Over 500 PG&E Customers Without Power West of Redway

PG&E FEATURE CandlePower died for about 500 PG&E customers west of Redway about 7:26 this morning. As to 8:45 a.m., PG&E does not know the cause. They are estimating they will have power back on around 12:15 p.m.

The power outage stretches from South of Whitethorn to Honeydew, from the western tip of Redway to Chemise Mt. Road.



  • I ran into the PG&E guys this morning out Briceland Road. One of them told me a redwood fell and took out a power pole. They planned to get the power on as soon as possible.

  • It was out in Redway too, back on now.

  • The power has been restored by now, 5 PM, right?

  • still no power on Ettersburg Road????? no info yet on when it will be working either

  • PGE phone line said 10pm the last time I checked.

  • Back on just west of Redway

  • What’s kind of weird about this is that near the Mattole Grange, downline of Redway, Briceland, Ettersburg, and Honeydew, our power went out for about 15 minutes around 7:26 a.m. Then it came back on and has been on since. But Petrolia was out –and that’s beyond us, further down the line!

    How did we manage that?

    • They must have redundant lines. The PG&E guy I talked to said they planned to “heat up the lines” from the west back toward Redway.

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