Hwy 101 to Open Monday Evening, Says Caltrans

Heavy equipment on a slide.

Progress on clearing Hwy 101 has been rapid this weekend. This photo was taken about 10:30 this morning. [Photo from Caltrans]

According to the Facebook page of Caltrans,

As long as the weather cooperates, and no new major rockfall occurs, one lane of U.S. 101 will reopen Monday at 6 PM!

Work went well today, and by 5 PM most of the southbound lane road surface had been cleared of debris. Tonight, the rest of the lane will be cleared, and work will begin to reinstall the first of two rockfall barriers. This first barrier must be in place for safety before traffic is allowed through, and traffic should be open with one-way traffic control by 6 PM.

Once traffic is flowing work will transition to stabilization and reopening the second lane for two-way traffic. This may take 2-3 months, and delays may increase significantly when there is activity to remove unstable material from the hillside. We will work with our contractor to keep the delays as short as possible, but they may extend to an hour or more at times. We will provide more details as the work progresses.



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