Hwy 1 Reopens!

Construction on a road

Hwy 1 being worked on earlier this year. [Photo by Melissa Bradley‎]

Just before 8:30 tonight, Hwy 1, the route from Leggett to the coast, reopened, according to Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman. This well-traveled road has been closed since February 3 when a hillside slid across the road near Leggett. Later, a second slide came in several miles further west further closing off the route. The road had been having difficulties for at least a month prior to the February 3 closing.

The blocked road caused hardship for students who must travel hours to reach a school normally accessible in 10 minutes, for merchants who no longer had customers journeying past, and for tourists along with homeowners and those who must drive the route frequently.

The road is not yet paved in the area of both slides. According to Caltrans, “Contractor staff will be onsite 24/7 because one of the two slides is still active.”




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