[UPDATE 5:28 p.m.] Vehicle Over the Bank on Hwy 36

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA vehicle reportedly went off the bank on Hwy 36 at approximately mile marker 27. According to the report from dispatch, extrication is needed.

Fire and ambulance are responding.

UPDATE 5:28 p.m.: The vehicle was unoccupied.



  • Unoccupied as in ghost rider? Did someone drive it over the edge and jump out at the last minute like on tv?
    Things that make you go hmmm….🤔


  • And the first driverless car gets to humboldt!
    Jk but this is what i picture happening if they tried those cars on the 36

  • Drink drive and run away live to drive another day (maybe)

  • Chalk up another win for Highway 36 it wins again!!! I’ve lost count of the wrecks out here already this year!!!

  • Wait till they till they straight out that section out by Simmonsvile. All the trees are cut down, looks like hell. That road will be a mess all summer, if they can do it in a summer. Let the knuckle head 500 begin! The lack of lines forced you to stay on your toes. Curvy roads keep flat landers from coming back!

    • Thats a 4 year project. They have to build bridges and trestles and viaducts. Won’t be done thru that Buck mtn. Section til 2020…

  • 36 has been a “pay attention” section between Larabee Valley and Dinsmore for years but when I came over yesterday meeting trucks pulling “doubles” through that section made it even more interesting. Take it slow and give those drivers a bit of room. They are not there because they want to be, they’re just trying to make a living. BTW, I wonder what it will be like if “last chance grade” goes!

    • A biggger sh!tstorm tahn we already have if both ends are plugged, 299 & 36 will both see a sudden increase in traffic especially the BIG trucks!!! I wouldn’t care to meet a “double” on any of the hairpin curves that can be found East of Dinsmore!!! Interesting would be an understatement to say the least!!!

  • I hope they are alright and not struggling with injuries or a daze somewhere out there.

  • I drove by it ,and there sat the CHP with his lights on. there was nobody in the car.also it was sitting on top of the boulders light blue Honda Civic so they crashed and dashed

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