[UPDATE: 5:46 p.m.: Located] Lost Phone: $25 Reward for Return

black phone

My son’s phone.

Soooo, I know it is a long shot but….my 14-year-old lost his phone on the campus of College of the Redwoods a week ago. It’s an HTC Desire® 526 in Stealth Black. Burned into the back in shaky letters is his name, Malachi, and his phone number. (No, I’m not posting the number. On the slim chance he does get his phone back, I don’t want some of the creepy folks who send me death threats, etc., to have access to him.)

$25 reward if you can get it back to me. My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com.

UPDATE 5:46 p.m: My son located his phone….in his backpack.

We will speak no more of this shame.



  • Kym – people really send you death threats? Wow! Why?

    • It doesn’t happen often but, yes, I get death threats, rape threats, come in my house and do creepy things threats. Mostly I get one every couple of months. Why? Because there are some sick folks in this world! I just delete those types of comments to me and others so you all get the cleaned up version in this section.

      • That is terrible to have to deal with that! Information is powerful and there are people who try to limit and control it by threatening the media. Thank you so much Kym for enduring those threats to get us information!

        • My impression of the worst ones is that they all come from one person with a grudge against women. My guess is I banned him (I haven’t banned many people either) for being a jerk and he can’t handle it. I’m not really worried mostly but I don’t want that person having access to my kid.

      • It doesn’t help that you are a government propaganda website and have held yourself out as a pot porn whore. Both are dangerous territory. Just sayin’.

        • Wow just the guy they were talking about, thanks for reminding us how crass and rude and ridiculous some people are and exactly the kind of thing that sometimes gets unjustly sent to kym.
          You definitely proved your attitude towards women in your choice of words.
          And you picked the wrong place to live if you dont like strong pot and even stronger independent fiery women.

      • humboldtstickman

        Thats heavy, just so you know there’s a ton of people here and they are all on your side and ready at the drop of a hat to head over to kick any assailants butt for you!
        People are jerks including myself but on the right side of the law and we are certainly not having you get that end of the stick. Ever! We appreciate You!

        • I’m okay. I’ve got a tough husband and three tall, redheaded sons and I used to practice martial arts, too. But I sure appreciate the support.

  • Do the right thing

    If someone found the phone I would have thought a call would have already been made. I have found two phones, one on the bus and another at Carson Park. Gave a call and phone was back in its rightful hands within hours. If someone is using it illegally it would have a ping record. You only need to check the billing online to find out.

  • The civilized way to ask around for a lost phone! Good luck.

  • Thinking allowed

    Even if you are this cool about the threats, it certainly creates an ugly environment and so uselessly. If it helps, I do value your site as the only place I get info on things that matter to me. Thanks.

  • Called CR lost and found at 476-4112. They don’t have it. I’ll be on the lookout.

  • A nut case burned Bill Roddy’s house down on Christmas eve. Bill Roddy was the editor of Southern Humboldt Life and Times. Unfortunately, these kind of nuts {sociopaths) usually end up in charge of everything, like Kim Jong Un.

  • I hope you get his phone back!!wow the crap you put up with. Let’s hope it stops. Hope this is a good day for you!!the sun is out its beautiful,the sun on my face makes me feel better,or its the vitamins from the sun.lol

  • Hopefully you & your son get his phone back kym 🙂

  • I’m for a kinder, gentler Humboldt. Can’t we all just get along. Start today, smile! It works wonders!

  • Dubonnet Hisspano

    Good on you in Garden. Have you checked phone record to see if it being used? I am thinking a really Bright flash light to look under seat ,around. in every nook in the car. Those little things can hang up in the dang est places. Wish there was an up vote, all the above. Good Luck

  • Hope you get the phone back. Sorry that some people make threats. They need to get a life!

  • soooooo kym.. me and jessica were wondering if malachi will be getting the reward money. He could buy mariah lunch tomarrow…………..

    • Considering that he then dropped it on the bus and had to have a friend find it and arrange for her to bring it on Monday…I think we can say that would be a big no….

  • Does that mean he gets the $25 reward for finding it??

  • Thinking allowed


  • Just My Opinion

    Your a better person than me as I would have never admitted I found it in the backpack. I would have said, “someone found it” and left it at that. Anyways great outcome.

    • I agree, I’ve got a pretty great kid. I even appreciated when he told me that before he got home he lost it in the bus, got off the bus and discovered i,t and had to get a friend to find it and hold it for him til Monday. That was honest…Not exactly the level of taking care of an expensive phone I’d like to see but…honest and that’s the main thing.

  • So how big is this alleged “backpack”?😅

    • It is pretty good sized to be fair and it has lots of pockets…but still….

      • I am in complete sympathy with your son. I lost my passport in my suitcase and didn’t find it until weeks after I had gotten a replacement from the Feds. For some of us it is our lot in life to forever forget or misplace things. I’ve developed an excellent sense of how to search over the years.

  • Veterans friend

    You made me smile.
    And who ever is the threatener…he/she/it is creating inescapable karma

  • Did he get the $25 reward?

    • Nope, what kind of parent would give one for finding his own lost phone?

      • Dubonnet Hisspano

        You are already the best kind of parent any kid could ever have. My thoughts were more along the lines of him worrying about what is going to happen with you. Some times it is more difficult for caregivers than it is for the patient. He just misplaced it who has not done that keys wallet? I think I would let him loose on paying your bills balancing check books so he will know where and how to do these things. Like if his phone was activated where to go to manage the account. He can do all this easy with a smile on his cherub face. All together now WE LOVE KYM. Only the best. This I post not for a response just another belly button. I also love pizza , use any excuse to get me some of that . Also doing something completely unexpected might highlight it’s importance to you. GO

  • It’s good to hear it was found. Those pesky toys are expensive.
    There’s an app that might interest you (or others), that will track every consenting party, called. Life360. There’s probably other ones too, I’m sure, but this one just popped in mind.

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