101 to Open by Sundown, Says Caltrans

Heavy equipment working the top of the slide that has blocked 101 north of Leggett. [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

Caltrans is reporting that Hwy 101 may be open to one-way controlled traffic by sundown today. Crews are working to reopen the highway to one-way controlled traffic by sundown, barring any further slide activity or other unforeseen circumstances.

The contractor’s crews have been working to knock down debris so that it won’t continue to fall. [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

They posted on their Facebook page,

Crews are working to reopen the highway to one-way controlled traffic by sundown, barring any further slide activity or other unforeseen circumstances.

The roadway is visible again! [Photo from Caltrans]

Our contractor was able to resume some work towards the end of the shift yesterday; these photos were taken yesterday evening and show the area above the slope and the road down below. Crews have cleared a path for equipment and vehicles to move back-and-forth between the two staging areas on either side of the slide, but there’s more work to be done before the highway can be opened to traffic.

Beautiful view from near the top of the slide. [Photo from Caltrans]

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Great news! Now, if Bigfoot will just quit rolling more rocks down the hill.

  • Hope it can stay clear! Good job CalTrans! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Cal Trans: you are the best!!!!!

  • Great work, Caltrans !!!!

  • Nothing much scares me as long as I know and trust the technology. I don’t understand the technology of a rock slide and they scare the hell out of me. To look at the photos of people and equipment of top of that slide gives me the same visceral response as being face to face with a coiled rattlesnake.

    We don’t deserve such dedication. My gut tells me those people shouldn’t be risking themselves up there. My gut never lies…

  • Halleluiah! Thanx everyone that made this happen!

  • barefoot charley

    They’ve really done great work against a horrible challenge.

  • I have a feeling the guys at the top must enjoy adrenaline rushes. I was told they specialize in this. Whether they do or not, they are risking their lives for us. This is a massive force of nature that is not going to cooperate with anyone’s schedule.

    • Really you didn’t see the giant grow house just above the slide, couldn’t see it through the haze I guess

      • Yes that’s quite a mega-greed operation! As the floor drops out and small decent growers lose their homes we must pause to reflect on the unbridled greed that has destroyed our community. I’d be okay if the slide keeps expanding and swallows this greed grow!

      • Yes, I did, but it’s lower elevation than the top ridge above the slide. It’s on the other side of the mountain.

  • Yeah ernie that’s why you fix refers.we respect what you used todo to ernie

    • Jerkoff comment

    • [edit] Ernie is a caring, respectful, and upstanding person. He does more charity work in a week than you do in your lifetime.

      Because he works hard for a living, owns his own business, and doesn’t have a boss, you call him a capitalist pig?!!?!

      What do you do for a living? Live off other people’s hard work…. Do you grow for yourself….that technology makes you a capitalist.


      a person who has capital, especially extensive capital, invested in business enterprises.

      How is that an insult??????…..

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    Thanks guys! You are awesome!

  • Those photos are so telling. That’s alot of earth. What a huge job. Be careful out there,and thanks Cal-trans for working hard and getting that road clear for traffic. What a task!! You ROCK

  • I don’t know why you all are praising calrans. Ghilotti construction is doing all the work. Thanks you GHILOTTI!!!

    • Thank you Ghilotti!! Thank you to EVERYONE who was involved & who worked in dangerous conditions to get the precious lifeline of Northern California back open!

  • What’s the name of the subcontractor who’s actually doing the work? Would love to give them the kudos!!! That’s almost a 180 degree slope. Yikes! !!

  • Those photos sure give perspective on the size of the slide. The heavy equipment looks so tiny up there at the top, like toys!

  • Veterans friend

    I went to school with a couple of Ghilotti kids in the ’60s. Marin county. They have been doing this work forever.
    Caltrans is not my favorite state agency. I believe they are currently under investigation for some management issues.

  • Does anyone know when they do open if it will stay open through the night, or are they going to close it when it gets dark one website thought they might close it at night I don’t know.

    • I haven’t heard any indications they plan to close at night. It seems unlikely if they plan to reopen by sundown that they would close soon after that.

  • Traveling and tired

    Any word if it is open? I am driving home from a long trip and do not wish to drive up north farther.

  • Inquiring minds want to know.

    For you geologists there is a band (like a belt) of rock about 3/4ths up the slide. What does that mean because the rest of the slide look like tectonic upheaval settlement? I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like the bottom of an ancient, ancient glacier.

  • Didn’t see Mike’s comment or I wouldn’t have asked that dopey question.

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