Man Down Beside Road in Carlotta; CPR Being Performed

Generic Stock File Photo Emergency Lights Fire Police Ambulance Bokeh by Oliver Cory

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

About 6:10 p.m. an older man was reported lying beside a road near Carlotta. He was believed to be deceased. Then, Carlotta Fire arrived and began doing CPR. Now an ambulance is on the way with lights and sirens going.



  • Praying for this soul!!


    hope hopehope HOPE!!

  • GMA you are such a nice lady wish more people were like you I hope who ever it is they don’t pass away

    • I have a heart big enough for everyone. It’s so sad how people treat each other. We’ve taken in kids who had no where to go,parents who just left their children and moved out of STATE. Gave them a roof,food most of all LOVE. And we’re still giving,gladly.we have little but we still share. This comes from living in the best place on EARTH. That’s why all of this crazy shit going on here bothers me. Hope things are better your way,keep your chin up

  • Holy crap, I need to go make sure it wasn’t one of my favorite people in the world. I hope whoever it was is doing good now! Thank goodness it was reported and CPR preformed when it was.

  • Nothing further on this as yet I assume, just curious since technically “Carlotta”, according to the US Mail, goes all the way up to Bridgeville before it “becomes” Bridgeville!!! For instance the female Cal Trans supervisor who was shot earlier this week was closer to Bridgeville than Carlotta she was well known in the community but not as being from Carlotta, but rather Bridgeville!!!

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