Wanted Felon Just Fled From EPD

Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess

Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police just tweeted, “This frequently wanted felon, Anthony Manuel Burgess (24), just ran from EPD (again) in the area of I/12th St. #EurekaMostWanted”

Operation Safe Streets warned earlier, “EPD currently searching for Anthony Burgess. According to scanner traffic, Burgess fled from officers on a stop yesterday. Searching area of 12th and I Streets and surrounding areas. Call 911 if you see him, do not approach.” (Check out a slideshow of different photos of Burgess on Operation Safe Streets.)



  • Hardly noticeable, not easy laying low with those brandings!

  • Let me see, Ahem…… I think he will be easy to spot indeed!! Keep yours Eyes Open People!!! Anyone with hoodie over their head call the police!!!

  • Kind of hard not to judge a book by its cover when it’s cover looks like that, throw away the key

  • What are his charges?

  • Could be anything

    Cousin of Chris Burgess who was killed by EPD a few years back. Mother committed suicide a couple of years ago. Been in the system since birth. Not hard to wonder why his life is the way it is. Waste.

    • Very sad the young man has tragedy surrounded him…he has succumbed to making bad survival choices…

    • I notice looking at his eyes, the left is angry and the right is fearful. I wish we could figure how to help kids in tweeker families. CWS pays staff, but says that helping kids is too costly and leaves them to grow up hopeless. Why not just close down CWS? Why pay staff who don’t do anything to break this cycle?

    • Best mugshot yet.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndofTheStory

    Could be anything: Whatever happened to Chris’ mom Margorie? Was her assault on one of her sons with an iron ever adjudicated?

  • Could be anything

    Have no idea. Haven’t seen her around in years.

  • Let’s get tough.[edit] He gets no more chances. The family will say ” He is a good kid he doesn’t deserve to be locked up”. Blah, Blah we heard it all before. This scum needs to go.

  • As quoted “this frequently wanted felon”. Why is wanted frequently? This shows the catch and release Pre Trial Release progran does not work. When there is no deterant this is what happens.

  • I agree with Walter. He used up his chances.

  • I had him in big brother program when he was 12. Took him fishing,hiking, watched lots of sports on tv. I tryed to help. Sad to see him on a bad run like this.

  • He was one of our foster children when he was in junior high. He was a good kid~! He was into football and played on a team. When he left us, apparently the system failed him. Both my wife and I are really sad at how he turned out. Most all the kids that we fostered have turned out just fine. We fostered for over 15 years until I was disabled. I really feel for him and wish I could have done more to lead him in the right direction.

  • Hi Anthony , miss you.

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