[UPDATE] Big Rig Overturned Blocking Both Northbound Lanes of Hwy 101

overturned semi icon feature At approximately 6:09 a.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, a semi overturned near the northbound Dyerville onramp to Hwy 101.

No one was injured and the big rig is off to the side of the road, according to the CHP site. Just prepare for more traffic and emergency vehicles in the area.

UPDATE 6:35 a.m.: According to personnel at the scene, both of the northbound lanes of 101 are blocked. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, “Appears to need long term closure.”

UPDATE 6:40 a.m.: One southbound lane is also blocked, according to the same page.

UPDATE 6:44 a.m.: “This is…located just south of the South Fork Honeydew exit,” according to the Incident Commander. That means getting off in Weott and using the Avenue to avoid the incident if you are coming from the south.

UPDATE 6:46 a.m.: Traffic is being diverted to the Avenue, according to the CHP page.

UPDATE 6:57 a.m.: Here’s a photo by Sara Lopez.

Semi truck overturned

Semi truck overturned by Honeydew Exit from Hwy 101. [Photo by Sara Lopez]

UPDATE 10:26 a.m.: The road is being cleared and traffic is being allowed through on one lane northbound and one south.
UPDATE: Road is clear.



  • we need to ban big rigs, it’s not like the product is making it to its location, when is enough enough?

    • It’s not the big rig ,it’s the drivers !!!

      • Point taken, although when that big rig rolles over and squishes your family to death, more than likely the “driver” walked away to roll over once again

    • Then how would we get dirt so you can get your medicine? Smoke another

      • I’ve smoke two already and I’m still firm, these trucks are a huge problem, when one of your family members are killed by one of these maybe you’ll smoke some to wake up
        Btw that doesn’t look like spilled dirt Einstein

        • My grandfather was killed by one of these so called vehicles, turned out wasn’t driver error, was loaded incorrectly.Many things can fail on a big rig to cause an accident , but just like class c drivers , class a drivers have some that shouldn’t be on the road

          • loaded incorrectly is still drivers responsibility that it is done right… he’s hauling

            • This happened to be a brand new trailer where the metal strap ratchets welded to trailer failed , no way for driver to know but trailer manufacturer took responsibility

          • The events of late, all these Big Rig wrecks just further confirms my theory,of there being a Class A, Class 1, WTF ever it is, in every box of Cracker Jack as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

          • Sorry to hear about your G-pa, mine was my superhero.

        • Gazoo needs to get a job!

          • I have many, thanks for the concern
            In fact I was just talking with my wife, we’re gonna start a big rig crash scene cleanup crew, should make big bucks

      • Really people? I can’t believe what stupid comments some of you post, get a life!

    • We need trains again, bring back the railroad! And let people drive their cars onto one, drop me and my car off somewhere… Later, pick me and my car up and bring me home.

  • And we thought the Bell Springs road was unsafe.

  • Hmmmm let’s see….could it be all the none local low wage driver’s. These idiots actually park on Broadway to go into Carls Jrs. One guy actually pulled up in the Red, in the turn lane, in front of the FIRE HYDRANT left the truck running to go into Carls. EPD showed up and wrote the longest ticket I’ve ever seen. Dudes burger got cold.


    • They are idiots JW!

    • If they weren’t “rolling over & playing DEAD” then maybe they wouldn’t be so “abused”!!! For my $.02 worth if they do stupid sh!t then they deserve to be harrassed, simple as that!!!

    • From the looks of it,they might not be going home to those families if they don’t learn to drive, ever think of that?

  • Without trucks and truck drivers we would not have most of the things we use in our day to day lives. Try using some leaves next time you want to wipe your butt or raise your own sheep, alpacas or cotton to make your own clothes, blankets, towels, etc.

    • I guess we’re “shit-outta-luck” on getting our butts wipe from this load 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Ya but we need a fleet of small planes too. The big quake is gonna knock out most bridges and roads. We just got the big warning on what happens when we get cut off for land travel, not the first time and wont be the last.
      Jet fuel was made out of algae in a local 4th grade class. I think its a better way than trucks.
      I remember as a teen getting pills called truckers speed that amped you up. Im sure something like that is still being used, you would kind of have to.

    • Whew! My license plate mounting bracket made it through today. The roads might be safer if I wasn’t driving though.

  • My neighbor is a truck driver that has a dash cam , he has shown me multiple videos where people hit him with some crazy maneuvers because they were either tweekin or racing to get somewhere, then they still try to blame him til they realize they are on video, then their tune changes quick lol

  • Looks like a strait stretch of road.
    Couldn’t have been playing around with a cell phone could he (or she)?

  • There was a roadkill there yesterday. Maybe he had to swerve to avoid hitting an animal that was scavenging the carcass. It looks like the exact same spot where the roadkilled raccoon was.

    • Wreck your truck to avoid an animal? I love animals too but I am not going to die for a racoon.

    • If you see roadkill in traffic lanes please call it in to chp, or move it yourself if its safe.
      Not only can it cause accidents, it usually results in other animals/birds being struck and killed, leading to more predation in the road, etc.

  • Damn quit the bitching everything in your house including the lumber that built it (most houses) was on a big rig at some point, maybe better screening or training but banning semis is just ridiculous! And truck drivers know better than to swerve from animals

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Ban big rigs? How about improving the highways so drivers, who are held to a time table, can make their deliveries safely and on time. If we ban anyone, it should be stoned drivers wandering all over the road, blasting reggae and huffing on bongs….

    • Well said, I see where four wheelers wreck all over the place and then they act like trucks are the only ones that wreck. Every truck wreck is big news, try plastering every four wheeler wreck on the front page, most aren’t even reported on by the media if even mentioned at all.

  • It was close to being completely cleaned up around 1:45-2ish. Looked pretty messy, wife said it looked like cans of an energy drink. They (the workers) would probably need some energy to clean it up.

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