Tell Folks Never Don’t Stop at Local Businesses Near the Slide, Writes Letter to the Editor

The Peg House when 101 is closed

The Peg House is the stopping point just south of the slide. [Photo by Joe Rial]

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To the Community from south of the slide,

The closing of 101 has impacted everyone on both sides of the slide, but it is particularly bad for the folks in Leggett and especially The Peg House. I have spoken with a number of people trying to get north to see the redwoods. When I mention that the big groves are beyond the slide, but we have some local attractions such as the Drive thru Tree in Leggett or Standish Hickey State Park, a number of locals have said, “oh, I forgot about those”. These small businesses depend on tourism and need our help to get the traffic to visit.

The Peg House is the stopping point

Another view. [Photo by Joe Rial]

I spoke with Martin Inguez who was manning the stop at the Peg House. He said he was glad they moved the stop which was originally halting people south at the South Leggett exit. Marc Hermsmeyer, a Foreman for Ghilotti said that the detour route is south to Highway 20, to 5 north and then 36 east, but that 36 is also in bad shape. He reiterated that Bell Springs road is closed. He said it is open only to Piercy on the north side. Driving past Bell Springs, we saw a police check point checking that only local traffic is admitted.Let’s try to get the word out to tourists and any who are out on the road to stop and patronize these wonderful establishments located near the slide. If we don’t, we may lose them. I for one do not want to think about this drive without these anchors to our tourism. The Peg House, Leggett Mercantile, Leggett Gas station, and the Drive Thru Tree all need our support. I encourage you to be friendly and engage the tourists here to remind them of what is still available in our community.

Joe Rial


*Note: “Never don’t Stop at the Peg House” is a well-known bumper sticker in SoHum and northern Mendocino.

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  • Laytonville Rock


  • I’ll be honest, I’ve driven by the Peg House for decades, I never could tell where to never not stop to pull in. There is a lot going on along there. It is the best word play in advertising though.

  • People – especially business people – forget that we all live at the whim of nature. Instead of appreciating that fact they want to sponge off it. Making an amusement park out of the redwoods might cost you. Oh well ….

  • Been down to the slide 2days in a roll….We .Stop both times at the little grocery store at Piercy just to spend some money …

    • Thats great community support!! It is a nice drive right now from gville to peg house, not many cars and beautiful spring colors.
      Grab youre snacks and cross the road to standish hickey, great river spots there (if the roads not too torn up). Makes for a nice getaway for a few hours, and helps this important local business stay open!

  • Dear Stormy, No one who lives up here wants to turn this place into an amusement park. We do need tourists or this place will become a ghost town. Would you rather have that? And these folks provide a service! This is not sponging! IMHO

    • Yep.!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š

    • No one who lives up here wants to turn this place into an amusement park

      Really? No One? I guess you never heard of the Southern Humboldt Community Park in Garberville and their plans to develop the Park into a year round concert and festival venue site for up to 2500 to 5000 party-goers 6 times a year with camping and parking onsite?

      And somehow you never heard of “Reggae on the River” or “Northern Nights”?

      Yeah, your probably right, “No one who lives up here wants to turn this place into an amusement park”!!!

  • Peg House makes great sandwiches and the staff are always quite helpful and pleasant. We live in Eureka and travel to visit our relatives and friends in Sonoma County frequently and have discovered this is a great place for a break. Support them please.

  • We drive to the bay area quite often, we have our favorite spots to take breaks and the peg house is one, the grandkids love the monster bus. And used to play on the cop car, same goes when we head to sac, gotta support these local business or we won’t have them

  • mendocino mamma

    The brownies folks…it is truly all about the BROWNIES!!!

  • Love the Peg House! All kinds of goodies..delicious food!

  • I don’t get it. Move the roadblock to trick people into traveling just a little bit further, before they have to turn around, to create revenue?

    • No, the slide blocking the road is clearly stated at several places. This just allows people who chose to come to the Peg House to go that far. Before, the road was blocked and no one was allowed but residents.

  • They have the best brownies there.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    The coleslaw is to die for! The brownies are delicious. They serve Humboldt grass-fed beef burgers (get a double to fill out the ciabatta bun.) Sometimes there is live music or a game on the TV. But forget about your addiction to technology- no Verizon signal for miles in either direction.

  • Besides great brownies, they have a real nice hat selection at reasonable prices. There are restrooms open to public also

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I like the restroom just the way it is, but I’m sure the fancy touristy folks would prefer it had a makeover.

  • 45+ years I’ve driven 101 EKA-UKA (average 1x/month). So 8 years ago I made a decision to discover all I could on those trips; leave earlier, stop more, interact, observe, taste, compare, snap a pic along the way & appreciate, enjoy. My motto: “It’s more about the journey than the destination.” Most experiences have been great – but whenever I’ve encountered a bump in the road… oh well, I move on.
    AND, I can’t even finish the single serving of Dreyers ice cream for $2.50 that is ๐ŸŽผ”Just this side of the Mendocino County Line”.
    Support our locals, they work hard for a living just as you & I do.
    Try it my way if you can – you’ll not regret it.

  • I’ve always found their slogan so annoying that I don’t want anything to do with them. Really, “Never don’t stop the peg house”? At least their web page now has an “at” in the middle, unlike the bumper stickers. I also avoid anywhere that advertises gifts – obvious tourist crap. And anywhere directly along the freeway between garberville and willits in general…

    • I’m sure they miss your smiling face.

    • It brings me to a time when they sold shirts with a fire we had 9 10 years ago info on it only to keep money a not donate to the local fire department ya these chodes are real winners also if you enjoy a good fisting stop in and get ripped by there prices

    • One of my all time least favorite local slogan signs was the nominee of Slow Children at Play

  • For real. Gary and everyone there is great and treat neighbors and tourists with the same kindness. I’ve broken down several times in that area and even once they stayed up to help me get a uhaul no charge one way home. The peg house caters to the business that travels by. Get a clue and stop hating on the www just to hate.

  • Love the Peg House! Great food and friendly folks. Standish-Hickey is a beautiful stop with river access, even if it doesn’t have record-setting trees. Back a few years when the state parks were closing because of financial problems and scandal, the people of Leggett and Piercy really pulled together to keep Standish-Hickey open because their small businesses depended on it, and because they love it. I attended several meetings and was so impressed to see a group working together and expressing differences of opinion in a civilized, solution-oriented way. They deserve our support, and they earn it!

  • I had passed by the Peg House so many times before I stopped. Never realized what a Gem it is. I stop there often now, and every time is an enjoyable experience.

  • Couple weeks ago coming back from Willits the bathrooms were great. I do believe they remodeled.

  • Love Love Love The Peg House!! Best coffee, food and gift shop as well as nice people!! We always stop there we’re so lucky to have the Peg House!! Come on people help support this business ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yelp gives it 4.5 out of 5 stars….but I’m posting here because the review has the wrong website address:
    It shows which doesn’t work

    There’s an option for the business to update their information, doing that could be a good idea.
    Hoping to be coming north later in the year when a friend can travel; I’ve flagged The Peg House for the itinerary…
    Hope the road problems are resolved soon, and in the meantime people who know the place might want to post positive reviews on TripAdvisor and similar sites to keep people thinking about the place. Maybe see if someone with SF Gate would write about the problems the businesses are having….and promote the local grove as well.
    Might look for websites that reach the bicycle & motorcycle tour people, here’s one
    World’s Best Guide to California Motorcycle Roads
    You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to appreciate the places they travel and info provided…wouldn’t surprise me if The Peg House hasn’t been mentioned there before.
    (Front page shows a tour of Northwestern California in April…which has been cancelled).

    If you have more information on the joinery than is posted on the website, you might try to interest architects, etc. who follow that sort of thing to come check the place out.

    Good luck. As a native Californian (the state population when I was in high school was only 15 million) I really appreciate the small, the local, the unique, wherever they are. And if they have FOOD, well so much the better.

  • The Peg House also has one of the best selection of books on local attractions and local nature in the area as well as kicknacks to occupy everyone on your road trip. I am a fan of the monster crispy treats, but their loaded hot dog deserves mention. The courtyard is also a pleasant place to stop and take a breath.

  • We like to stop there when we do our monthly hay runs. I love their brownies. It’s a good thing I don’t live closer lol they would always be sold out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • My wife and I often come up to Humboldt to visit friends and we make it a point to always stop at the Peg House. Often to get one of their Tri-Tip sandwiches and eat them in Standish Hickey.

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