[UPDATE 8 p.m.] Overturned Semi on 299 Near Buckhorn Summit Blocks Eastbound Lane and Part of Westbound

overturned semi icon featureAccording to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, a big rig has overturned on eastbound 299 approximately one mile east of the Shasta/Trinity County line. The incident occurred about 5:44 p.m. and the semi’s load of lumber is still spread over the roadway. According to a witness, there is one-way controlled traffic.

There are only minor injuries.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: Reader Tara Emmons sent us this photo:

Semii overturned with lumber


  • Laytonville Rock


  • Hope everyone is alright. First Beer, now Lumber. Maybe this would be a good place to build a brewpub.

  • Lot of semi crashes a Lot lately weird i guess anyone can get a class A licence these days .

  • How many stupid truck drivers does it take to roll a semi….??????? Just One…..Daily

    I remember when truck drivers used to be called professionals.
    It seems this is a daily read. Truck rolls on “Fill In The Blank” Highway!

  • between the truck drivers and drunk drivers, doesn’t look like we have a very good chance out there these days… stay safe everyone!! Hug your loved ones!

  • This just further confirms my theory of there being a Class A CDL in every box of Cracker Jack, as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    Truck drivers seem to be speeding and phone-poking more than ever. If you are late, leave earlier, if you are AFU stay home, if you just don’t care and like to endanger everyone else while potentially causing an environmental disaster, drive your rig to the North Coast!

  • Not as easy as it looks. They work long hrs. It’s a lot different than driving a 🚗!

  • Thinking allowed

    It might be carelessly bad driving or poor judgement but it may have just been the nature of the load. I was stuck behind a semi load of lumber going through the Ave of the Giants area of 101 once. I watched as each curve, taken at less than the speed limit, caused the top of load to shift farther and farther. Scary. The man needed to stop and retighten his hold downs but there was no turn out for miles. As soon as he reached a place, he pulled over.

    I think finished lumber is a very shifty product on curves.

    • Sounds like a driver unfamiliar to the older winding roads, and only tightened the load to his personal freeway experience specs. From what I was told by an older truck driver, the scariest truck to drive were tanker trucks, with him telling me that if one saw one side of the trailer tires pick up off the ground, even a little bit, it was generally too late.

  • I thought they had to keep a strict Log book,documenting there drive time,to avoid the tired and weary driver from these types of accidents

  • What the hell is going on? Did the Bermuda triangle move here?? So many semi crash’s.Idk,maybe slow down!! Glad their ok

  • Veterans friend

    That is where the road has been “straightened” in recent years. A driver unfamiliar with the steep downhill curves could be easily overwhelmed.

  • Maybe a class C driver cut him off… happens all the time !!! Bet most of the C’s don’t know much about truckin’ and the battles they face every single day. It may be your life that is saved because of the A license. Route 36 is famous for getting cut off and passing on double yellows !!! More body bags please.

    • I quite agree with your description of Hwy 36!!! There seems to be an overabundance of Screwball drivers on this road!!! I’m very surprised the death toll isn’t higher than it is!!! Passing on a blind curve over the double yellow at breakneck speed at that!!!! Such stupidity will not only get them killed it likely will result in the innocent person they are attempting to pass to wreck also!!!

      • The things Ive seen o 36 this year have blown me away. As if passing on a double yellow isn’t bad enough, I saw a 2017 silver Tacoma, pass a car on the curvy part right near River Glenn(?). I thought for sure I was witnessing a crash. I’m not sure who is worse, the drivers that go slow and don’t ever f@cking pull over or the dipshits who pass on tight curved, double yellows.

  • All decked out with no place to go. Pity.

    What’s with all these auto and truck wrecks? Is anybody keeping track of the reasons given by the drivers? I’d hate to think some madman has hacked the electrical systems on all these new electronic toys.

  • Next one rolls on you

    next time you are behind A semi truck please remember to stay at a safe distance and also provide a common courtesy they obviously can’t drive as fast as you want to drive so chill the fuck out

    And yes please fix the grammar of my post don’t give a fk kthxbai

  • I'm not surprised

    After reading all the comments and being a commercial driver myself, I’m not surprised anymore. They seem to be giving class A licenses to any moron nowadays and to hear that someone saw a load shifting more and more shows these morons that were handed a license never look back.. kind of like the idiot ” that drug a car for 4 miles down in LA…should never happen… I’m not saying car drivers are innocent.. most that pass us are playing on their phone and also forget we don’t stop like cars do.. it’s really a shame because of these facts the real class a driver is being given a bad rap..

  • Statistics show that in less than 3% of accidents involving big rigs is the truck driver at fault. I’m not saying this wasn’t the driver’s fault, but as a whole we are far safer drivers than you four-wheeler drivers are.

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