Stolen Bobcat Recovered From Weott Home

Humboldt County Drug task forceThis afternoon law enforcement was at a residence in upper Weott.

“We were there to assist the CHP with the recovery of a stolen piece of equipment,” explained Lt. Bryan Quenell of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The piece of equipment recovered was a bobcat.

No arrests have been made at this time.




  • Seize that house and see how they like getting ripped off

  • If that’s the house I think it is that guy ain’t no thief he’s a friend of mine and would never go that way he’s a stand up guy!

  • Drug Task Force too? Why am I not surprised?

  • Where in the hell do you think you can hide a bobcat,except covered. Even when we cover ours you still know what it

    • SO TRUE, G-MAS! GIGGLE Hopefully if it is the NON-thieves house, hope he doesn’t take the rap of the thief…MAN…even decades ago, when I was a “partyer”, I worked for my money, either at a real job, or at least my dealer. I’m not sure if the way people ingest now,(smoking I hear), makes your brain worse than old school,(up your nose). Seems WAY more stealing and viciousness these days. FUNNY…came to Cali to get away from my Oregon druggies, and made good friends here. LOVE not being a tweak last 22yrs! NEVER too late to go clean. My friend is 54, known her 28yrs, kept in touch, finally went clean 1+ yr ago!!!! AMAZING, and doing great…and HAPPY! She also worked for her drug money.

  • honeydew gay bridge C.H.U.M.P

    But he stole that bobcat and made it home so its his now

  • honeydew gay bridge C.H.U.M.P

    I’m so,glad that there’s tweekers,that work for theirs,….NOT!

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