Slide Dumps More Material; No Estimated Time of Reopening 101

Bridges Creek Slide

Slide blocking Hwy 101 at Bridges Creek north of Leggett. [Photos provided by a reader were taken yesterday evening]

Press release from Caltrans:

Sometime during the night, the slide six miles north of Leggett which has closed U.S. Highway 101 in Mendocino County dumped more material onto the roadway.

The amount of debris from last night’s slide may be equivalent to or even exceed the amount that initially came down the hillside and closed the roadway.

We’re still working to open the highway up to one-way traffic control as quickly as possible; our contractor will still be working through daylight hours as much as worker safety permits. Due to the hazardous nature of the work and the slide’s demonstrated instability, it is unsafe for perform debris removal work during nighttime hours at this time.

There is still no estimated time of reopening. As was the case yesterday, any rumors of one-way traffic resuming today will be false.

Bridges Creek Slide



  • How bout this , less money on litigation and bogus EIR to make road bigger for trucks and more money on mitigating real time issues like slides and road conditions… cal trans cal scams

    • Exactly. Trucks have been using that stretch of road for 80 years. Just maintain what you have and live behind the Redwood curtin…..

  • Google Maps shows fastest route by way of Bell Springs Rd. Doesn’t even show the drive down Highway 101. I imagine Bell Springs Rd. is quite a scene these days? Please somebody tell me what it looks like on that road and how long it really takes from Garberville to Laytonville? Thanks!

    • As previous posts have said, Bell Springs road is closed to locals only because it’s in no condition for trucks or a lot of cars. Forget even trying, reports say the CHP is blocking it.

    • People give various times but I would plan at least two hours and wouldn’t do it if I did not drive dirt roads regularly. Locals from the hills don’t seem to mind it. City folk come through like it was a near death experience. There have been multiple accidents and the locals are quite rightly sick of having to help folks who have no business driving that road.

      • Thanks for an honest answer, Kym! I’ve got the 4WD and good tires and drive dirt every day. Just weighing my options for getting back to Branscomb. I’m already sick of the city folks driving it in their unsuitable vehicles and making problems, tearing up the road and I’m not even there! Sympathize with the locals because I am one. I understand why people tell stories on public forums- we need to keep the problematic suburbanites from screwing things up!!

        • Two hours is the normal time but if you add sixty or more cars it gets way slower . Coming from harris on Tuesday there were around fifty cars headed up the hill . And not all going slow .

    • Totally passable don’t let locals infringe on your rights to use a public road

    • I heard on news yesterday Bell Springs Road is closed!

  • Please, please, PLEASE take your time and drive safely if choosing Hwy36 as your alternate route (Well drive safely anywhere ‘-) ) 36 is a beautiful drive, but it is a hilly, curvy, mountain road, and subject to snow even now. Parts of the raod are not wide enough for two lanes, and some slight delays for road constuction, so plan your timetable accordingly. This is no road to travel on if you are “in a hurry” mode. Thank you Kym for keeping us updated.

    • You got that right 100%!!! II’ve been watching all these “Big Rigs” goinmg past my place in Swain’s Flat going through here like their ass was on fire!!! I certainly hope they sl9ow down some especially on the hairpin turns further up the road past Bridgeville & Dinsmore!!!

  • She don’t look like she’s done.

  • Humboldt is quickly becoming an inaccessible zone. Locals, learn to fly, it’s going to be necessary if you want to live here.

  • A caution from folks who took 36 yesterday is that there are a lot of big trucks on it. Proceed with caution! Also, there were people last night saying they took BS and it was fine. I guess it depends on your definition of fine, but some friends who live out there say it’s hazardous because there are too many folks on it who have inadequate vehicles or experience on roads like that. Some folks also say they were stopped from going that way. That would be a lot of back tracking if you get to the AP or the 101 end and have to turn around.

    • How were these people stopped from going? There is no law prohibiting the use of any public road. The CHP are only there to advise against using the road for thru-traffic because of risk of being stuck out there for an extended period of time. Either way you look at this, it is a very bad situation for locals and non-local travelers, but if Bell Springs road is open, people will use it. There is no way anyone can legally be stopped from using that road, but maybe a local resident of Bell Springs might go out of their way and try and stop people. That would be illegal.
      However, there’s the idea that the law has no significance in this conversation. Maybe things are going back to the way they used to be, like in the Wild West.

      • So, Hill-ary. I have no dog in this fight, yet am curious.
        What gives Cal-Fire the ability to close roads in a fire zone, or the police the right to close a road for an incident or even an accident investigation, and the same agency can’t close or limit access to BS Road?

        • Cal fire closes roads if there is a fire or smoke literally encroaching upon the travelers or the road so badly that it prevents them from passing safely or the firefighters to safely do their job. In the case of CHP or other law enforcement agencies to close roads due to investigations or debris blocking the road, that is just that. If there is no debris, smoke, fire, investigation, trees, rocks, road-eating mountains or otherwise, there usually is no reason to close a road. In the case of Bell Springs, or any other poorly maintained and insufficiently structured (un-paved/ dirt) roads, there have to be county interventions to take place to close them to thru-traffic. In this case (Bell Springs) a county ordinance to protect the road from unnecessary degradation has been ordered to prevent unnecessary travel. I called the CHP to find this information.

      • If there is a CHP officer blocking it, it is closed. Go ahead and argue with the CHP tell us how it goes.

        • The reason I commented what I did on this issue is because I was on the phone with a CHP officer last night at about 8:45 pm and spoke with an officer that had informed me there was no legal action they could take to prevent thru-traffic on Bell Springs road. They were (as of last night) just strongly advising against using BS if you’re using it as a bypass. As of 11:30 this morning, after I posted this response above, I called again to ask what legal measures or type of enforcement the CHP is using to prevent non-local traffic and was told that there is now a county ordinance in place to protect its roads from unnecessary degradation of the roads caused by thru-traffic. I simply was stating facts.

        • Life time local

          There is no block on the road except when a vehicle gets stuck. The chp wave and are in lines of obviously out of the area traffic….
          they have been advising people of the condition of the road and trying to get people not to use it I heard but it must be on the south end of it…
          it really isn’t safe for 2w they might turn them back because it is posted 4 w drive only at the y.
          And local means garb and redway to as far as I’ve heard they just don’t want tourist traffic and everything.

      • I got stuck south of a super slide and apparently was not very convincing as to be a resident of Bell Springs. Pissed me off as I did not have money for a motel room.

  • Why would this work be done by a contracted private business?

    • That part stuck out to me too…😕

    • Because Cal Trans doesn’t have the equipment or manpower or ability to handle such a large scale operation. Do you realize the number of trucks, drivers, equipment and manpower it takes to execute such an endeavor? You’d be crying on why your road taxes are so high to maintain a huge fleet of Cal Trans trucks to sit idle most of the time.

  • No hurries no worries…

  • Piercy residents want their mail! We’re told no deliveries until the road opens, and that will be exactly when? USPS … time to get creative. Send it around!

  • This is sort of insane…a genuine emergency that should have CALTRANS working 24/7 to reopen 101. The weather should not deter progress on getting the only access to the north coast open. This is a disgrace and SHOULD be an embarrassment. But CALTRANS is busy elsewhere?

    • What don’t you understand about this an active slide and that even with mighty CalTrans Nature Bats Last? When the slide stops moving and is safe for the workers the job will get done with 24 hour work days.

    • Palo Verde observer

      Please pay attention to the remarks about the dangers of working an active slide, especially one this big. CalTrans routinely uses private contractors. Owning that much rolling stock for use on rare events would be a waste of tax dollars. Why seek a scapegoat for what was done by rain and gravity? Do you think this is the only problem CalTrans has on its hands? Calm down.

      • I get the active slide , so abandon it like they have, but atleast fix the alternative route while you are waiting on slide to become inactive, and get past who is responsible for repairs , both county and state , state because their road is impassable


    • Caltrans is out repaving the same segments of the 101 as last year. Rosa i think…

      That said, the town, the entire Kenai Peninsula was covered by an avalanche, that came down a couple more times and took out a snow plow (one unlike I’ve ever seen in the lower 48) and its driver into the Turnigan Arm, basically a frozen channel of beluga whales off the ocean,

      So thanks to those working on this… we need a real solution.. this whole road WAS JUST rebuilt

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      They are working 24/7. It also slid again last night, right down into the river, so they have to redo all that clearing work all over again.

  • Happy Earth Day! Lots of earth right there…

    • Indeed, that is a lot of earth, with more above.

      But remember Earth is just “Eh” without art.

    • Lol beautiful!!! Happy earth day to you kiddzz. And to you too Neighbor. Everyone take a breath and enjoy the wait. When Mother nature is done caltrans and whomever they hired will get it done. Nothing is more important than a persons life! Be like Pollyanna play the like game . well there’s a slide but I’m thankful that I’m stuck in the most beautiful part of the state….The Redwoods! Enjoy the people you are with….as I’ve recently learned they won’t be here forever. Peace and hugs to you all just breath.

  • I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Kim and this site. I am watching the slide on this site to make some travel determinations. It is local sites such as this that keep us all in touch. A very sincere thank you,
    Chris Van Hook
    Clean Green Certified

  • CHP is not blocking the bell, they were at they laytonville entrance yesterday checking for 4×4/mud tires and turning around anyone who didn’t know the area.
    The road has atleast three areas that are sliding and in bad shape, only made worse by more traffic. Don’t speed, mind your brakes and don’t abuse this road by driving on it unless you must. This road is our north south lifeline so we must be extra mindful of our usage. This is a county road but it is also someone’s driveway.

  • William M. Button

    If the Locals tell Me to stay off their road, that is what I will do. They are the ones that use their 4 wheel drives to rescue Me. Love them. I also love to drive their roads. But I want to get to the other end safely.

  • I’m driving from SF to Eureka…does anyone know how hwy 299 is if I go I-5 to Redding and 299 to Eureka? I’ve never traveled the 299 road before. It’s looks like there’s some work on that road being done also. Plus I’ll be traveling at night and I know it’s somewhat curvy.
    Thanks for any input.

    • 299 is fine. Be sure to check the CalTrans website for the times it’s open – there’s been a lot of slide activity on it this winter and crews are out there with heavy equipment working on them. It’s curvy and twisty just west of Redding but straightens out further on. Mind the speed limit and be patient – there’s a lot of traffic being directed onto 299 due to the 101 closure.

  • Thank You to whoever gave my son a ride over Bell Springs today. It’s good to know kindness and looking out for other human beings is still alive and well in our beautiful community here in the mountains. The people here can choose to be as big a part of the beauty as the mountains are. Peace and love to all. HAPPY EARTH DAY.

  • We just drove 20 to 5 and then 299 to get home to the coast. We were visiting family in Kelseyville near Clear Lake . We waited an extra day to come home but decided to go for drive home via Redding. We ended up spending the night in Redding though as the weather turned pretty wild yesterday afternoon. If you Leave Redding on the Hour and between 6am and 6pm you only have a small wait to get through the delays. They are letting people through only on the Hour on the last one. We left Redding at 12 noon today and got to the last delay at about 1:40 and right at 2pm they let us through. We counted 107 cars on the other side that were also waiting to get through. Good Luck!!

  • Hasn’t it been made clear that caltrand has to do this job correctly?

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