Slide Blocking 101 Won’t Hold Still; For Safety Reasons, Work Suspended

The spider excavator on the slide.

The spider excavator on the slide. [Photo from Caltrans]

Caltrans posted on their Facebook page around 3:50 p.m. that work on the slide is currently suspended though they still hope to allow traffic through before the weekend. The full text of what they posted is below:

The slide north of Leggett in Mendocino County has been much more active this afternoon. Currently, operations have been suspended at the site and no work will be permitted to take place tonight out of concern for worker safety.

We still hope to reopen the highway to one-way traffic before the weekend, but continued slide activity may further delay a reopening.

Prior to work being suspended, crews snapped these photos of the spider excavator positioned at the top of the slide where it has been working to clear material that could otherwise come down in an uncontrolled manner.

View from the top of the slide.

View from the top of the slide. [Photo from Caltrans]

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  • Beautiful view from up there!

  • Does anyone remember the structure that was in that meadow across the river?

  • Damn that water is looking sexy. Steelhead blue, my favorite hue.

  • Wow those are some brave people up there. I couldn’t imagine. I’m sure they were cleared to work up there, presuming the slide was inactive, but nature is too unpredictable!!

  • Dang, be careful working on that thing.

  • Keep up the good work! We appreciate it.

  • So, if you cant get a dump truck, I presume, to where spider excavator is working, how does it help?

    • Geust, that piece of equipment is shoving material down the slide to be picked up below. Wow!

    • I went there today to photograph for KMUD. They are dropping and dozing it carefully over the edge, then they pick it up at the bottom. I was there around 3:40 and the workers said it was stable. Must have slid again after I left. I suppose “stable” is relative.

  • Damn no pic of the hillside all day long

  • “Before the weekend” means tomorrow/ Friday! ….Would be great!! (And watch the line up of cars trying to get out when it does open, in case it closes again!!;)
    Also. It looks like they are on the other side of the practice of ‘leaving trees so that their roots can help stabilize the ground’. In this case it’s, ‘clear the trees because their weight help continue the slide’.

    • Caltrans is Pavement Corp.

      Caltrans is going national and slowly doing whats already been done out east, and thats less trees all around. Its very sad. So many trees removed over the last 10 years between Willits and SF along 5 and 101, so many healthy redwoods and smaller groves. They always sight safety but less maintenance and simple project money is buried in their project statements. Caltrans doesnt need anybodys thanks or admiration, theyre doing their job and gouging taxpayers to the hilt in the process. Theyre always looking for more profit incentives, the infighting within their corporate must be fierce.

      • Your nuts. Are you trying to say Caltrans cuts trees down for profits? I think you’ve spent to much time in your little cabin

        • Caltrans is Pavement Corp.

          Caltrans cuts down trees for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of money they spend maintaining them and their surrounding areas, yes. It’s no secret.

  • It’s time for us to embrace our new role as the wildlings, North of the wall.

  • Fine this way. Leave it.

  • A tree is a lot of weight on a small area. they are trying to lessen the downward pressure on top of the slide.

  • Sometimes you have to decide weather you want a tree or a road. If you want a road, it’s nice to have one that a tree won’t fall on. Working on any part of that slide, top or bottom looks scary!

  • Covelo or busted

    It is always amazing to me, myself and i, to see how quickly all the comments De-evolve into a argument… Couldn’t we just all meet at the Blue Room and settle it over a pint?….Be there Friday 6:00… Im buyin!…, Just yell out” ”LANDSLIDE”, and i will shout a round for the house! NO GUNS,KNIVES,BRASS KNUCKLES, GREENRUSHERS,OR DOGS….HIPPIES WELCOME!

  • No dogs?damn it

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