[Home!] Beloved Princess Lost; Her Servants Miss Her

brown pitbull

Frightened by yesterday’s thunderstorm, Princess, a female blue/grey pit bull, fled her home near Otter Lane in Shelter Cove, California. (in the general area where the old church parking lot, water tank and Beach Road are.)

“She has only been with us for a few months and may be scared and disoriented,” explained her owner (in reality, her royal servant.) “She has her blue/green collar on and is microchipped. Please call Cheri or Don anytime, day or night, at 707-986-9539 (home) or 707-498-5794 (cell phone, call or text.)”

brown pitbull with pink towel

UPDATE Saturday: Princess is home!



  • Last seen where?

  • She’s beautiful! Praying u find her safe and sound very soon 🙏

  • She is so cute with her pink blanket .Hope she gets home quickly. Kyms net work will find her .

  • Princess servant here, Someone saw her late yesterday afternoon headed up Shelter Cove Road toward the General Store. Please be on the lookout in that area. We are headed that way now to check up near Toth.

    • The Cove Dweller

      Ms. Cheri Swan my home and business are open to you as an emergency drop off place for Princess, just in case you are out of cell range or miss a call. You know how to find me in the Cove. Hope your little four legged makes it home soon!

  • We are still out looking for her and will be out most of the night. I forgot to put on all the posts that there is a REWARD for her return. Please call us if you see her 986-9539. Thanks for everyones shares, wishes and help

  • PRINCESS UPDATE 4/20 8pm – We’ve been out driving around above Shelter Cove General Store and then down Telegraph Road all the way to the dump around to Beach Road, to Shelter Cove Road and back to our house. No trace of our girl. Bosco (her Boy Toy pup) and I left one of her blankies up by our mail box by Shelter Cove Road and some of her toys on each side of Lindley Loop. I’m ready to cry…I miss our girl so much. If you see her please call us anytime day or night 986-9539 ***REWARD for her return and my undying gratitude***

  • What city and state ?? Please edit your post to include that. This will be shared all over Facebook so the more info the better.

  • I am just sick for the owners I pray that she is found today
    All my hopes for her and her family.

  • I’m praying your Princess and you, her family are reunited within hours. If anyone can help, please do so. If I lived there again, I’d be at your side searching. I will follow your posts🙏🏼

  • SHE’S HOME!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you everyone for keeping an eye out for our girl! WE ARE SO BLESSED TO LIVE IN SUCH A GREAT PLACE! I know its not a strong enough word, but THANK YOU everyone!!!!!!

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Thank goodness!!! Very happy that she found her humans!

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