Shot Fired Into Eureka Residence From Vehicle

EPD Eureka PoliceYesterday, on April 18, at about 3:41 p.m., “officers responded to the 2300 block of Garland Street for the report of a shot fired into a residence from a vehicle,” confirmed Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department. “No injuries were reported. A witness described a blue SUV as the possible suspect vehicle. Officers checked the vicinity but were unable to locate any involved parties.”

A BOLO (Be on the Lookout) has been issued.



  • I have to go to pukereaka ,and I hope I make it out alive .I think I’ll take my 45 .

  • I got a extended magazine holds 10 rds .

  • Great, just what Youfreaka needs, Drive by shootings!!!! Congrats Youfreaka you just graduated up closer to being a Mini HELL-A!!!!

  • The way things are going in Humboldt, the camera crews will be here filming ‘Cops” or “Live PD”. And they only film in high crime areas !!! Our county officials and courts must be so proud.

  • I by pass that street and go around. I saw 2 people dealing drugs,and 2 people shooting up at the park,baseball park. Called the cops and waited to see how long before they got their!!! Ya right,HERE’S a surprise No one came! Instead of building trails,and parklets let’s hire some tough kick ass cops and clean up our TOWN. On another note,KYM I wanted to ask you if you got the Bulls eye? That’s how they knew I had Lymes. I didn’t know for years what that meantđź•Š

    • Poster formerly known as Matt

      The parklets were built by the business owners, not the city.

      • The parklets were built by the city, on city property, for businesses selected by the city and for those businesses which forked over the amount of cash suggested by the city.

  • Made it out of tweekreaka alive .mr fuller ,and i went unarmed. I went in and out in a ,really ,really fast car .

  • The clues to this shooting are on the walls. Look at the corner of Mc Cullens and Glen st. A Norteño gang, WSW14 locos, has crossed out the local Sureño graffiti. The local Sureños, 18th st, crossed that back over. A local gang beef is starting, and no one pays attention until bodies start dropping….

  • This shooting occurred in the afternoon. I was in my yard and heard the gunshot. This City is getting out of hand. It appears that no one in this City is interested in curbing these criminal acts. Once bodies of innocent civilians starts to stake up, perhaps the City Council and the Mayor will wake up and take a stand. It’s a shame that people have to lose their life or have their home shot up before something is done. Neighbors should be alert and report illegal activities occurring in their neighborhoods instead of allowing gangs, drug transactions, drive-by shootings, etc. This is a crying shame that this City is going down the toilet. I hope a television show (COPS), APD, to name a few come to this City. This City needs to be exposed for all its worth.

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