Warning: Trinity River to Raise Over 5 Feet Due to Release From Lewiston Dam

Humboldt County Sheriff badgePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

We would like to advise the public that there will be a controlled release of water from the Lewiston Dam on the Trinity River starting tomorrow (4-22-17), and continue through Wednesday (4-26-17). The release will rise from 400 cubic feet per second (179,325 gallons per minute) to 10,000 cubic feet per second (4,488,325 gallons per minute). This release is estimated to raise the Trinity 5+ feet.

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public use caution when occupying the Trinity River areas as the water level may rise higher and quicker than expected. A further caution is requested due to the already extremely cold and swift water conditions that currently exist on the river.



  • the release will actually max out at 11,000 cubic feet per second and will hold there from the 26th to the 29th and slowly come down to 2050 cubic feet per second on may 7th.

  • Veterans friend

    Not much notice….

  • Cowabunga!

  • Beautiful but Deadly!

  • But don’t you mean the Trinity river is going to “rise,” not “raise”?

    The release will raise the river.

    The river will rise.

    The river will not raise.

    “Warning: Trinity River to Rise 5 Feet Due to Lewiston Dam Release”

    “Warning: Lewiston Dam Release to Raise Trinity River by 5 Feet”

    • Argue grammar this time with the Sheriff’s Office. It’s their press release and I’m too dang tired to care one way or another. Today, Lyme disease is slapping me around.

      • Mine too. My brain doesn’t want to think today. And I’m slow. I hope tomorrow is a good day for you kym. Keep your chin up

      • Take care of yourself Kym and don’t worry about the little things. Most of us really appreciate all you do to keep us informed and just hope for a speedy recovery to your health. <3

      • Hey Kym, no need for apology! For Lyme disease try Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim DS (double strength) AKA ‘Bactrim’ or ‘Septra’, and colloidal silver; they don’t interfere with each other and for me they have worked; real CS, not some “silver protein” or other’improved’ stuff. How long have you had Lyme? I know it can hibernate in us . . . very hard to get rid of once it’s chronic.

        • I haven’t had it very long and I’ve been responding well to treatment but I am keeping lists of the alternative treatments just in case. Thank you.

          • I also did ionic,footpaths. It draws all the toxins etc. The bottom of our feet have large pores and the toxins that come out are unbelievable. It’s nasty looking but I feel much better after.ive tried alot of different treatments over the last 14 years. This one is amazing.

  • This should make for some happy fish! Sorry to hear about your Lyme disease flaring up.

  • I’m pray every day for you to get better kym ,so sorry you of all people don’t deserve to be sick with that shit .It’s just wrong on so many levels. I hope you feel better very very soon .

  • I DO believe in fairies

    Very glad to hear you are feeling better Kym… lots of us are pulling for your good health. Maybe if we bloggers ceased sharing all of our negative comments… you would be totally healed! 🙂

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