Traffic Backed Up After Accident on 101 Near the Guintoli Exit

Traffic backing up at an accident scene

Accident at Guintoli Lane backs up Traffic. [Photo by a reader]

Travelers on 101 near the Guintoli Exit north of Arcata got a taste of a traffic jam today when a two-car collision briefly caused issues around 4 p.m.

The Lost Coast Outpost is reporting that one person was taken by ambulance to Mad River Hospital. Click the link for more information on their post.



  • Seems that there sure were a lot of traffic collisions this afternoon across our region.

    Hope everyone involved is not seriously injured and that folks have insurance!

    Pretty crazy traffic behavior of late. Far too many folks on their cell phones, speeding when they really should slow down a bit and with all the rock slides, cracked pavement and puddled water it is a recipe for disaster.

    Thank you EMS/First Responders who put their lives on the line when they respond to a MVA. Folks slow down and look ahead for you may come upon an accident and we don’t want another one because you are on your cell phone.

  • What do you expect. Humboldt County – where everyone goes fast to get nowhere.

  • I got hands free blue tooth geez another wreck wtf people are driving seriously bleaped up.whatever people are doing or not doing stop it .

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