A Teacher Wanted for Kidnapping a Troubled Teen in Tennessee Was Arrested in Siskiyou County

Tad cummins Elizabeth ThomasThe Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced that Tad Cummins, a 50-year-old teacher who was wanted for abducting Elizabeth Thomas, age 15, was arrested today in Siskiyou County.

Authorities have been searching for Cummins and Thomas since March. A flyer issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation states that Cummins is wanted for Aggravated Kidnapping and Sexual Contact with a Minor. “He is believed to be armed with handguns and should be considered dangerous,” the flyer states.

According to a source from Siskiyou County, “Dude showed up yesterday and worked a minute moving rocks with my caretaker. My other neighbor thought something was off and did some research. It matched the dude, [Tad Cummins]. Soooo last night my neighbor and my caretaker called the sheriff. [The Sheriff’s Office] got there at 4 a.m.”

By 7 a.m., they had weapons drawn and now the Tenessee Bureau of Investigations is reporting Cummins is in jail and the young girl is safe.



  • Thank goodness for alert people who take the time to check out their suspicions.

  • Yes thank goodness for the alert. So glad they were caught!!

  • Glad to hear the girl is OK! Good thing there have been lots of rocks to move around here lately, and somebody spotted him. He’s getting good practice for when he is reassigned to the Tennessee Chain Gang.

  • I saw this dirt bag in shop smart three weeks ago i new i should have called the police i tried to fallow him but i stuck in the long line’s because there never enough checkers

  • From the pictures taken of them from video survelliance, she sure didnt look like she was being held against her will.
    Doesnt sound like he had any weapons on him either.
    So many resources spent on this, its kind of nuts. There are a lot of kids missing who need this kind of help.
    If only folks cared that much about the local jerks who need to go, like the guy who has the profanity covered van that used to be across from shop smart and now parks by cafe mokka in arcata..I bet he spies on folks in the hot tubs there!!! That guy molested numerous kids in so hum. Watch out for him and his pink barbie backpack he wears with kids toys in it. The police know they just havent caught him in the act.

    • This guy was a teacher. In loco parentis. An authority figure. “Against her will” is pretty moot at that point.

      • Exactly. Teachers have tremendous power to manipulate students, almost like an X-Men “power”! I should know: been a teacher for the past 30 years. But I work with elementary school students and the one thing I would never tolerate is child abuse; when it’s of a sexual nature better get out of my way mere mortals!

        • Young, sexually experienced/’liberated’ women also have tremendous ability to manipulate older, desperate, horny men. Im convinced that power eminates from the “Nether Regions” ;D

    • There was a local child molester in Loleta area that had a big yellow Tweety Bird painted on his van.

    • questioning intelligence

      Uh. This girl is 15 years old! If you think that she can give consent for this month long road trip, I hope you never have children. I’m not saying don’t also catch the local guys, I’m saying this girl deserves to go home and get help to work through whatever feelings she has for this man. A man who should have been a protector and not a predator.

  • Chester the molester

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I think this teacher was giving her marijuana to brainwash and abuse her.

    It’s a great lesson and point that marijuana is a go nowhere path that sex offending, criminal garbage use.

    If marijuana wasn’t allowed he wouldn’t be abusing this child.

    The answer is completed and solid destruction of marijuana and the lives of those that grow it to feed children in order to abuse them.

    Every dope grower had a part in this crime and should rot in a Mexican prison after they complete the wall that enforces their deportation.

    Once marijuana is removed from the planet, peace will break out, children will have futures, and communities will breathe a sigh of relief knowing The Devil’s Lettuce is gone.

    Until that great day, just more news of marijuana crimes and the destruction dope growers cause through their terrorist groupings.

    Trump should bomb any marijuana plant and shell the properties of the terrorists that grow it.

    • You realize they were only passing through Siskiyou county. He kidnapped her from Tennessee.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      And there’s the local troll with nothing of substance to offer.

    • Hi Kim How come my comment got deleted? I didn’t call him a child molester I just insinuated it like he insinuates every one who smokes pot is one. Sorry if I crossed the line I just don’t understand how someone like that can live in honeydew and spew his hate speech on here every friggin day. Any way hope you are feeling better

      • I really try to keep insults off the page. Since I’ve been sick, I’ve slacked some but I’m feeling better every day. He does hate on a group but I allow that though I wish people wouldn’t but I don’t allow insults to other commenters.

      • Omigosh, the Bridge CHUMP really gave me a chuckle this morning! Certainly he or she must delight in stirring the pot and watching for reactions. I mean…. that can’t be real, right?

    • Meth is a terrible drug, you should seek immediate care, it’s making you delusional and saying stupid stuff, plus I’m sure your mama wants her computer back

  • 100 years ago a man that age in love with a girl that age wouldn’t been thought out of the ordinary… How society values change with the times.,,,

    • Well… i think i see your point, though i will quibble. I read a lot of history and do quite a bit of genealogical research, have looked over many censuses from the 1800s and on. 15 and 50 would have raised a few eyebrows… caring parents would not have desired such a match for their child, who would be left a widow in a few years. Unless, of course, the girl were poor, and the man very wealthy, promising to leave her a good inheritance; then he would be considered a brilliant catch! Typically, considering that the desired attributes for men were success, stability, and money, and for women, baby-making potential, household utility, attractiveness, and agreeability, the difference might be up to 10 years for someone as young as 15. Once a girl was over 20–practically an old maid–you might see an age difference of 20 or 30 years. But 35 years older than a barely post-pubescent girl… always a little creepy.

      Then of course i must point out that these societal values are not just whimsical fashion. I think i detect from “Ice” a little lightening of the point, as if this new social onus is just a fad, and we shouldn’t get so worked up about a man just doing what men have done or wanted to do forever–get a little bit of that young girl sweetness. Well… it’s more than that.
      As i just said, when May-September relationships were more acceptable, the arrangement was mainly economical, and the choice was the male’s. Women were lucky or not lucky, in that if they didn’t catch a stable, supportive man, and especially if they didn’t have family able to support a “maiden aunt” or spinster, they would be unlikely to earn a decent income in any legitimate way. Some went to prostitution, some committed suicide, others did go into business for themselves or became career household help in someone else’s family. Women were simply not recognized as being equally valuable human beings–they were more like commodities. A woman being chosen or pursued by an older man to be his wife was generally not someone he felt a deep soul connection with, or a meeting of the minds. She was merely the best household help and reproductive conduit he could afford.
      (The reverse–a man’s success being dependent upon his marital status– was not true, in that men who did not land wives were in no economic jeopardy, and could replace the usual offerings of wives with reasonably paid professional female help, e.g. housekeepers, maids and cooks, and prostitutes.)
      Nowadays, more than fashion has changed. The very nature of being a female, or for that matter, being any of the gender-identities claimed today other than cis male, is (ideally) valued as much as being a male. Being picked up as a toy by a man old enough to be one’s father or even grandfather, where the power and influence imbalance is enough to make one wonder what’s lacking in the man who can’t handle a complex adult relationship with someone of equivalent life experience, a peer, is now seen as abusive, damaging, and deranged.
      As it should be, per the evolved values allowing women full personhood and girls the right to grow up feeling enough family love and self-love to live their own lives and develop their own characters before being unduly influenced by some predatory creep with evidently less psychological maturity than his prey.

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Honeydew….cannabis is what you need!

  • The couple rented the cabin they were staying in and had been seen in the area for over a week prior to the tip being called in on them. So no, they were not passing through.

  • Kristin Neyhart

    Who rented them the cabin? Didn’t they realize this guy was wanted!?

  • The caretaker and his friend are the one’s who called in the tip.

    A Tennessee news Station reports that the caretaker sent them up to Black Bear and supposedly the couple were turned away and they went back to the caretaker and he let them stay in a cabin.

  • Girl knew exactly what she was doing, and what she wanted. He was probably up at dawn scrambling to make her coffee. If the gender roles were reversed, the headline would read “Troubled teacher and her teenage abductor rescued today.”

  • He was a teacher,he knew better.and he was over 50 disgusting 🖕him

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