Accident Briefly Closes 101 by Fernbridge; U-Haul Van Reportedly Rear Ended Other Vehicles Then Fled

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 6:30 p.m. a U-Haul reportedly “sped up and rear ended two vehicles” near Fernbridge Drive offramp, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. One of the vehicles that was hit was a Toyota Tacoma. It landed on its passenger side and had major rollover damage.

For about 10 minutes fire diverted traffic off the freeway. Then, for some time one-way controlled traffic was in effect. According to scanner traffic, once the last vehicle is removed from the road, the highway will be opened entirely.

The U-Haul driver fled the scene and the vehicle was eventually found. At this time, it isn’t clear whether a driver was located with the vehicle or not.



  • Was there a load of starts in the back?

  • Ten to One it was over road rage. Stupid to get in a wreck with starters don’t you think. It’s even more stupid to haul starters in a U-Haul, because of the odor doesn’t go away. The U-Haul dealership reports this to the POPO and then you wonder how you got busted 6 months later.

  • Deborah Hill Holberg

    It was a U-Haul pick-up truck, not just a stupid u-haul. People need to get there facts straight

  • Did they interfere with interstate commerce ?

  • Dashcamhereicome

    Fair warning to Humboldt drivers…today I will go by a dash cam and have it installed early next week. That’s right consequences of your actions kids. Since you want to act like 2 year olds…now you will be treated as such.

  • Are there any updates if the driver of the uhaul was found?
    Also, how is the driver who was effected doing? And did he find his dog that ran off after the accident??
    I was like 1 minute behind this accident.

  • The driver of the Tacoma also had his dog with him. It look like a puppy pit. Her name is Layla I think. She ran by my truck heading towards Loleta. He would really like her back. I could not locate her. She is white with lite brown sopt. Hope someone finds her.

    • It was a boy dog. The name wan’t Layla, I can’t remember now what his name was. I asked the owner at the scene and tried to find it for him – went back after everything was cleaned up to search. Thank you for trying to find the pup too. <3

  • I also had this happen to me in mid March ,I was rammed three times by a large suv I was going 62 miles per hour,i fishtailed and was forced to make an extreme u turn infront of on comming cars ,because the way he was driving led me to beleive he wanted an to possibly repeat it. The on coming cars blocked his way so he couldn’t follow me. Iheard it happened a month earlier. Hope the driver is okay.

  • This person had been driving erratically since at least the CR exit. 911 was called, but sadly it was to late.

  • The driver was a 23 yr old female who was arrested but has since been bailed out. She was driving a u-haul pickup truck rented by another person. She was taken to the hospital but refused blood work so it’s undetermined yet if DUI was a factor.

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