In Remembrance of the Caltrans Supervisor Who Was Shot: Annette “Nettie” Brooks

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On April 24, in Rio Dell, a woman supervisor for a Caltrans bridge painting crew was shot to death at work by a fellow employee. A friend, Kathy Comerer, remembers her.

Annette “Nettie” Brooks

Annette “Nettie” Brooks age 61 of Carlotta

Annette “Nettie” Brooks, as I knew her.

We lost a great friend today. She was quick witted, fun, talented, hard working, driven, and a no B S person.

She was president of the Eel Valley Quilt Guild, and a part of the Decorative Painters society.

She was organized, she could herd cats, she was that organized.

Did I mention fun???  When you entered a room, you could find her by her laugh. When someone needed help, she did just that, she didn’t  “give you a fish, she taught you to fish”. She was straight and to the point. Her kindness and goodness were not an act, it was what she was. She was tough when she needed to be, and had a huge work ethic. She was no nonsense. She expected no more from you than what she was willing to give, and that was everything. She touched so many lives and leaves behind so many friends and family. You were a good, kind person, Annette, Nettie, Brooks. You will be missed.

Kathy Comerer

Annette “Nettie” Brooks

Lee Ann Dulco and Nettie.

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  • Beautifully written. I am sorry for your loss.

  • It is so very good to read your kind rememberance of your friend. May all who grieve find some measure of comfort.

  • Randy Willamson

    I’m sorry for your loss I’m without words that something like this happen May God wrap his arms around her friends and family in this time of Sorrow God bless you all

  • Rest in peace Annette, your loss is felt deeply. I’m so sorry your life ended this way. Your friends and co-workers will miss you. Sympathy to your family and your friends.

  • No, this is so horrible. I didn’t know Annette well, but she was a warm, loving woman. She’ll be missed. Rest in peace, Annette.

  • God received one hell of an Angel today. Annette, I will miss your encouragement, kindness, and, advice. You always took time for everyone.. You were great with Carlie for that I will always be greatful. I am taking comfort in knowing that we had a great visit Friday. When sewing I am hearing your voice … Cut those threads…

  • My heart goes out to all of Annette’s family, friends and co -workers.

  • I didn’t realize I met her at home fabrics where my mother in law.worked. very sweet, so sorry ,for family and friends. RIP sweet lady may God bless you all

  • Rest In Peace young lady

  • Blow'in in the Wind

    The rumors abound. Why? Two Humboldt people are dead. Before posters runoff in various directions with unsubstantiated stories let’s at least pause for a moment and allow the families to bury their loved ones in grief and sorrow. Then we need to reflect on our concern for the larger community and vow to each other our committment to show restraint in conflicts and show love and caring to those around us. Sadly young people see and hear the role models we display and in turn think violence is a solution. It’s bad enough we use it, but we are raising a generation to follow our examples. We can do better. We MUST do better!

  • She touched every one that knew her .water aerobics will never be the well nettie. I just can’t fathom why anyone would do this to this wonderful lady

  • A beautiful accurate tribute to a wonderful woman and dear friend. Thank you.

  • Lovay Broussard

    Shocked and sad to read this. Annette was a special kind of person, always willing to help and encourage. A great quilter, hard worker and friend to all. You will be missed by so many.

  • Kathy, what a great and honest tribute you wrote. She had a talent for remembering names that I certainly envy. She went out of her way to help anyone at quilting retreats, whether it meant finishing her project or not. She was definitely a no nonsense gal and didn’t put up with any B.S. I will truly miss my friend!

  • Jackie Pavlicek

    I am so sorry. She was visiting me in Santa Rosa. I will miss you darling. You sure made me laugh

  • Rest in Gods sweet peace. Praying for the families touched by this sadness.

  • Annette was truly a great woman. Loving, compassionate, thoughtful, organized, hard working, and friendly. Her kindness was the kind that conferred dignity. Her organization and leadership skills at our quilt guild made the meetings so much fun. I am sure she is already helping God get heaven much more organized!!! (I love you, Annette. See you when I get to heaven, too…)

  • Anita was a good person she worked really hard she was very funny we used to go to the water aerobics together that’s how I knew her. She away had something going on she loved working and living out by Bridgeville with her animals, I will miss her. Rest in peace

  • Very sad. She was always willing to help me out whenever I needed it. We talked a bit a few weeks ago about her plans for vacation and retirement. I didn’t know her very well but she had a way that made you feel like family. I’ll miss seeing her at the shop and Caltrans meetings. She was one of the good ones in this life. Rest in peace Annette.

  • WOW. I didn’t know her, but we met a couple of times. I admired her yard with the geese and stacked fire wood. She was always with a group of woman and seemed to be happy. Sad.

  • honeydew gay bridge C.H.U.M.P

    Cal trans isnt what it appears to be.
    Lots of jealousy
    Its a hierarchy and that’s to be expected.
    But this murder is unacceptable.
    Did,we ever get word on cal trans official statement on this?

  • Willie O. Cooper

    Annette was a true friend and a fantastic co-worker.

    I will miss her dearly. My sympathy goes out to her relatives, friends, and neighbors.

    And her quilting skills were beyond reproach.

  • Yet another tragedy in our community 🙁 This is so sad that her life had to come to an end over a dispute. That’s a beautiful write up about Nettie. Condolences to her family, friends and coworkers and may the good memories linger a long time. People, let this be a reminder that things can be worked out between us and others if we just let it. Put differences aside and give others the room to work with us while we are upset and the other way around. Taking a life and then your own is not acceptable. We need to love and respect others and love our self enough to work things out. It is not worth it to let things go this far. May God touch lives in our County and bring peace, comfort, safety and hope in desperate situations. Don’t resort to taking a life. Don’t resort to killing yourself 🙁

  • Just a close friend

    Anette you will always be here with me . You have helped so many and loved so many . We all well miss you. You have been my heart for a long time from when we were apprentice at the bridge… And then chocolate cakes on my birthday… I know you or in a better place now .. I still have the rabbit and the turtle that you made and will always keep them.
    I know the gates will open for you..😇😇😘

  • My dear friend Nettie. My heart aches and I miss you so much already. I cherish every memory we have shared. The times walking on the Benicia catwalk all making fun of how each of us walk. You taught me a lot and we had fun even when the work was so hard. I will always think of you when the night sky has all the beautiful stars above. Watching the satellite blaze across the night sky together on your many rides back and forth from Rio Dell. Thank you for ALWAWS being a perfect hostess to everyone. There are many who have shared your welcoming ways and unconditional sharing of your talents and interests. Take care my friend. Thanks for making me smile and know that you are a very special soul. Thanks for being such a special part of my life…forever. A big hug to you! 💞

  • Only heaven awaits

    I didn’t know you, but I wish I had. Until then …

  • I feel proud to be Annette’s brother, all of these heartfelt thoughts and words on this blog are so special, thank you all for loving and caring for our sister, I will miss her here.

    • Jackie Wilson

      My heart goes out to your family. I haven’t spoken to Annette in years, but I remember many fun times when we were sister-in-laws. Prayers to you all during this difficult time.—Jackie Brooks Wilson

  • I recall working with Annette as a toll collector on the Benicia bridge. Later we became friends as well as co-workers. We had fun at work and in our social life. Annete sold crab feed tickets to the Mare Island little leauge. We went there for about 12 years (best crab feed ever)..She sold paintings as well we have a couple here at home my brother bought one from Annette while he visited here. I haven’t seen here in years but I bet if I saw her tomorow it would be like seeing her yesterday..
    May God bless and keep her..
    R.I.P. Annette

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