Man Sought for Attempted Homicide With a Hammer Near Garberville

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Robert Stepp

Robert Stepp

On Saturday morning 4-29-2017 at around 01:28 AM, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a report of a male beating another male with a hammer at 725 Cedar Street in Garberville. The reporting party told dispatch the suspect was Robert Stepp Jr.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol were the first to arrive where Stepp fled into the wooded area. C.H.P.

Officers contacted the victim who was transported to Gerald Phelps Hospital in Garberville for extensive injuries to his head and arm from a blunt object. Due to the severity of the victim’s injuries, he was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Several H.C.S.O. units responded to the scene to look for Stepp, and investigate the incident. Stepp was not located, and is currently being sought for attempted homicide.


Suspect: Robert William Stepp Jr.

Date of birth: 2-14-1971

African American male, 5’-10” 165 pounds, Brown hair, Brown eyes.


Anyone with information regarding this case or Stepp’s location is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707)445-7251.



  • Maybe they were board…

  • He sure had that one nailed…..

  • Good luck finding that crack head he probably back in eureka with the rest of the crack heads always was a pos

  • Whatever happened to sicking a mean dog on him. I have one. Call me next time there’s a piece of shit hiding in the woods. My dog would gladly bite that guy. Yes he eats shit so this guy is no match.

    • Should probably only let him bite white people tho. Wouldn’t want to get caught up in a hate crime right.

  • 725 is the Cedar Street apartments I believe. Over the years there has been an on-going contingent of ‘campers’ using the public building porches and other spaces for long term housing solutions.
    I don’t recognize this fellow but I hope the elderly person he attacked recovers and the HCSO step up patrols in that little corner of GBV, make more of a regular presence there for the seniors safety.

  • Omg! This is terrifying.

  • Send in the k-9! I hope they catch him soon. And I really hope the victim is going to be ok.

  • G-MA the DA still no warrent for my son he damn near killed me with his feet still no justice for me ,so I don’t think this guy will be delt with any time soon .and hello to all my friends out there who know who I am.

    • How is this relevant? You are obviously crazy and/or extremely uneducated. You need help. You need to go through the proper channels not the local news stream. Nothing will be resolved with your situation by posting in the comments section. You are not receiving sympathy from anybody here. Sure maybe your son almost killed you with his feet but it makes me wonder what kind of person you are to have raised a child with such disrespect. What kind of family life did you have? Were your evenings spent eating dinner together making sure your kids were doing school work and watching the latest sitcom/tv drama or were your evenings filled with burning light bulbs and tin foil? I’d bet on the bulbs and foil.

  • humboldtstickman

    Its that time if year again, the riff raff is officially back in our small beloved town! Hats off to all the small business owners and folks that work in town and somehow manage to out up with this crap.
    Let the games beginn. Ernie and Darren going to be busy chasing down shoplifters all summer, lets hope some of these folks that come through have some mannerisms and bring a work ethic with them. Its going to be a long season and no one needs lazy helpers!
    Work pays well but its work after all.
    Dont forget to take a picture of strangers IDs if your the kind that picks up strangers, you don’t want to get beaten to death like the guy in laytonviille, be a good captain and keep a tight ship otherwise mutany might cost you life.

  • humboldtstickman

    Well keep an eye out for this one! Time for some citizens arrests!

  • Local Business Owner

    Two days ago I chased this guy out of our parking lot for rifling thru parked vehicles. He was super tweaky.

  • Those poor seniors!!
    Haven’t they seen enough in their lifetime?… Now they witnessed a horrific “almost murder” on their doorsteps.

    The HCSO have known for years that there is a large camp of homeless behind the senior appts. There are dangerous people, drug addicted people, & people with warrants for dangerous crimes from other places living a stone throw away from our communities elderly.

    The HCSO & DA have done NOTHING about it!! Seniors are more susceptible to sufferance & can be easily taken advantage of. I personally know 2 seniors who live in the Cedar St Senior housing (725 – where this took place) who have been financially, emotionally, & yes, physically taken advantage of & the HCSO did NOTHING about it.

    All the proof you’d need to prosecute anywhere else but Humboldt County doesn’t even consider it. Does someone have to die before HCSO will do anything about it??!!?? Oh wait, that happens everyday & they still don’t do anything. Come on Humboldt County!!!!

    Where is the protection for our loved ones??!?? Who is watching out for those who cannot protect themselves??

  • Educated people haven’t got the time to judge others, insult them and show the world their overwhelming butthurt/ignorance over a comment, in a nowhere backwoods county. Did you teach your children to attack those who you perceive as weak, uneducated, and in obvious need of help from an untouchable vantage point?

  • That name is familiar. I do the mail route in cove and am pretty sure I saw that name today actually…

    • check and make sure it is! then you know who to call………..Shawn cherry and his dog!……then maybe the cops or something

  • I hope they catch him soon and that the victim will pull through okay.

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