Workplace Shooting at Rio Dell Caltrans Facility: Two Dead

Law enforcement outside the scene of this morning's workplace shooting

Law enforcement outside the scene of this morning’s workplace shooting in Rio Dell [Photo by Bruce Wyatt]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On April 24, 2017 at approx. 0702 hours, Humboldt CHP was notified of a shooting incident with one subject deceased on scene at the Cal-Trans Maintenance Facility in Rio Dell, CA. CHP and Rio Dell PD responded to the scene and found one party deceased and another person in critical condition with a gun shot injury. The injured person was transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital, but later died at the hospital.

At this point, investigators believe that an altercation ensued between a Cal-Trans supervisor and another Cal-Trans employee over a work-related issue. The employee retrieved a handgun and fired several rounds at the supervisor, killing her, before turning the handgun on himself.

The investigation is being handled by Humboldt CHP with the assistance of the the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Humboldt County DA’s Office, and Rio Dell PD. The names of the deceased will be released by the Humboldt County Coroner after the notification of next of kin.

Any inquires regarding this incident should be directed to the Humboldt CHP office.

Ambulance ready to carry away the shooter.

Ambulance ready to carry away the shooter. [Photo by Bruce Wyatt]

Fire and law enforcement work the scene of a shooting

Fire and law enforcement work the grim scene of a shooting this morning at the workplace of a Caltrans bridge painting crew from out of the area. [Photo by Bruce Wyatt]

Earlier Chapter:Man Shoots Himself and Fellow Employee in Rio Dell



  • RIP to the supervisor and the families. So horrific.

  • Goddamnit, what the hell is wrong with people?

    • Another tragic event.
      “What’s wrong with people?”, Elvis? We live in a culture that glorifies solving problems with guns, modeled in the media, be it by the police, military, ‘gangsters’, the state (think Arkansas this week) and others, and often supported by families.
      A TV show that centered on Alternative Dispute Resolution (or mediation, etc) would likely be less exciting (feeding our desire for adrenaline) but more instructive.

      • Whatever! Make it about guns if thats where you have to go…

        • Lee Crouch (leegouija)

          [edit] Damned near 100% of shootings come from guns. Easy access to guns is the main reason why we’re killing one another and ourselves in record numbers and embarrassing ourselves in the eyes of the world in the process.
          I won’t try to reason with you – reason doesn’t work with gun nuts. They come back with the same tired mantras and arguments

          • Remember people kill people.

          • “Damned near 100% of shootings come from guns. ”

            LOL, I love it. I suppose the .005% of the rest come from slingshots and close to 100% of stabbings come from knives. The rest are from hammers.

            No offense to the families meant here. This is a terrible tragedy. Terrible.

      • I did not feel that what he expessed was about gun ownership. Seemed to me it was about the lack of feelings or concern when firing a gun. I agree with him. Something is changing in America. Why does the person with the gun find it so easy to shoot and kill. It is not gun ownership but why it is being fired.

        • As to why, we have always had, and will have for the foreseeable future, mental illness in society. Nearly all gun crimes are committed with handguns. Statically, rifles, including assault rifles, and shotguns are not a concern. Twitching a finger is phenomenally easier than using a hammer or bat or knife.

      • Don’t know how you can connect the military and police with glorifying guns! Both require the use of them! The criminal types have guns and our enemies have them too! We don’t need a pansy state telling us we have no need for guns. I carry now and I’ll carry forever

  • This is so terrible, go to work in the morning and get murdered by a disgruntled employee, sympathy to the families, what is going on? so sad. People are just going crazy, if only we knew how to change all this.

  • The Supervisor was my wonderful friend and a dear lady in our community. She will be missed dearly by many. May you forever fly free! My heart is broken.

    • Sandra, I had heard this crew came from out of the area. Did the supervisor come from Humboldt?

      • Or just leave it be? And quite asking questions

      • Kym – The Bridge Painting crew are technically D4 employees who live and work in D1. All of our construction, environmental, and design employees are – on paper – D3 employees out of Marysville, but they’re all D1 residents.

      • no she has lived here for years

      • kym the crew is a district crew out of oakland. but most of them have been here for some time. the shooter was a 15 yr+ resident of rio dell a carreer employee he was a crew boss. the comments below in support of terry are his coworkers who saw the incident and know the history. the victim his boss as you know has the same carreer story but lived in carlotta. they worked together for years. they did not get along. both were guilty in their personal workplace issues. there has been bullying going on for years in this shop, with folks using their rank and seniority as clout to solve personal differences. both had multiple ations and grievences over the years against each other. without discussing faults, other members of the shop had grievences as well over the years. cal trans never did anything. the saddest thing here is that even though the previous supervisors did nothing over the years, it is a rumor that the newwest supervisor was coming this very day to solve these disputes once and for all. although nothing justifies cold blooded murder. with that said, inaction and negligent personell management at the very least added to the strain on these two individuals for years. they had been physical before and the agressor is not who folks would be quick to blame. it will all come out. the truth is just around the corner in a huge pile of paper trail. the shooters wife called 911 and rio dell p.d. for over 2 hours trying to tell them she had reason to believe it may have been her husband. rio dell never fulfilled their promise to send someone by, or even call back. he was dead 2hrs after the fact before anyone showed up. she has lived there for 15+ years, they still have not stopped by to represent the city.small town ineptitude and lack of service. to protect and serve. stop by, introduce yourself, leave a contact buisnes card everyone else did.screw rio dell.tragic. terrible. too late.

        • It’s very sad that Caltrans does not get a clue to listen to their employees. Especially if there are records of previous issues. I was visiting my mom at the DO when the horrible shooting occurred at the Batavia yard. It appears nothing has been learned to protect their employees. Sad that lives continue to be lost. Prayers go out to the families and the wife who knew that something was not right.

    • She was a tyrant, an awful person to her employees. It is sad that this had to happen, but this is Caltrans fault they knew about her and should’ve taken care of it. Peace

      • Heh, you should know.

      • Absolutely correct, Carl! This woman was abusive as a rank and file painter towards her coworkers and then Cal Trans promoted her to Supervisor. The abuse continued. Her racist comments were the subject of numerous complaints. Cal Trans created this tragic situation unfortunately for Terry.

          • Seen it every day.
            People being threatened, demeaned, projects taken from them because they would say or write fraudulent ( works of fiction) execs are rewarded for meeting deadlines NOT QUALITY WORK. To get to that point, they use methods from the industrial revolution.
            To my brothers and sisters who are suffering tonite. Know that you aren’t alone.

        • Terry was my friend for nearly 40 years. I suppose he had had enough of the abuse and was at wits end. My deepest condolences for all who knew them. I will miss my friend.

        • Caltrans needs to be removed. ….the State needs to contract the work out…..alot more work would be completed in a day!

        • I worked with her for a couple of years and my wife and I went to social events with her.
          Never knew her to be a racist. But people change over the years. BTW she was part Hawaiian and German.
          The paint crew is a very diverse crew. When I worked for CT the paint crew were known to work hard and play hard .
          May she R.I.P. condolence to both families.

      • NO, it is the shooters fault. period. Millions of people go to work every day disliking their jobs and their coworkers-very few resort to violence. If you were his friend you should have helped him.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss ✌🏼️&💙

  • For ten years these two employees worked with each other, they hated each other with a passion, each one trying to destroy the others career. Everyone knew and Caltrans did not intervene to separate the two.
    this is the result.

    • But so what? Fellow employees have conflict forever and ever. Are you presenting an excuse for this monster…(employee) killing his supervisor? Maybe you need intervention.

      • No excuse, but a company is responsible for the employees and the hostile work environment they may Foster.

        Terry did the shooting, he gets the blame.
        They knew about this for over a decade and did nothing.
        CalTrans cannot walk away blameless on this.

        • I know all about D4. Horrible. About 5 years ago a man jumped 15 floors to his death. Another man, a supervisor, harassed dozens of staff and it took almost 10 years to terminate him. Caltrans promotes people Not based on leadership. A lot of favoritism and racism daily. Against all races.

          • I agree with most of what you said. When I worked in CT a employee told me CT hires and promotes all sort of people. Murders, killers and thives and drug abusers.
            I eorked at the same yard for 20+years and saw alot and had a lot done to me towards the end of my career there…

    • Caltrans is at fault, they need to make their employees work harder, one thing I have learned is when employees have to bust their ass everyday, they have less time and energy to pick at each other, and feel good about a hard days work ,APPARENTLY caltrans workers have too much free time

  • Barbara Armstrong

    What the hell people!

    • Sorry Barbara, we are all saddened by this and sometimes the truth is painful, sometimes the truth leeds to a needed change, there is a Real problem at C/T, obviously, and anyone that has worked there very long has seen or has heard of someone in a similar situation.

      • So true. At D4 the harassment victim choose to jump to his death from a 9-story in-door atrium at 12 noon for the most exposure for his message. An environmental planner went on a racial slur rant then punched a guy and lied about it. The investigation showed the planner to be a fault. He was later promoted to supervisor and is now a manager/Office Chief. The Director looks the other way.

  • Such a tragedy 🙁 so sad that people have to resort to killing someone and turning the gun on themselves in total desperation. Our county needs to band together and stay in prayer for peace and safety, for the distraught and hopelessness out there. There are obviously people hurting badly in our community and can see no answers to their suffering and problems. This is terrible and happening all too often. Condolences to the families, friends and co-workers of both victims.

  • As former Caltrans worker, I can attest to the conflicts that occur in these yards, Supervisors put up with belligerent and obnoxious workers that think they are in charge and/or know more than the supervisors, often harassing other less knowledgeable employees to the point that they quit or transfer out of the yard they work in to escape the harassment, so to me this is no surprise as I’ve been subjected to such treatment, these workplace “Bullies” think they are untouchable because they have a state job and can’t be fired! Longtime employees are often protected by higher supervisors.

    • WHATEVER THE CONFLICT, IT DOESN’T GIVE SOMEONE THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHER PERSONS LIFE! IF YOU ARE THAT UNHAPPY AT WORK AND YOU HAVE TRIED TO RESOLVE IT, BE AN ADULT AND QUIT, YOU DO NOT JUST KILL PEOPLE. I own several several guns myself and guns are not the problem, irresponsible people are the problem. I have my guns for protection of my family and myself, not to solve personal conflicts.
      May the victim’s family pull together and support each other. I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one.

      • Sad thing is that the people who do this kind of shit don’t have the common sense to quit. It’s usually the better employees who leave, in this case get killed, all because the beuracracy doesn’t want to fix the problem. This is tragic. Same shit happens in schools, city, county, and state jobs. Our tax money.

        • its clear from your use of the word “better” that you have no rational basis to judge either of these two employees workplace ethic or value. none of the coworkers who were there everyday used the word better to describe either of them. so your armchair expertise is just that.

      • Obviously people do quit, as did I. There are better paying jobs out there believe me. The benefits suck and are VERY expensive, it’s not the job it used to be, barely a living wage. (I come from a long line of C/T and DMV workers)

      • Heartbroken, your assessment is flawed. Although YOU feel YOU would never use your firearms to assault somebody, that is not the case for many people that have anger management issues and feel the firearm gives them a sense of invincibility and power over somebody else. It’s a never ending argument that will continue to be the center of these firearm related tragedies. No resolution in sight. Death by firearm is just part of the risk assessment we are all exposed to. The GOP making it easier for the mentally ill to acquire firearms is just more of the ongoing madness.

        • If they take away guns they’ll use a knife, if you take away knives, they’ll use a baseball bat, if you take away……… Get my point! You can’t blame the weapon for actions of a human….

      • be an adult and quit? easier said than done…obviously you have enough money already…

    • I too, am a former Caltrans employee and a woman. I agree with you that Caltrans breeds contempt. I retired. Early. Management cared less about my issues. That could of been me. She won’t get to retire. She was my friend.
      RIP. Can’t say your name.

      • You are so correct. Also Caltrans staffer here. The absolute worst leadership in a state organization I have ever witnessed. They actually protect harassers. Demean and bad mouth victims. If you dare complain you will never be promoted. Promotions are given to members of the clique who have hidden things and gone along with the program. Anyone intelligent is dying a slow death there. The lie-commit fraud, deceive the Feds and other regulatory agencies.

    • That’s not the story here.

    • Caltrans is a melting pot of all kinds of people. We need to change the status quo. We need quality workers not quantity. We need better background checks and random drug testing. There needs to be better hiring practices to weed out the scumbags. Why doesn’t CHP have these types of things happening?

    • I agree…

  • That SUCKS. Now what can we do or Employers do to prevent this. Iam sure CalTrans will have a mandatory meeting for every employee on verbal confrontations. This will only bring up more gossip within the work place. How about weeding the nut jobs out during the hiring process instead of hiring family and relatives. CalTrans is a outstanding job and hard to get hired.

    • Caltrans Eureka just last week had “workplace violence” training. Some of Caltrans training is a waste of time and mostly lip service.

    • Hi Walter, It’s not the “outstanding job” you proclaim it to be, long hours of thankless, dangerous work, low pay, DUI Drivers, angry motorists, endless rules that make doing the job almost impossible, while a “contractor” comes in behind you and ignores every safety rule in “our book” You’d have to do the job to understand just how frustrating it is.

      • My dad retired from caltrans and he said the same thing to me when I was thinking of going to work for them.

      • Low pay?! I wish I could find a job that paid that low……………….geezzz

        • Caltrans Bridge painters make $29 an hour, they got a new contract, which will put them at around $36hr in three years.

          • They are also a highly trained, very specialized crew, that work in a very dangerous environment. Their job qualifications are exceptional.

            • I know, I was a Bridge painter for Caltrans, for over 13years, and yes I knew both of them, my heart goes out to both their families.

        • I work for Caltrans and make shit money. I could make way more in a private sector. Not to mention I pay 800 a month for insurnace through Caltrans

      • Well said. Unless you walk in their shoes STFU.

    • you are ignorant of the basic facts here. there were already mandatory meetings. 10 yrs worth which resulted in nothing, no actual retraining, and no seperation of these two folks, no restructuring. so i agree with life is good… STFU

  • Ànett was a wonderfully person and a great supervisor. She will be greatly missed. It’s a shame she was not backed up by caltrans management the worst place to work if you are a supervisor. The state does not care about their management this is what happens. You will be greatly missed. Louvers you lou

    • She was an absolute piece of garbage has a supervisor. she knew nothing of her job, she did not know how to talk to people, and she usually was bitter and resentful.

      That’s not worth losing your life over, but the truth is still the truth.

      • However displeased you were with her, shut up. Dont speak bad of the dead. That could be your mom, sister, aunt, gma, cousin or friend. Shame on You Nunya bizness, my advice live your name!

        • @ derl …he should speak however he feels. say what you feel needs to be said. there is an obituary page, and it would be rude to speak ill there, but here in the comments well… i never read a line in the constitution that said “except dont speak ill of the dead” people are free to vent, and grieve however they choose. weather you like it or not this very place is a venue for just that.

      • The “truth” is you are a jerk.

    • Yes I agree with as I also knew Annette for many years. Worked with her as a toll collector. I went on to maintenance and later she went to the paint crew…yes she will be miserd by those who knew her well.
      Maybe she was hard on the guy who killed her because he was a jerk..

  • Seems like the U.S. is trying to go back to the 80s. Workplace shootings were epidemic then. I had hoped that we were over this.

  • My heart goes out to the families involved in this tradgedy today. I work at a busy Caltrans yard and can appreciate reading some of the posts I’ve read. I too can attest to working with some bullies and just because they are liked by upper management sometimes there’s nothing you can do except move on.

  • It’s a sad day, I’ll just leave it at that!

  • botton painting

    caltrans is at fault on this one harasement has b een going on for years at the caltrans rio dell paint it was all ways put under the rug no they will have to have a real investagation on the harrassement in that shop

    • Everything you wrote is true. She created a hostile work environment for YEARS! The issues were well known to mgmt. They not only allowed the abuse to continue they double-downed on it by rewarding her abuse with a promotion. It is unfortunate that two families are hurting but Cal Trans is complicit in this tragedy.

    • I heard Terry put in an app at USPS that should have been a clear sign he was going postal

  • There goes even more gun rights……

    • CT has a strict gun rule on state property. This Terry person must have carried a gun on state property for a long time.

  • Just a close friend

    I hope her mangers and cal trans do a wide investigation because this did not have to happened if. Rest in peace AB

  • A very sad day and situation that certainly could have been avoided. At the CT Oakland office an engineer, who won a harassment complaint yet continued to be harassed, jumped to his death from a 9-story indoor atrium during the lunch hour. Director Dougherty and Secretary Kelly choose to keep staff issues at arms length.

  • Annette has been working for Caltrans for many years she even helped paint the San Francisco Bridge I have seen pictures of her at the very top! She was such a great person / leader and helped so many. You could count on her to get things organized and get things done.
    I knew her threw our quilting adventures and will miss her dearly.
    I don’t know what happened but teaching children how to set down and TALK over issues and learn how to resolve issues is something that would help them in their lifetime. Bless everyone! so sad—

  • Sending my prayers & healing ❤ to all the family feeling this loss. 😔

  • Omg it was Annette wtf we did water aerobics together
    this just can’t be true .How could anybody do this she was. Just a wonderful person .just coffin tragic on so many levels .I so hope this isn’t her ,and some other annette

    • Omg, we met at the quilt shop in Fortuna when I was in Construction on the Alton Bridge project in 2010. We talked about the Ferndale bridge. I am so sad about this.

  • A tradgedy any way you look at it. I knew the Supervisor. My condolences to her family. condolences to the shooter’s family also because thet too grieve. It was disgusting reading comments blaming the victim and then very illogically, CALTRANS.

    Funny, CALTRANS just reopened 101. Yet, some see it as an evil beauracracy that heartlesly allowed a feud to erupt into murder suicide.

    CT keeps this county alive. Instead of blaming the organization, perhaps our entire society has a major problem when guns are the EASIEST way to satisfy your frustrations.

    • the only people blaming caltrans are the very workers who were witnesses to this very issue/incident. they have a right to express their anger because they knew first hand that both people involved had exausted countless attempts at change through administrative remedys. they are the ones who know which folks were trying for many years to seek this relief, reach out. they know of the frustrations on both sides and the aggressors and instigators of harrasment. they know of the workplace violence actions and judgements won between these two and others. they have either quit or endured, and they are very frustrated with their supervisors. they are now left picking up the pieces literally. yes the 101 is open. but its also a fact that the unit there in this very yard was mismanaged for years. @districtsupervisorwhomiwontname maybe you should have granted a vacation or a transfer to the man who pleaded and begged you for one only three days before from home. maybe the last sup should have granted one , or suggested a transfer of either individual, or how about the supervisor before him. shooter is a murderer period. victim is murdered period. could this have been managed better? yes…bygones now. unfortunately.

  • Cal-trans is a union shop, that explains the violence and intimidation.

  • Don’t comment on something you know nothing about. I lost a good friend and coworker to a tragic end. We are Structural Steel Painters from Dist. 4 (Bay Area), who live and work in Dist. 1. My heart goes out to both families, it was a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.

  • Union Do’s

    1986 – During protests by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 against a non-unionized workforce getting a contract, picketers threatened and assaulted workers, spat at them, sabotaged equipment, and shot guns near workers.[24][25] In 1999, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the union had engaged in “ongoing acts of intimidation, violence, destruction of property”, awarding the plaintiff $212,500 in punitive damages.[24][25]
    1986/1987 – three union workers set fire to the Hotel Dupont Plaza in San Juan, Puerto Rico, while other union members staged a fight as a distraction. The union, said to be affiliated with the Teamsters, was having a labor dispute with management over pay and health care. Ninety-seven people were killed, none of whom were union members. Most bodies were burned beyond recognition.
    1990 – on the first day of The New York Daily News strike, delivery trucks were attacked with stones and sticks, and in some cases burned, with the drivers beaten.[2][3][4] Strikers then started threatening newsstands with arson, or stole all copies of the Daily News and burned them in front of the newsstands.[2][3][4] James Hoge, publisher of the Daily News, alleged that there had been some 700 serious acts of violence. The New York Police Department claimed knowledge of 229 incidents of violence. Criminal charges under the Hobbs Act were declined, however, citing the aforementioned Enmons case.[2][3][4]
    1993 – Eddie York was murdered for crossing a United Mine Workers (UMW) picket line at a coal mine in Logan County, West Virginia, on July 22, 1993. Like the 1990 NY Daily News strike, criminal charges under the Hobbs Act were declined, with the FBI and Justice Department citing the Enmons case.[26][27]
    1997 – On August 7, 1997, teamsters Orestes Espinosa, Angel Mielgo, Werner Haechler, Benigno Rojas, and Adrian Paez beat, kicked, and stabbed a UPS worker (Rod Carter) who refused to strike, after Carter received a threatening phone call from the home of Anthony Cannestro, Sr., president of Teamsters Local 769.[28][29]
    2011 – It was reported on September 9, 2011 that members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) frightened security guards, dumped grain, and vandalized property belonging to EGT, LLC, over a labor dispute. No one was hurt, and no one had been arrested at the time the incident was reported. District Judge Ronald Leighton later issued a preliminary injunction against the ILWU citing their reported behavior.[30]
    2012 – Union workers protesting right-to-work legislation in Lansing, Michigan destroyed a tent run by Americans for Prosperity. People were inside the tent but managed to escape before the collapse. Additionally, hot dog stand operator Clinton Tarver, a popular vendor around the Capital area who was hired to provide catering for AFP, lost his equipment, condiments, coolers, and food in the collapse. According to Tarver (an African American), union workers, who had incorrectly assumed he was supporting AFP, called Tarver an “Uncle Tom nigger”. A union worker also punched conservative comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder, resulting in a chipped tooth and a minor cut on the forehead. Another worker threatened to kill Crowder with a gun.[31][32][33][34][35][36]

    • You have not seen anything yet…..get prepared do do is truly going to hit the fan…and its going to happen on our watch…law enforcement is so out numbed….pray for them….its here…….love what there spraying on us…..good old mood enhancer…its not a joke………… my grandpa warned me in the 60s and the 70s he knew he was a good Sheriff and number 2 in fire prevention. In the 40s was in charge of food stamps and gas vouchers……smart dude…HE TRAINED US WELL IN KNOWLAGE……WE GOT ABOUT 2 TO 3 YEARS……….WARN THE CHILDREN….and if you have a bible you should pull it out and read psalms 91

  • I am a current Caltrans employee and this place sucks ass. I look everyday for a new job. All this “rants” here are true. People bully other people or do something totally unruly and the next thing you know, they are a supervisor. We have employees here who think that they can tell their boss what to do and then we have supervisors here that don’t do shit. I can name someone in every maintenance yard (garberville is a wreck) that causes problems for people. I have seen first hand that instead of dealing with a problem employee they just move them to a different department for someone else to try to deal with. I have seen first hand where a female filed a complaint against her male supervisor, guess who investigated that complaint, you guessed it, her male supervisor. I have seen new hires come in and not do shit and instead of not passing these people on their probation period the supervisor doesn’t do or say shit because they are friends of someone they know. Caltrans is not a good place to work. I have gotten depression from this place. Horrible horrible horrible. Before you all say why don’t you just quit, I have a family to support so until I can find a new job I have to stick it out.

    • I’ve got almost 23 years with Caltrans. It’s not just the maintenance staff…it’s all through D4 in Oakland. If you’re not working for CT now, please don’t take a job there. It’s a little mafia of ore selected people who as you say, have axes to grind and scores to settle. I hate them and all they stand for. I’ve gone to attorneys-reported them to CHP, had to get restraining orders against supervisors, and been threatened so many times I don’t keep track anymore.
      It’s not just maintenance. I’ve got a 4 year college degree and grad school. This shooting is a window into the Caltrans culture and I can not wait to retire.
      My condolences to both staff members families. This tragedy is on Caltrans. Malcolm knows all about the sick culture. He does nothing.

    • Before you all say why don’t you just quit, I have a family to support so until I can find a new job I have to stick it out.——

      well said…

  • Cal trans paint managers one and manager two,are at fault for this. They know who they are. It is because of them a situation like this has happened. Cal trans directors are also at fault for letting there managers sweep things like this under the Carpet.

  • Just a close friend

    I worked with Mrs. Brook’s for years she was a strong little women who would do anything for anybody. The issue she had up north were going on for years. She made upper management know about the problems in that yard. And they did nothing about it.. Management has seen to employee die for no reason at all.. When is Cal trans going to open there eyes… There is a problem going on in the paint department now in District 04.. just wait and see.. Mrs Brook’s was a good person she had to put up with the BS from a bunch of Stupid bullies white Boy’s.. and that cause her life.. A little woman with a big heart is gone..
    Makes no sense . Rest in peace AB😓

  • John and Terry Schmidt

    We are saddened to hear of this tragedy. Our condolences to the families and coworkers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  • Just a close friend

    To Carl B. You our one of the person who give AB a hard time. That’s why they move you from that area out of paint . You were​ a big problem for Dist . 4. Let her rest in peace…

  • Charles Sainte Claire

    I started working for the Division of Highways (Caltrans) in 1969 and was there for 40 years. I never saw anything like this.

  • Wow, I have read everyone’s comments and want to thank you for you heartfelt sympathy’s and opinions of the situations of the past between Terry & Annette. I’m the guy that hired Terry 17 years ago in San Diego and promoted Annette to the position of Supervisor.

    Now to everyone that thinks it’s cute to cap on the dead, I hope you are proud of yourselves and I wish that all those with comments about CT with your one sided stories would just stop and respect the families and others involved.

  • Many tenuous interactions I had with her, Her crew and the interactions she had with the CT Equipment Shop in Ukiah while they performed paint work there 10 yrs ago or so. She was a lead worker then and Terry hated her . Most of us could see why.. Just saying and not really surprised it came to this . Such freaking Caltrans BS. Glad I’m retired !! Whew !!

  • honeydew gay bridge C.H.U.M.P

    Cal trans is obsolete,and its unconstitutional to uphold this,monopoly of lazy labor.
    Other companies need,to be able,to get these contracts and roads,would be a lot safer

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