Night Sky Lights Up During Spring in the Emerald Counties

Milky Way and greenhouses lighting the Humboldt skyline.

Milky Way and greenhouses lighting the Humboldt skyline. [Photo used with permission of Christina Lombardi]

It’s springtime in the Emerald Counties and the glow from greenhouses designed for growing marijuana light up entire valleys. The image above from a photographer this editor follows illustrated this issue beautifully.*  Because low-lying fog dampened down the greenhouses’ glows, the photographer was still able to capture the Milky Way she set out to photograph without too much interference from light beaming from these sites. Still, many of the large, industrial lights are evident.

Complaints about this practice are so prevalent, Humboldt Supervisor Estelle Fennell posted on April 21 the following information on her Facebook page,

I have received several complaints about lights from greenhouses at nighttime. Please be aware that this is against Humboldt County’s regulations and can result in serious penalties. Here’s the code:

Performance Standards for Mixed-Light Cultivation:

  • v) Those cultivators using artificial lighting for mixed-light cultivation shall shield greenhouses so that little to no light escapes. Light shall not escape at a level that is visible from neighboring properties between sunset and sunrise.
  • w) The light source should comply with the International Dark Sky Association standards for Lighting Zone 0 and Lighting Zone 1, and be designed to regulate light spillage onto neighboring properties resulting from backlight, uplight, or glare (BUG). Should the Humboldt County Planning Division receive complaints that the lighting is out of alignment or not complying with these standards, within ten (10) working days of receiving written notification that a complaint has been filed, the applicant shall submit written verification that the lights’ shielding and alignment has been repaired, inspected and corrected as necessary.

Concerns about the lights vary. Most are worried about environmental issues ranging from this creating problems for animals that are nocturnal hunters to preserving dark night skies for star viewing. Others are concerned about lights shining in their homes and generators disturbing the peace. Still, others worry that the lights are a frequent source of false fire reports as many can look like wildfires even to experienced firefighters. Resources of rural fire departments are strained trying to track down whether these are real fires or simply greenhouse lights.

Several commenters in various places on social media have noted that the light provides a beacon to ripoffs and have expressed astonishment that the owners of the buildings don’t cover them.

There are some commenters though who decry photos that show the lights saying they could cause thieves or law enforcement to locate the grows.

*Thanks to Christina Lombardi who allowed us to use her beautiful Milky Way photo to illustrate an issue of concern in the rural hills of the Emerald Counties.

More on greenhouses lighting up the night sky in an earlier story: In Defense of the Stars: The Use of “Mixed-light” Greenhouses Is Changing our Night Skies and May Be Altering our Nocturnal Ecology The below photo is from that story.

Greenhouse lights

This photo was taken on the new moon in May 2016. It shows the cumulative skyglow of several lit-up greenhouses (on the other side of the ridge) reflecting off of cloud cover. [Photo by Kyle Keegan]



  • This is what regulation without enforcement looks like.

    • There’s zero respect for any one or thing .look at the penalty, what a joke.This county is the laughingstock of the state !only in humboldt county where the corrupted bos Rewarded growers ( grandfathered)that were breaking the county’s own mmj ordinance and state law while simultaneously limiting the ones who were compliant with state and county mmj law .This is illegal folks. This is the shit sandwich the county will potentially lose millions in litigation over and may cause the Feds some interest ,so get ready .
      The second most ridiculous thing is that the bos set the sq ft tax for growing starting at a 1 $ !If you google what other regions are charging some will be up to 25 $ a sq ft .This county is simply the laughingstock folks.Theres 100s of millions being invested in salinas where the rate of canopy tax is 15 $ a sq ft .put that in your pipe and smoke it…

      • Or the $1 per sqft strategy could be looked at as a way to drive and sustain value in Humboldt by keeping cost of business down.. But you wouldn’t understand that because you’re an idiot.

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Watch how fast farmers go belly up on the roadside paying 15$ a sq ft. That’s outrageous. That’s like sending uncle vinny out with a bat to collect on the debts

    • Seeing as it’s estimated that a maximum of 25% of the growers in Humboldt County applied for a license, the reality is these are all most likely illegal operations with no intent of getting permitted.

  • Please educate your neighbors. Talk to them about using depo covers. And if they don’t “get it” – then please file a complaint with County Code Enforcement. It’s easy. It’s confidential.” If you would like to report a marijuana cultivation site that you believe violates the zoning code related to medical marijuana cultivation, please contact the County Counsel’s Code Enforcement Division at 707-445-7236.” And let Estelle Fennell know, too.

    • Good advice. Neighbors should help neighbors get with the program. If they don’t want to change their evil ways, then screw them and call the county every day till something is done. We’re all sick of the lights, the traffic, the imported nutrients, and soil deliveries!!

  • So, are these being reported and not followed up on by LE? Or are people just complaining without doing anything more?

  • Hey Kym, check out Ben Schills most recent photo this evening from the top of Kings Peak.

  • A poster at the USPS gave this number and email for sound and light complaints in Humboldt county: 445-7541 or First step is just talking with your neighbors to let them know their impact.

  • And the difference to any kind of nocturnal animal between a lighted greenhouse and a streetlight is…?

    • If you look at the link to the earlier article at the end, the author makes the case that a single greenhouse can be brighter than an entire small town. Especially since streetlights point their light down and greenhouses seem to glow upwards.

      • Actually if you’re familiar with the design of a grow light they come with a hood that reflects the light downward.

        • I am very familiar with grow lights. I am also very familiar with glowing greenhouses. In ways I don’t understand, some greenhouses throw light outwards and up so that they light huge areas like a car lot does.

        • you are aware not all grow lights come with hoods? Or that a hood could be removed from said light? anyways one light no plastic not a big deal, but the plastic disperses the light making it more dramatic

    • We don’t have streets every 300 feet, lined with streetlights in rural, unincorporated areas. We had quiet, dark places. Now activities that belong in industrial areas along with the streetlights are for some unfathomable reason taking place in those once natural, almost wild places. There’s no “difference” between streetlights and grow lights that matters as much as location.

      • Actually if you’re familiar with the design of a grow light they come with a hood that reflects the light downward.

        • Oh yeah I guess none of us took the time to realize that. They do point downward. Shit he’s right everyone. Guess we should shut down this discussion.

      • Mckinleyville is unincorporated. There’s plenty of street lights there

    • Dep lighting is in the wilderness. That’s the difference smart guy.

    • The only real difference is that it would be very inconvenient for us to stop using street lights. The idea that a greenhouse can be anything more than the equivalent of 5 or 6 street lights is obviously bullshit.

  • If you ask me that picture is beautiful. Sad that it would make people angry for whatever reason.

    • If you moved here for pot then it probably is beautiful. If you moved here to live in the country, then you would want a normal country night sky sans light pollution. It’s all about what you want out of living in the woods and it’s sad to see any group take away a different groups rights like that when they could still grow without light pollution.

    • It’s just that we didn’t sign up for industrial grow scenes here in the country. And no one really checked in and asked if it was alright. Does that make sense to you? Growing weed is ok mostly, but you really don’t need stadium lighting. Most smart farmers know that you can grow excellent outdoor product with no chemicals, lighting, greenhouses or grow bags. Those are the farmers who are going to survive. Because they know how to farm with low overhead. Don’t understand? It will make sense in a few years.

    • It is kinda pretty. But it’s problematic for various reasons. My biggest problem is that it isn’t necessary. I don’t understand why everyone is rushing to grow dep when, in my opinion we should be showcasing environmentally friendly, high quality organic full sun outdoor. That’s what we could make a good name for ourselves with. Dep is heavy on chemicals, energy intensive lighting (diesel), and is just greedy and symbolizes what’s going wrong with our scene here.

  • Which politician has an interest in an area is key to enforcement tactics employed. LE probably hands it off as a code violation to the nearest interested overloaded agency. From what I see, the State agencies are the ones raking in the big bucks off the pot. Looks like the citizens of Humboldt County are the patsy. Tax all the growers and spread around some pothole money dammit. If the State gets all the dough we’ll never see it again.

  • It may be beautiful from afar, but it really affects the wildlife, like owls. Also, most of those lights would be run by diesel generators, which is also not pretty, and loud.
    Just remember folks, this is an environmentally sensative area. Not the Vegas strip.

  • Thats why we live in the northcoast, you can see the stars! Conscious beings work at not affecting the earth in a harmfull way!

    • Exactly. And the reason it makes some of us angry is that it is indeed more than just the lights and their effects upon wildlife, which is still huge in itself. It’s that the “kind of people” who would do this are not the kind of people most of us are, and their intrusion is not of a live-and-let-live kind–unless, of course, they can make themselves invisible to us in all ways–not hog the water, make noise with generators and fans, light up the previously dark and pristine views, keep their extra traffic off the roads they don’t maintain, etc. I would have no problem letting them do their thing if it had no impact on nature or human neighbors.

      • Tell you what. The manufacturing of that computer or iPhone you’re currently typing on caused way more environmental damage than someone leaving their lights on all night. But who cares. That happened in China. Right?

        • Oh. Because if you do one thing that’s messed up, you might as well do them all! (For that matter, the one computer did NOT do more harm than tens of thousands of acres turned to industrial zones overnight; for another, computers in general have probably saved a lot of environmental damage, in that people, materials, etc., do not have to move by truck or fossil fuels, paper, etc., when the information is conveyed electronically.)

          That’s the cynical, destructive attitude of conservatism that makes it like poison to life on the planet… Hey, SHE did something bad, and i did something bad, so let’s all just do all sorts of bad things–we’re doomed in the long run, let’s live for today! To hell with the grandkids.
          And then there’s the catch-all “get out of jail free” card cherished by conservatives: Doesn’t matter anyway because God is gonna have us strumming harps in the afterlife, and this vale of greed and misery will fall away!
          Thanks a lot for working toward fulfilling that most twisted of visions.
          (Granted, you may not call yourself a conservative Christian, but anyone defending the ruination of natural beauty and rhythms via misplaced factories is just as bad–a de facto conservative.)

          • Just pointing out the hypocrisy of you saying you’d have no problem with it if it had no impact. And please. One computer? You’re participating in a worldwide phenomenon that is destructive to the planet and manufactured by slaves. And so am I. I’m on an iPhone right now. And I feel worse about that than the medicine I grow for sure. I have a long list of things I participate in that I don’t feel right about. Oil in my car. Labor exploitation in the clothes I wear. The list goes on. What I don’t do is point at someone leaving a light on at night and blind myself to all these way more egregious problems and say they’re the problem to make myself feel better all because a news outlet told me to. Sheep on. Word to the wise. You’re being manipulated. Open your eyes

            • Being manipulated by whom? Follow the money. There’s nobody with money to gain on our side of this debate–only people seeking quality, in their lives and in the undisturbed (relatively and recently) nature of the back country.
              No, the only thing manipulating me is my gut feeling that those lights are wrong and unnecessary and ugly, and i don’t think their incursion into rural areas makes sense.
              If rural Humboldt Co. is such a great place to grow weed, why do they need to truck in soil, alter daylight patterns, and amplify heat with greenhouses to make it happen? The only attractive thing about it as a grow location is still the lack of law enforcement.
              And i hope that will change soon.
              It’s like the Alice’s Restaurant trash pile: put like with like. Industrial growhouses are not agricultural, and belong in the industrial zones of urban areas, not out in the hills where people go to live more closely with nature.
              Just because you think that’s a silly intention, doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to keep at it, and to protect the natural environment in this little pocket of paradise as much as possible.

              • Well I understand you might have a “gut feeling that this is wrong”. Fortunately for us all people like yourselves “gut feelings” do not constitute illegal activity. As of now commercial cultivation is legal with permits pending in Humboldt county and also the rest of California. Id tell you to get used to it but then again what you do matters very little to me. Have a nice day.

                • Commercial cultivation is legal–rightfully so. Leaving a so-called “light on at night” is not. I’m a big proponent and have been for some time of legal cannabis. I’m not a fan of messing up the environment. If you look at the link to the other article, I think you will see that many people belive leaving “a light on” is very harmful and there is no reason not to cover–covering the greenhouse is not only possible but a large number of growers do it already, when covered the light doesn’t tell people clear across the county there is a big ass grow here, and you don’t piss off your neighbors which I was told by a very successful grower many years ago is the secret to success.

              • Well said, Laura.

                Humboldt was perfect for growing illegal weed, because of the isolation, tree cover, abundant water and places to hide.

                It’s a terrible place to grow industrial, corporate-style mono crops. And that’s where we’re headed.

        • The problem is easily fixed if these lazy ass people would just pull up a tarp over their green houses. Its really not that hard.

    • You’re not seeing stars in this photo? Look again

      • Being able to see the stars is partly a function of the photographer deliberately choosing the area of the photo and partly the low fog. Look at the link at the bottom of the page and see that many greenhouses actually emit more light than entire towns.

  • What would anyone sane expect from criminal minds? They could care less about anyone or anything but their profit. More grow dozers and giant screen TV’s. Pathetic pseudo-humans. And their neighbors do nothing about it ….

    • All my neighbors are doing the exact same thing. Because I live in an area primarily settled by cannabis cultivators. It’s a great neighborhood. I miss it when I’m in town. There’s a lot less light at night out there. No comparison really. And please remember that before someone decided to put a town with lights there it was just as dark as the hills. Keeping greenhouses lit in the spring is part of the predominant industry in this place we live. This is a reality which is becoming more prevalent every day. You can hate it all you want but it’s here whether you like it or not. These are all in neighborhoods which are almost all cultivators. Have all these people complaining actually even seen the lights? Similar to the gigantic industrial fans you see all over vineyards in napa to keep the frost off when it’s cold. Those things are super loud of course. Way louder than a generator. Which by the way if you know anything about generators you know that the whisperwatts everyone uses are about as loud as a car idling. But the napa fans are necessary because of the industry there. My property is zoned ag so I will continue to utilize responsible practices that are a part of my LEGAL ag business. And yes we maintain our own roads through our road association. All county roads are part of my taxes that I pay same as everyone else and more than most. Sorry about your myths haters. Have a good one

      • Yeah but you don’t need lights to grow. And like the person said up there ^, it’s not that hard to pull a tarp over lights if you choose to use supplemental lighting. But imo it’s only greedy to run lights. We should be growing top notch seed strains here, not dep/clone/og/ bullshit/ McDonald’s weed. Seed start doesn’t require any lighting or greenhouse. I don’t get it… why do people want to do all that extra work, have diesel generators running, have sketchy workers pulling tarps (equals lots of extra traffic, more people etc), more trimmers at all different times of the year, when you could just have a nice easy time of it, produce more overall, not be stressed, and grow a good environmentally sound product w/o pissing off your neighbors and bringing heat to the neighborhood? Greedy…. I don’t like it

    • I love the smell of hate in the morning!!!
      You people are funny name calling and snitching?? Come on. Try talking with your neighbors if ya have a problem with them. We are all People trying to make a living. throwing rocks, at your neighbors, and hiding there hands (aka snitching) isn’t going get you anywhere. It’s obvious the cops got other priorities. Encourage communication and community not hatred and division. Like it or not we are all in this together.

      • And when you’ve spoken to a neighbor multiple times and he still ignores you….? Or worse, says he’ll cover and years later he still hasn’t. And multiple other neighbors have spoken to him….?

  • Beautiful in spite of the grow lights.

  • You can see some of the grows through the night in this time-lapse I took last September from what looks like a very similar angle looking across the South Fork Eel watershed in southern Humboldt.
    The picture I’m attaching is a screenshot from the time-lapse:

    • Very nice and short film. Thank you, David. Your film shows more of the individual points of lights seeping from greenhouses than the still (and pretty) pictures offered here.

      I am not in favor of artificial illumination in areas where it doesn’t belong. It may be beautiful to a few in some strange way but it also belies a greedy attitude towards changing the once-rural environment, not unlike having a fast food joint on every corner.

      Back in the 60s and 70s it was different. We cared about the natural land and setting, and our impact. These times are very strange indeed. Greed is good?

  • I find it interesting that sun valley has been lighting the arcata bottoms up with no nighttime restrictions for years and years.

  • Could just be UFO’s home bases.

  • I wouldn’t want a series of grows like that next to where I live. I would never get any sleep. I just can’t imagine the cacophony of noise the neighbors of those places put up with.
    I have also noticed that quite a few people who operate grows of that size seem to really not care how it impacts their neighbors. I have a neighbor up here who unfortunately is surrounded on all sides by Giant green houses. The poison put out by the operators is killing her pets and livestock, the generators are non stop and hugely loud, the light won’t let her or her surviving stock sleep, and she is afraid to say anything because she is afraid these people will vandalize or just plain kill her.
    I am all for folks making a living, but when did it become so important to make a living with this plant that you have to kill your neighbors to do it?

    • Seems like ‘your neighbor’ could simply make a call? No one needs to know where it originated. If these people are as bad as you say, the cops would love to shut them down.

      • She is afraid. Rightly so since we are so remote out here, an ‘accident’ could happen and no one would know for days. the promised anonymity is never as good as it sounds, since anyone who comes under scrutiny here would automatically assume it is the neighbor closest to them who doesn’t grow, who called in the complaint. I talked to her at length about this. She is just hunkering down and praying that the corporations take over the weed business which will make growing out in the hills unsustainable.
        I don’t see why the big grows can’t black tarp those hoop houses? there is no logical reason for the light pollution.
        I do not know what the solution for generator noise is, unless the owner is open to spending money on properly vented sound dampened sheds.
        I do know this industry is going to collapse in on itself just like the dot com thing did, and we will be left with hundreds of parcels of land that will take a huge effort to clean up, in order for them to become homesteads again.
        I really miss the days of discreetness and community minded farmers.

      • Right, simply make an anonymous call haha. You think crazy growers don’t retaliate at random?????? There was a commune across the street from me in a rural residential area. I minded my own business. He got cited by the county (Shasta) for various infractions. Guess who was targeted by crazy psycho grower after that.

    • Only wish that i was just dealing with a neighbor with lights. Got a mega legal grow next to me, yeah 3 aces trees removed for ag. this a. hole has been running heavy equipment non stop, for 6mos. Yesterday sunday the noise was from 8;30 am- 9pm, thanks Greg, nice neighbor….It waring on my sanity, anyone got any suggestions,on how to make the noise stop….

      • The heavy equipment noise is another issue that troubles rural neighbors. Scalping mountains ought to worry everyone.

        • Yeah, how can this be ok, thought the legal way was suppose to be environmentally friendly. Green road, does not allow you to kill any trees, thats how it should be…

      • Well its not a legal time of year to move earth .so .The environmental agency’s see this activity but can not stop it( literally they mention seeing it driving around).They say that going forward with grading or site prep for new sites can be grounds for revocation of permits/ fines etc.

  • That milky way photo is amazing. Glad we don’t live in L.A🌍

  • Time to sell and move farther away…From humanity. Tis a crime against us all.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    It’s starting to look like Valle de Cauca around these parts. On my hill we have an infestation of these same parasites destroying our nighttime skies. It’s like a plague.They all have their dep tarps. All they need to do is put them on and pull them off after the light cycle. It’s sheer laziness!

  • I am surrounded by this shit. To the south, the north, and the east. Bulgarians, local business owners, and tweakers. Dozens of generators. Some covered, some not. How do you tell the whole fucking neighborhood to stop?

  • Definitely let your supervisor know! Rex and Estelle need to be reminded of just who their constituents are. I see a lot of growdozers with out-of-state license plates. One of my neighbors is from Israel, another from Bulgaria, and another maintains his home in Mendocino County. None of these folks vote in local elections – but I do! Maybe we need elected officials who will stand up to the carpetbaggers who are invading and destroying our rural neighborhoods.

    • Yes, so many out of state growers…feeling THEY don’t care about the Environment, wildlife, humans. SOME locals try to be less invasive. Just respect the earth…try to clean up your area of plastic soil bags, old greenhouse plastics, chemical containers…that would be a GREAT start on keeping grows safer for us non-growers, or personal growers.

  • Irritated observer

    Cmon people. Not hard to pull tarp. You do it anyway. Disgusting.

  • If the laws were never inforced in the first place, what makes anyone think they will follow the rules now?
    These folks are all about that dollar, they could give a shit about the rules and laws, and dumbass Downey has said many times that they can’t possible enforce the laws cause there’s just too many grows…
    instead of some lame memo fennel needs to be leading these raids and make a statement!


    Rex And Estelle are not interested in any enforcement .They also aren’t into fixing the roads with the money look where the last sales tax money went .To law enforcement that’s where the majority of the money went .Wait till they take the weed money to bribe an airline to come to humboldt .

  • The reality is that I can relate to why people get upset over some of the dark issues that go along with cultivation. There’s a lot of people and things that it brings around that I don’t like either. But this isn’t one of them. This is sensationalism. If you all live in America your whole social construct is made from the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. Child slavery. War. Imperialism. Environmental destruction. Fracking. These are all the things that support the typical every day middle class American lifestyle. Meanwhile y’all are upset that some people are leaving their lights on? Take a look at google earth night time. This area is the darkest in the country. And if you’re worried about the wildlife like you say just remember 2 hundred years ago none of this was here. The animals don’t know what area is “incorporated” so if you have lights on your street at night you’re just as guilty of this “crime” as every Bulgarian in southern humboldt. Get a grip people

  • It’s not that some people are upset about folks “leaving their lights on”. It’s the fact that we live in one of the last remote and scenic places in the country. We pride ourselves on our natural landscape and dark stars. People from other places regularly see the milky way for the first time in their lives here. The reason folks are upset is there is an alternative and or better practices. These folks have their blackout tarps on the ground. They just choose not to use them during the light cycle for whatever lame reason. We’re not talking about light from a country cabin shining outside. We are seeing 30×100’s lit up like a disco ball. I’m all for production! Just keep it clean and think about the wildlife and critters too. They too are your neighbors.

    • Every single one of my neighbors has their greenhouses lit every night all through spring. The view of the milky way from my spot is the best Ive ever seen it. Also you can see it perfectly well in the photo above. If you can’t see it Id suggest driving to the hills. Its right there. Away from all the lights in town and fog. Unobstructed. I see it every night its not cloudy.

  • There is a rightful concern to be had over what might be considered “light pollution”. Please use common sense and be considerate of your neighbors and our lovely community. Thanks folks

  • Wouldn’t it be a joy if Humboldt county was devoted to eco-tourism (ala Costa Rica)? Where all of us had jobs protecting and sharing the wonders of this preciously rare place. Maybe no one would get rich, but maybe we could have a bit more pride, satisfaction and happiness. Just wondering.

    • Amen to that!!!

    • I look at pictures of deforestation in Brazil and China and think if we can’t stop it in our own backyard, what hope is there?

      I guarantee there’ll be a campaign in a few years, boycotting Humboldt weed in order to save the redwoods.

      I can’t believe what’s happening here.

      • Cannabis really doesn’t thrive in the type of climate that redwoods do. Redwoods love fog. Not so good for the other.

    • Yeah, force your self-righteousness ideals down other people’s throats through physiological guilt.

      • It’s so sad that the adults bicker and stubbornly hold their position without working on solutions to get along and ignore the needs of the crying baby and let it then grow into a heartless resentful adult that cares about none.

  • Light pollution!

  • Beautiful photo Christina Lombardi

  • So what?! Nobody is going to do anything so just do whatever you want! There are absolutely no teeth at all and everybody knows it by now. The sheriff’s department is a joke amongst all of us in the hills. We laugh at them daily! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Nobody will stop you or fine you or even drive out to your place or even send you a letter!! And if they do- just blow them off. This is what we all voted for starting with Gallegos so please- enjoy!! We have certainly earned it, asked for it, begged for it, encouraged and applauded it. Enjoy Enjoy!!!!

  • Veterans friend

    Yeah yeah yeah. You say don’t grow. Then you say oh boy taxes. Grow grow grow. Then the rules change. Then the rules change again. Change the taxes. Change the rules. Vote. Oh dear …new rules.
    Until you all realize this is a plant and nothing more and stop trying to control the way it grows and the way people use it….you are doomed to a contentious existance here in our hilarious county.

  • A certain section of 36 used to be dark and quiet. Now its lit up. Even some glow worms right on the road.

  • The reason greenhouses throw so much light is the reason people use greenhouses. You can read any number of studies done by universities and independent researchers about light transfusion. The plastic or any film worth buying will transfuse light rays and spread them out significantly, which makes for optimal growing conditions especially in high density planting. Think sea of green (light dep). Light is being bent and actually moves around in different ways.

    People can defend this behavior all they want but all commercial agricultural operations throughout the world know this to be true. Cover it up, it takes an extra half hour of your time maybe? Or for all you big dogs, get an automated system. Don’t feed the anti cannabis machine, they have plenty of ammunition already.

  • Don’t worry. This will be over soon. In two years, all the jokers that have just started investing in this industry will be belly up. Its mind numbing to think some of these people actually think they will survive in this industry. The big players up here don’t even stand a chance.

  • Steve Santos with code enforcement is Awesome! If you have issues call him but I was very persistent. There are rules and regulations and we as permanent residents and home owners have rights.

  • Apparently diesel particulates concern no one. Where were all the vocal complaints and whining when for at least an entire decade (’93-2006…) there were gennys running 24/7 365 days year all over these same neighborhoods for indoor grows selling at 4k+/lb????? Which waterway doesn’t have BENZINE IN IT?

    Light pollution? Really????

    F*** a few lights… Even 200w glowing until 10pm will piss some busy body self important twerp off. How about shut your eyes. And your mouth.

    PS tarping in the rain is hard !

    • I was a founding member of Grow It in the Sun, a group that was formed to work against the diesel in our watersheds in 2007. There were many people concerned about the diesel problem before that group. Thank you to those folks who brought awareness to me and to others.

  • Actually maybe if people put shade cloth under the green house plastic, but over the lights it would cut down on the light pollution dramatically. U don’t really need a ton of sun light for vegging plants, and it helps clones adjust better. It would not solve the problem entirely, but I am sure it would help.

  • It really
    Blows my mind how many of you want to call any authority in Eureka ! Guess you forgot the past 30+ years that the powers that be in Eureka have been trying to rub out the existence of many in SoHum. Remember the cat +mouse game we have all had to play with them just to live here ? No one remembers that Every time the authorities are called it causes more trouble for all ?
    The many outsiders have already ruined this home of ours . Now you want to call the cops on your neighbors to ? Sounds just like the city folks that won’t ever do anything themselves —
    Just call the cops 4 any problem !

  • Wouldn’t covering your greenhouse at night not only not affect the neighbors or the wildlife but also be more efficient? Reflect the light back onto the plants and maybe need less?

  • Gonewiththewind

    Humboldt has so many problems…unsolved murders, TWEEKERS, ridiculous rental markets, self serving landlords, homicidal drivers, homicidal people, stupid murder detectives, TWEEKERS, heinous people who have no respect for themselves or others, vicious women who glare and want to kill you if you dare to look better than them, abusive men, TWEEKERS, I could go on all day but I found an awesome place with none of these problems. Going out tonight just to look at all the gorgeous polite men….Humboldt was a waste of everything! Good riddance.

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