Coroner’s Office Releases Name of Hoopa Woman Who Died in Monday’s Crash on 299

Photo by Mark McKenna

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified and released the name of the subject who tragically died in the traffic accident on Monday April 17th, on Hwy 299 east of Blue Lake Blvd. The decedent is 53 year old Janine Elaine Orcutt of Hoopa Ca.

Further questions surrounding the investigation can be directed to the California Highway Patrol Arcata Office.

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  • Again so,so,so very tragic. Hope the kids are recovering .

    • Little Aubrey passed away Wednesday. Three of the other Wood family children have had broken bones. The mother is in an induced coma. She lost the baby boy that was 8 months along in her pregnancy. They need lots of prayer and compassion. They will have huge medical bills. the helicopter ambulance services are usually tens of thousands of dollars by itself. In our area of South Carolina they start at $45,000 just to fly locally. They are in several hospitals.

    • I understand the injured children that survived the wreck have been released from the hospital and are with family. They will need much prayer and support.

  • RIP, and may the daughter and husband have the best possible outcome.
    Holding the family in thoughts and prayers

  • My condolences to the family and friends. Such a loss to our community.

  • I thank the family for sharing these kind words about Janine. I am praying for both families. This is just so, so sad. Unbelievable.
    “There but for you go I”.

  • Thank you so much for sharing Janine’s obituary.

    Pretty awesome testimony to her faith.

    Good to see the go fund me site is almost at the mark they need for her services.

    Keeping her daughter and husband and family in my prayers.

  • catherine brooks

    all our prayers and thoughts go with this family we have all lost out on both sides I hope for a speedy recovery for Janine’s family and this family also this is such a hard time for all may GOD keep everyone in his arms and keep strong during this time they are going to need help from everyone that knows them bless all of you

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