Man Convicted of Assault, Battery and Making Criminal Threats

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District Attorney DA HumboldtDistrict Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that after a five-day jury trial before Judge Dale Reinholtsen, jurors today convicted Scott Cooper Dean, 52, originally from Boston, of making criminal threats, assault, and battery. The criminal threats charge was a felony.

The case against Mr. Dean arose on September 9, 2016, when civilians walking their dogs in Arcata’s Redwood Park heard Mr. Dean yelling obscenities at a female subject, later identified as Thelma Dean Howard. As the civilians came closer one of the witnesses heard Mr. Dean threatening to kill Ms. Howard.  Ms. Howard stumbled away from Mr. Dean and repeatedly cried out for help and relayed that she had just been assaulted by Mr. Dean. A witness then observed Mr. Dean approach Ms. Howard where she had fallen to the ground and kick her in the small of the back. The witness again heard Mr. Dean threaten to kill Ms. Howard. Two civilians called the police while another civilian followed Mr. Dean until Arcata Police Officers arrived on scene.

After the trial, Mr. Dean admitted the special allegation that he had a prior felony conviction for Felony Domestic Battery in Shasta County in 2013. That prior conviction can add one year to his sentence in this case; he now faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison. Sentencing is scheduled for May 24, 2017.
District Attorney Maggie Fleming stated: “This case entirely depended on the willingness of citizens to get involved in public safety. In addition to their actions at the time of the crime, their willingness to testify was essential, particularly because the victim could not be located to provide testimony. We appreciate their efforts.”

Deputy District Attorney Candace Myers prosecuted the case with the assistance of District Attorney Investigator Lynne Soderberg. Mr. Dean was represented by Marek Reavis of the Humboldt County Conflict Counsel’s Office.



  • Sounds like a dangerous nut job.

  • Still no warrant for my drug crazed meth addict ed son I get nothing from victim witness unless there is a warrant thanks Maggie not it’s been sense March 28 since the attack DA sucks so bad ,so I’m on my own

  • Are there self defense classes that women could take? That should be an option for the victim

  • Getting involved. Over the hill they don’t, even when the cops do it (Sikoyou). I escaped the 242 that day, but the former cop’s 245, threat, and stalking after that went…nowhere with the fuzz. You’re lucky you have talkers.

  • 4 years…maybe 5 with the prior. So he probably won’t even GO to prison but will serve 2.5 years in county. Because assaulting a woman is not serious. What is wrong here?

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