Man Shot in Ukiah Street Yesterday

Ukiah PolicePress release from the Ukiah Police:

On April 22nd at about 11:48 am, a UPD Community Service Officer was dispatched to the 800 block of South Orchard Avenue, regarding a traffic accident. While working the traffic accident, he heard 4 to 5 gun shots very near-by and radioed UPD dispatch for assistance.

On Cindee near the intersection of South Orchard Avenue, UPD officers located a 38-year-old male in the street. The male was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and evidence was located indicating that he had been shot in the street.

Officers rendered first-aid and the male was transported via ground ambulance to an awaiting air ambulance. The male subject was airlifted to a major trauma center out of county.

UPD Detectives responded and investigated the shooting. The Ukiah Police Department is looking into whether the incident was gang-related. If anyone knows of video surveillance in the area or has information regarding this incident, please contact the Ukiah Police Department Detective Division at 463-6262.

As always, our mission at UPD is simple: to make Ukiah as safe as possible. If you would like to know more about crime in your neighborhood, you can sign up for telephone, cell phone and email notifications by clicking the Nixle button on our website:



  • “The male?” You mean an illegal gangbanger. TELL THE TRUTH

  • Why don’t you both shut the hell up! He is a friend of mine! And I am far from an illegal gangbanger!

  • Exactly! So why do people have to talk crap! Weather he is a gangbanger or not.. is irrelevant to what happened.. a man was shot numerous times, and is fighting for his life… But to Derick , his life isn’t important! Because he already assumed or stated he is an illegal gangbanger.

    • I’m sorry for your friend Mary, it is a terrible thing to worry about the loss of people we love.
      I think, though, that the point some folks make is when a person signs up for that particular life, getting shot is a knowable danger. Not only to yourself, but also those around you.
      I hope for the best for your friend and look forward to the day when we realize aggression is not the only tool we humans have for solving problems.

    • Because people don’t have lived, and sit on here all day and talk shit. Losers trying to feel better about their pathetic life’s by trying to bring down others. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope he pulls through.

  • No one know the exact reason he was shot… Wait for the investigation to be finished and released before talking crap Derick…

  • If I was shot, would Derick just assume it was drug related,? Because I used to use drugs?? Even tho I have been clean and sober for a long time now… People make mistakes in life. And some people change.. some can admit there mistakes and some can’t.. but the severity of this crime should be taken into consideration… And let the police do their investigation before comments like that are made.. that’s all I am saying…

  • What stating that he is an illegal gangbanger isn’t talking crap?? OK!!!!

  • Do you know for a fact that he is an active gangbanger?? Or are you assuming?? Wrong, right, or indifferent.. a man has been shot… Focus on finding out who did it!! Not the assumption of his involvement in gang crap.. it could have been over a beer or some other stupid reason.. u don’t know!

  • I’m sorry to hear about the shooting of this man. Hope he going to be OK.

  • Who gives a damn

    [edit]He’s a wanna be gansta and got shot for it

  • This was my friend who got shot! And he’s not an illigal Gang Banger hes a Chicano Mexican American born and raised here! Derek is a rasist…tell the truth homie your probably a Donald Dicken Trump!

  • First of all you don’t even know the person that got shot. He is not an illegal and he is not a gang banger. Before talking smack know the facts!!

  • The loss of compassion for our fellow man is so sad to me. Praying that this man survives NO MATTER what his race or place of birth is. The fact that this is some people’s first reaction absolutely astounds me.

  • Prayers to u homie! Hope u recover fast! Much love.

  • Respect required. Family members love this person. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ bring healing and love into this mans life. We pray that respect grow for all those hurting and reading this article amen.

  • the ppl on here talking Shit need to shut the fuck up cuz I know none of ur life’s are perfect. We all have flows. So quit with the Shit talk. And to make it clear his from California with papers. have respect for the familys.

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