Snow on Hwy 36

Snowy Roads by Jacob Whitney2
With Hwy 101 closed north of Leggett due to a rock slide, a lot of locals have been using Hwy 36 to get to Hwy 5 and from there to their ultimate destination. But, Mother Nature has reportedly dumped several inches of snow along Highway 36 at South Fork Mountain.

The National Weather Service asks that you “please use caution tonight while driving on higher elevation roadways.”



  • Bell springs road it is

  • Thank you for this very important update!

  • Went through at around 10 or 11 pm April 19 at south fork mountain. Minimal snow on the road. Some slightly heavy snow fall (limited visibility at night) in a few isolated spots near the two high points on the road, but mostly rain. Any snow mostly melting as it hit the roadway.

    It was foggy and treacherous, I don’t recommend doing it at night. I had a 4×4 and a loaded equipment trailer. Took me over 5 hours to make it from Red Bluff to 101. Slow and steady.

    • Thank you for the personal report! I was hoping to get someone who was there telling us about on the ground conditions so drivers could decide if this was the right route for them.

  • Thank you Kym, nothing like being stuck here in our “Humboldt Cave”!!!! Cant get in and cant get out. If only our vehicles could fly, like they did in the old “jetsons” cartoon, back in the early 80’s

  • Gotta love the Redwood Curtain.

  • Charlotte McDonald

    Kym Kemp you’re awesome! Thank you for keeping us informed 👍👍

  • The Jetsons were from the sixties. We’re lucky we got cup holders! “Ranks Raurie!”

  • Hate to “harsh your buzz”, fellow travlers but watch your speed on #36. Oh! Watch for my CHP prowler as well.

    • Get those speeders, Mike! So many push it past their limit on that road.

      Hey, try the Eka-Arc safety corridor, too, the state would get rich collecting tickets.

    • shawn the fisherman

      Put on a badge and a gun and do nothing but look for trouble.” Do not be surprised when u find some”.

    • Glad to hear you are patrolling and visible (even on the internet). That makes it safer for everyone. It would be helpful if CHP could increase patrols on this route, in proportion to the increase in traffic.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      What about the man portable emp device the Hmongs used on Hayfork summit?

      Even dried that cops cell phone!

      I wouldn’t give him a ride because I have children and if they were going to get him I don’t want any part. He was scared and I told him we’d sent help, but never did, because he was most likely pro marijuana.

      Have the cars been shielded now from that thing?

      It was used on a handful of people.

    • For much of 36 the posted speed is 55. There’s no way you can go that fast on most of it. Just drove it Wednesday afternoon and evening (4/19) in the snow.

  • K-Mud was saying to use Bell Springs Rd as an alternative route. Why would anyone suggest hwy-36 to I-5 as the detour when they could use Bell Springs?
    Some kind of sick joke or something.

    • Both the CHP and local residents are attempting to turn back people using Bell Springs Road.

      • How’s 299? Any idea the time from Arcata to Redding?

        • 299 is in pretty good shape. There are several construction zones the worst of which could hold you up about an hour. I’d plan on 4 to 5 hours and enjoy the beautiful views.

        • A friend drove 299 a week ago and again this past Monday. If you arrive st the slide on the hour, you can join the convoy. Arrive before or after and you wait for the next hour road opening. It isn’t that big a deal now, just timing.

      • Is Bell springs Rd a private road or tax payer funded Rd? If public Rd how can ppl be refused passage? Please explain

        • It is a county road paid for with taxpayer dollars. But I believe that law enforcement and certain other government agencies can restrict access to roads as they see fit. For instance, Caltrans can say 4WD only on snowy roads. However rather than relying on my shaky knowledge, I called CHP Garberville and as soon as the public info officer can, he will answer this question for us.

  • I had so much conflicting information about Bell Springs we took 36. I didn’t want to drive from I5 all the way there just to get turned around and use that route anyway. Holy white out snow and pouring rain. I was going about 15mph through the one lane section. That could not have been any worse than Bell Springs’ pot holes. People please remember to turn your high beams off when passing other vehicles. I was driving blind at some points. So glad to be home…..even if it was 1:30 am. The 101 freeway was dead as a door nail though.

  • How long does it take to get from Arcata to the spot on 299 where the delays are? Trying to time it so I arrive on the hour and join the convoy to avoid the delay.

  • Take 36 it’s fine just stay on your side of the road from Lara bee valley to the dinsmore store in the one lane it’s all logged out for the widening project so you can see up ahead pretty good I drive it daily and since the slide closed 101 there is a lot more traffic but not bad

  • Just allow plenty of time, don’t get in a hurry and be prepared to meet new interesting people while waiting in line at Big French Creek on 299. Folks get out and walk the dogs, stretch your legs, take some photos. Its like a little vacation. Although this has been a winter of waiting in road closures I have found there is really a lot to slowing down the pace. We are in Humboldt County man, enjoy it, or Siskiyou or Trinity or Mendocino. Life in the slow lane is good for us old timers.

  • like it’s even that big of a deal if people use this road as an alternative route. For goodness sakes there’s other people out There Who have to go places and would like to get there quicker. And everyone wonders why the world is going down hill! part of the reason being because of snobby, stuck up, ignorant, and selfish people like you whom think they are so entitled to complain and have “A ROAD” closed 😂 I can’t help imagining how much awesomer the world would be if your dad had just pulled out💦

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