[UPDATE 5:05 p.m.] No Estimated Time of Reopening Hwy 101, Says Caltrans After Slide Re-blocks the Major Roadway Again

Workers at a rock slide blocking a road

A rockslide has buried Hwy 101 again and the road is completely blocked with no estimated time of reopening. [Photo from Caltrans]

Hwy 101 remains closed about six miles north of Leggett at Bridges Creek after a slide that had been re-opened poured down off the mountain smashing the barrier wall and completely blocking the major roadway just after 9:00 last night.

Caltrans posted on their Facebook about 9:00 this morning, “101 remains closed with no estimated time for reopening. The slide remained active all night, so it is unknown when it will be safe for our contractor to begin cleanup again.”

UPDATE 10:50 a.m.: Caltrans posted at 10:30 a.m., “101 remains closed, but our contractor has been given the green light to begin slide cleanup. There is still no estimated time for reopening.”

Update 5:05 p.m.: Caltrans Hopes to Reopen 101 to One-Way Traffic by this Weekend; Slide Still Active

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  • Bigger rocks fell down this time, wonder what the top of the slide looks like now

  • Again???? Crap!

    • It probably needs dynamite and a new bridge built with lower access also eventually

      • Dynamite will only trigger more slides, and it could dump so much material in the river it could dam it, which would be bad on multiple levels obviously. Its happened on other rivers in the pac northwest. Curious if there was logging on the ridge above this like the ones above confusion hill that contributed to slide happening.

        None of these areas of 101 were built to withstand semi trucks and tons of traffic. The majority of our roads were built near rivers for logging companies. Construction of 101N began 1900.

        Was everyone this upset when confusion hill closed it for a week?
        I guess at that time most folks i knew werent going back and forth to the city a bunch. And who were used to rural living so they had extra supplies. Bell springs was in a bit better shape at that time.

        Folks who moved here 4-5 years ago, yes its pretty normal for us to have lots of rain and our roads do go out, its part of living here.

  • If they don’t deal with the top this will just continue.

  • I am tired of rain. I am tired of firewood. I am tired of potholes. Grumble grumble, pissmoan and bitch.

  • Northside slide material is being trucked to the Old Piercy Mill site . (pic)
    That’s like a 12 mile roundtrip .
    I vote for the harsh “Push – it – over – the – Edge” quick fix .

  • Put a sign up saying rocks for sale, then people will steal them and they will be gone.

  • Perspective offerring

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  • Caltrans should do more than put up fencing they should consider a product such as Envirolok and creat a living wall and allow roots to hold the hill. This product has been used other places and works very well to eliminate these kinds of issues.

    • That hillside is rock. Putting a bunch of soil filled bags on top of it really wouldn’t do much good. They would just come down with the next slide, adding to the mess.

  • Same crumbling rock geology as in the Eel River Canyon. and why the Northwestern Pacific Railroad will never run north of Willits again…

  • Being pushed to the edge! For workers and the mountain. Take care everyone. And be safe. I hope they figure this out soon.Clearly they need a new approach

  • Sure is nice and quiet here in Richardson’s grove. ahhhhhh…..no big trucks….I can hear the birds, and the river, so nice……

  • Who is working on a teleportation device

  • >”I hope they figure this out soon. Clearly they need a new approach”

    IMHO: All the mountains are moving.

    This season, it has rained somewhere from about 6 feet (coast) to 14 feet (rainy spots) so far. Go anywhere on most any road… and there are slides and slumps and bumps (etc).

    It’s going to take a long time before they (CalTrans/HumCo) ‘stabilize’ roads.
    If it keeps raining through June… (and it has before) I dunno if they will make much progress this year.

    If there happens to be a big earthquake under these conditions… hang onto your hats.

  • I just saw Wendy Kornbergs video on ABC nightly news!!! (I get east coast feed from NYC on Directv.)

  • Somebody should start a ferry service

  • Ghilotti superintendent kept 30 trucks on standby, anticipating more slide action. Great call by him that allowed instant reaction to begin removal.
    Nobody hurt in a clearly dangerous situation was great luck and great work by Ghilotti.

    Hopefully, all unstable material has moved and one more cleanup will open up 101.

  • Pushing the material over the side rather than trucking it: It’d be cheaper, i.e.: less jobs, and it’d be a bit faster, but not a whole lot. And it wouldn’t change anything about the material still coming down onto the road. Probably not that huge of an impact on fish, if they were in their natural habitat and condition, but we screwed that up a long time ago, so they don’t need any more stress. Not really much to be gained by that tactic. Same for using explosives: it’d move a bunch of material down in the short term, while destabilizing a bunch more, making the problem the same. Not a solution. What I don’t get is why random people looking at the internet think they know more about the problem and how to solve it than Caltran’s professional full-time trained engineers and construction contractors?

  • Long time traveler

    The song was my favorite comment: be thankful for what we have. I am planning on making it home by 299. But when I lived in Willow Creek for 12 years, some of them very wet, there were times we couldn’t get out in any of 3 directions. That’s why the Costco runs were great…stock up, stay home and enjoy the beauty! Even when it is grey!

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