[UPDATE 8:50 p.m.] Man Wanted for Attempted Murder With a Hammer Arrested

Robert Stepp

Robert Stepp, Jr.

Robert Stepp, Jr., who was wanted by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office following an alleged attack with a hammer on another man in Garberville about 1:30 this morning, was detained by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office about 7:45 p.m.

Stepp was located in a home on Cedar Street not far from the alleged attack. We’ve requested more information from the Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 8:25 p.m.: According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank, “We received information that he was in a Cedar Street Apartment.” He added that through a third party, Stepp made arrangements to turn himself in. Stepp, he said, was allegedly involved in making threats to the man that showed up at Whitethorn School which caused the school to go on lockdown.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m.: The video below shows the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies asking the suspect to come out. Following that are a series of photos showing the arrest provided by a reader.

Earlier Chapter: Man Sought for Attempted Homicide With a Hammer Near Garberville



  • Nice job hcso

  • Good that guys real lucky the cops got him before some of the other people who were looking for him found his [edit] ass, never thought I’d be saying this like EVER but hats off to the humboldt count sherrifs department an the chp for showing force in gville an all of so hum an actually catching this dirt bag THANKS COPERS

    • I couldn’t imagine being a [edit] grower, congratulating law enforcement for arresting somebody before my like got to them … on a local news forum’s comment section.

      What a world we live in!

  • Awesome! don’t let his ass out!

  • Good job nabbing this suspect. Whoever would attack an elderly person with a hammer is scum.

  • That’s fantastic news! Throw away the key!

  • Nailed him….

  • It wasn’t an elderly person.

  • He was hiding under a blanket in the apartment of an elderly lady. Her daughter came by to check on her mom and saw the dude in the closet. Glad I keep my doors locked. The druggies like to hang around the empty parking lots and county buildings. Cops are here constantly trying to keep them out, but they just keep coming. I could never do what hcso does. Kudos to them.

  • Does anyone know what kind of hammer he used? Claw hammer, if so, what weight and style? Ball peen; cross peen; sledge? Weight? I wonder how many times this loser has used a hammer — or any other tool — in performing any kind of useful, productive work?

  • Just My Opinion

    Great job!

  • What’s the deal with the large percentage of blacks people committing crime in Humboldt Co?

    • Hmmm the majority of mug shots ive seen have been pale faces, white on white.

      • Roughly 0.9% of Humboldts population is Black, 84% White. What percentage of mug shots are from the Blacks?

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      I would say that 99.9% of all crimes committed in this county are perpetrated by Caucasians. When the perpetrator is not around, most often blamed persons are, of course, of other ethnicity. Like in Mendo, where “The Cartel” is responsible for everything illegal or outrageous.

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    So, as usual, nothing good EVER happens in Goobsterdam. This summer, put up an orange plastic fence around the whole damn place!

    Interesting, the senior housing there seems to attract the NICEST people… Talk to the sheriff about the problems they have had there… Hard to believe the lovely perniciously paranoid, problematic provincial people in Goobsterdam put up with this mess!

    Hope their nasty, dirty little backstreet hospital didn’t manage to kill the victim of this awful crime, or cause him to get Pediculosis.

    • Seems the seniors would be the most vulnerable, maybe beef up security on the property to protect them from criminals looking for a place to hide.

    • Sounds like your a lostcost out post kind of person. You clearly only know what you read on there about our community. I suggest you take your opinion about our home and move on .

      • Lefthanded Lunatics

        THAT’S that good Goobsterdam attitude! Thanks!
        Since you like my comments, here’s another one:

        There will be a candlelight vigil for SHCHD, which died from criminal negligence following an attempt to fool SoHum property owners into believing that SHCHD could somehow manage to steal and lie it’s way into collecting $74,000,000 over the next 45 years and then BORROW $40,000,000 from the USDA on top of it! The Hospital District failed in it’s last minute scam to bury itself in debt and characterize itself as capable of managing the public’s funding, failed in it’s attempts to mislead and misdirect the public with the dirtiest SoHum election in history, and once again, the busted little hospital district has ultimately failed to honor the public’s trust.
        The cowboys and whack-a-doodles in charge at SHCHD have once again failed to do the job they were elected and hired by the public to do, which would be operate transparently, honestly, profitably and in the public interest.
        The backstreet, dirty little hospital was unceremoniously closed May 3rd, following the failure of measure W. Services will follow.
        The building will be deloused, treated for mold, and turned over to Humboldt County to house trimsients and homeless for the season. In November 2017 it will be surrounded by an orange plastic fence, forever.

        And watch out for the lice!

        Love ya, been living here for years!

  • Yayyyyyy, they caught a violent criminal!!! That’s awesome!!

  • That was my grandpa that hit that guy
    with the hammer so all I a ssholes better shit the fuck up and have some respect

    • I’m sorry Meanwood but when you attack someone with a hammer, respect is the last thing you will ever get. I hope you are able to learn what an appropriate emotion for this situation actually is. Anger, sadness, betrayal, disgust… I can understand feeling these but respect? Get help.

    • Remember the twinrats hahah

      I’m about to shit up right now sorry man.. lol that guy sure looks like the twin rats.

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