[UPDATE 7:52 a.m.] Two Vehicles Collide Closing Eastbound Lane of Hwy 299

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 7:20 a.m., a white pickup and a Land Rover collided about mile marker 32 on Hwy 299.

“We have a two-vehicle accident blocking the eastbound lane,” reports the Incident Commander. “Hoopa Ambulance is at scene.” All passengers are out of their vehicles.

UPDATE 7:52 a.m.: One driver was sent to the hospital by ambulance and the other went against medical advice and refused assistance, according to the scanner.

“We are set up for one-way traffic control,” reports the Incident Commander.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • A Land Rover? Someone with money to throw away.

  • Can you please slow down people.

  • For those who are unfamiliar with our eastbound routes, but forced to take them due to 101 closure, they are not 101-like, and demand more focused driving, especially in stormy weather.
    Ups, downs, narrow shoulders, unforgiving cliffs and tighter turns. Areas that never get the sun and may be wet or even icy when nothing else is…. slow down, pay attention and drive accordingly and you will safely get to your destination.

    • Agreed! You have to RESPECT every road out of our area! If weather changes, you might even want to go slower than posted mph! I keep driving it, except for snow, JUST be aware! You never know what may happen, nature, speeding drivers cutting every blind corner…

    • Well put dot!
      I think chp needs to release public info statements about slowing down on our other routes. You have to focus when youre on them, slow down and stop tailgating. Many curves look easy but are not. Its costing us a lot of money to deal with these accidents just cuz folks want to get there faster.
      If you need to go that fast go back to the city and fly to arcata.
      Nothings free and this is a price we pay for living in a friggin amazing area!!
      Its a good reminder to stock up on food and other supplies, have enough for a few weeks. The next few winters are going to be getting crazier, this is just the beginning. Past the point of no return, we’re in for some serious weather.

    • Great advice Dot! I would love to see your comment posted on this highway.

  • CHP Escorted vehicle-platooning should be implemented along this route, while the alternate route (101) is closed. There have been, and continue to be, an excessive number of incidents, despite all the cautions conveyed to motorists.

  • British Land Rover drives into a river bar and runs into a White Pickup…

    • What nobody’s calling for a ban on landrovers and white pickups?

      • It was a ploy on all the gun nuts wanting to ban guns… get over yourself.
        My father-in-law has been a long haul delivery driver for over 50 years, he drives from Utah to Canada and every state except Hawaii and Alaska, he’s never flipper or even crashed his big rig ever, through sleet and snow and everything in between his deliveries are always on time and never an excuse, he will not deliver to California anymore because these truck drivers havnt a clue, and from the accident reports I can’t blame him

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