[UPDATE May 8: Odin Home!] Also Reward Upped to $1000

White and brown dog

Odin disappeared in Garberville today between 3 and 4 p.m. Odin weighs 80-90 lbs and, according to his owner is “kinda skittish.”

The owner has offered a $500 dollar reward. If you have any information, call 707-672-6812. The owner asks if you would please “help spread the word.”

UPDATE May 1: The reward has now been upped to $1000.

UPDATE May 7: We’ve been told: “Odin was spotted around 9am this morning, next to the community park and the water processing plant/tower. We are currently looking but no sign of him for us yet! ”

Please keep a lookout for Odin.

UPDATE May 8 about 5 p.m.: “Odin has been found and he is safe and sound at home!!!” according to a friend who has been keeping us updated.

UPDATE May 8 at 5:10 p.m.: The owner contacted us and said,

Odin has been found! A sweet beautiful Angel, was sent my dog’s way, at the Community  Park’s side entrance, on Kimtu Rd. She saw him, sat down, and he walked right up to her. She tired to turn down the reward, but I insisted. She’s been on hard times, so the reward $ will help her buy a car, so I’m glad she accepted. Thank you Angel, thank you Paws Cause, thank you for the many calls received from folks trying to help Odin home, thank you Paper Mill for all the flyers & laminates prepared for me at short notice, thank you EVERYONE! Sincerely, Alex



  • I saw a body of a dog in garberville off the on ramp, same color and all

    • Hey KK, I certainly hope you don’t think you are being funny again. [edit]
      Here’s a hug for you cuz I don’t think you were ever really loved as a child. ..

  • Hope you find your dog. They are people too…Best of luck

  • Hope you find your odin

  • I pray odin gets home safe and sound so sorry he is lost .

  • Wow. Why are “owners” so irresponsible. So a 90 pound skittish dog is now loose and another bad dog owner has taken the podium. Why not have a loaded handgun left on the streets, it is just as dangerous, if not more….Dog owners take no responsibility for their mutts….er Service Animals. I see most people use a dog as a poor man’s gun. Though without any training, or licensing they can wield their dog-gun anytime, anywhere.

    • The term was skittish not aggressive,there is a very big difference. Why so judgemental? Unless you had something to do with the dog being free you have no idea what you are talking about. Dogs manage to free themselves periodically. This is why the page exists. There is naturally going to be what seems like many missing dogs. But there are more dogs then humans on this planet so seems to me this area is doing great with trying to help responsible dog owners.

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