌻🌹

  • We could use more people like this, congratulations. ☺

  • Nice,very nice!! Great people doing Great things!!

  • Thinking allowed

    Kindness begets kindness. It does us all good to hear these sorts of stories too.

  • She is compassionate, and very strong. I have watched Deputy Havens handle some prickly situations authoritatively and in a no nonsense way. She does seem to have good intuition about when to push and when to capitulate. Congratulations, Hilary. I’ll miss seeing you in town.

  • Wow, sorry to hear this, given our community in SoHum Is going to really miss Deputy Havens.
    But I’m happy for her and her promotion, she will make an exceptional detective for all of Humboldt.
    Thank you for your service.
    And thank you too Sergeant Taylor , you’ve been incredible for our community. I saw two deputies just today walkin the beat in Garberville at the town square. It was great to see on a Sunday afternoon.

  • To very often you hear about LEO’S doing wrong. This a true example of an officer doing a great job. Congrats and May your wisdom continue on.

  • Great letter of praise from Sergeant Taylor.

  • Though I don’t live in Southern Humboldt, I am a Humboldt native. I just want to say thank you to Deputy Havens for your compassion for your community. People like you truly make a difference. Congratulations on your promotion!

  • Good job!! Great person right there!

  • yup—–thank you !!! you were a blessing to our community—-thank you sergeant Taylor for the work your department has been doing !!

  • Veterans friend

    Her example of compassion would be a great model for some of the other law enforcement types we have…

  • Congrats, Det. Havens!

  • she deserved the promotion and what great job she has done in this area. she always had a smile when I seen her at the store or streets. we will miss you and best of luck in ur new assignment. and thank you jesse for the great report to community.

  • Awww Congratulations We Miss You Already

  • hmmmm…

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