Girls Scouts Give Back to the Workers Clearing the Slide That Blocked Hwy 101

Girl scout troop

This Girl Scout Troop and their leader wanted to thank workers for their hard work on the slide that has closed Hwy 101 by Leggett. [Photo provided by Caltrans]

Through the last few weeks, contractor crews and Caltrans have been fighting the huge rock slide that blocked Hwy 101 about six miles north of Leggett. Video  (see here) and photos (see here) have shown workers dealing with everything from pouring rain to an entire hillside pouring straight down at them. A group of Girl Scouts from Eureka decided to say thank you.

Caltrans was impressed with Girl Scout Troop 90747’s “selfless donation of time and supplies to the slide workers” and posted the following on Caltrans District One’s Facebook page:

Girl Scout Troop 90747 from Eureka brought by a bunch of supplies for tired workers down at the Leggett slide!

The troop brought in flats of water, chips, granola bars, and – of course – cookies to help make the arduous task of clearing U.S. Highway 101 of slide debris just a little easier.

They met with acting Deputy District Director for Program/Project Management Gary Johnson, who gave the troop a letter of thanks for their generosity and commitment to community service.

Girl Scout Troop Buying Supplies

Buying the supplies. [Photo from the Caltrans Facebook page]

The girls had the opportunity to ask about the slide and some of the safety measures we take to ensure nobody gets hurt while working to get the North Coast reconnected to the rest of coastal California.

The supplies are being transferred to the site this morning. Thank you again to the girls (and leaders!) of Troop 90747!

Caltrans thanks the Girl Scout troup.

Caltrans thanks the Girl Scout troop. [Photo provided by Caltrans–click to enlarge.]



  • Awsome! Thanks cal trans. A really dangerous job.

  • Great Job Caltrans! And Thank You Girl Scouts!

  • What a SWEET thing to do!!Excellent job GIRLSCOUT’s 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Veterans friend

    As a 3rd generation girl scout, I salute you fine young women!

  • I’ve never been a Girl Scout, but I know from personal experience that one of the greatest gifts that you give anyone is genuine appreciation. Good Job Caltrans, Ghilotti Construction, and Girl Scouts!

  • Girls rule! Gives me hope. And thanks CalTrans!

  • And that folks… is why I love Humco so much!!
    Great show of apreiciation!!

    • YES, the great people stepped up again! We still have a unique community, for those of us who love our area enough to HELP others, AND still a reason to stay!!! As a past Girl Scout Leader, great job,young Ladies! and Leader!

  • Yeah for the Eureka Girl Scouts! Maybe an adult will think of volunteering and restart Girl Scouts in So. Humboldt. (I don’t live there) Please, will someone step up to the plate and start a troop?

  • They should vive these guys some red bull so they start moving at a desired pace, it might get them to get their hands out of their pockets and actually pick up a shovel

  • Yay Girl Scouts !!! And Yay Ghilotti Construction !!!

  • Good Job Caltrans, Ghilotti Construction, and Girl Scouts! Thanks for working so hard to get this slide open in an incredibly fast time. And whoever is supervising these Girl Scouts, You are teaching them something they will never forget. Thank you very much.

  • Way to go Girl Scouts!

  • Just got off huffpost & needed a good local storie. This satisfies. Great work all involved. You too Kym.

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    Girl Scouts Rock. Women are saving Humboldt County!!

  • YOU GO GIRLS!!!!….Had a talk this afternoon with one of the guys working on the slide …he says Cal Trans is installing a “radar” monitor to watch the slide in hopes of predicting any movement on the surface of the slide. He thinks the road will be one lane for awhile. Cal Trans is digging a catchment between the road and slide trying to keep the small stuff off the road. He also said that in the “old days” they would dynamite the slide to bring it down in one lump but that because of environmental factors around the river it takes too long to get permission from all the agencies involved if at all.

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