Two Deceased; Eight Injured During Horrific Accident on Hwy 299 Yesterday

A firefighter looks back, checking for passing traffic. [All Photos by Mark McKenna]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On April 17, 2017 at approximately 1830 hours, 55 year old Kevin Loren Orcutt of Hoopa was driving a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country minivan on SR-299 eastbound, east of Blue Lake Blvd.  26 year old Yesenia Mireya Wood of Oroville was driving a 2009 Toyota Sienna on SR-299 westbound, east of Blue Lake Blvd.

For reasons still under investigation, the Toyota crossed into the eastbound lane, directly into the path of the Chrysler.  The right side of the Toyota struck the front of the Chrysler.  The force of the impact caused the Toyota to overturn and come to rest blocking the eastbound lane.  The Chrysler traveled off the roadway and down a steep embankment colliding with a tree.  Two passengers in the Chrysler were not wearing seat belts at the time of the collision and sustained major injuries.  A passenger in the right front seat of Chrysler sustained fatal injuries and died at the scene despite lifesaving efforts by medical emergency personnel.

Mrs. Wood’s five children were passengers in the Toyota.  The children were restrained in seat belts and child safety seats.  Several of the children received major injuries, with one child being flown to a hospital out of area for further medical treatment.  Mrs. Wood’s unborn child sustained fatal injuries.

The east and westbound lanes of SR-299 were closed while emergency medical personnel administered medical aid.  Later, one-way controlled traffic was maintained while the collision scene was being investigated.

All of the involved parties were transported by ground ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka and Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata.

Alcohol and/or drug impairment is not suspected to be a factor in this collision, which remains under investigation by the Humboldt Area Office of the California Highway Patrol.

Fire crews from Blue Lake, Fieldbrook, and Arcata responded to the scene where 8 people, including five children, were taken to the hospital by ambulance. All four ambulances called to the scene transported patients.

Many children items were strewn about the crash scene.

Several car seats and booster seats were amid the debris from the wreck.

Two firefighters remained with the vehicle that went over the side of the road. One of the people in the vehicle was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The damage to a Toyota Sienna minivan was extensive.

 Emergency personnel work in rain and mist to save the patients.

A CHP officer walks past one of the vehicles on 299.

A CHP officer gathers evidence at the scene of the collision.

Another CHP officer gathers evidence at the scene of the collision.

Fire crews and CHP opened the road to one-way controlled traffic.

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  • Oh my God those poor little children. I am so, so sorry for all involved. God help the little children and their souls. This hurts my heart so bad.

    • Ralph Metsersnich

      Tell it to the local people people from Hoopa who were the local victims here. It is the elephant in the room. No one wants to ask the hard questions. I wonder, no I really wonder…. if she (the Oroville woman) was here legally???? They look Hispanic, maybe Mexican. If not here legally the State should be sued for negligence by the local residence of Hoopa. Enough is Enough.

      • Oh for heaven’s sake, I hope you rethink what you just said. First, who the heck cares? They’re all people. Secondly, there is enough love in Humboldt to embrace our local native people who lost their mother, sister, wife and friend and to also embrace a woman who lost an unborn child and may be soon losing her toddler. We don’t have to choose. We can just love.

        • Ralph Metsersnich

          99% of the problems in Humboldt County are from people NOT from here. You should know that. It does matter. like I said, tell it to the local NATIVE people from Hoopa that creamed off the road.

          • As a 65 yr old lifelong Humboldt county resident I can tell you that you are a sad sick miserable fucking asshole. Crawl back in your hole creep.

            • Thank you joe.
              Mr creep if youre anything but at least half native blood then YOU are the original outsider here.
              Plus leave mexican people alone, if they were chinese would you question it?
              We are all humans except people like you make me think some folks are half demon.

            • Rosetta Bledsoe

              I second that. From here. Doesn’t matter. It was a tragic accident that could be you or I. People are people and stuff happens. Weather they are from here or there. Sending good thoughts and blessing to all involved. Hope their spirits have peace. To Ralph. You need blessings and light.

          • Hey Ralph I think you need a forehead tattoo that says ‘King Xenophobe’.

          • We know that “Hispanic” woman personally and she is here legally. How hard you must be to care more about ethnicity than people dying in such an accidental and tragic way. May you never have to face such a painful situation and may you be given much more mercy than you’ve decided to give.

          • Ralph, not only incredibly wrong, possibly the most horrible racist sickening comment I’ve ever seen on here. Humboldt is not for you.
            You need help. Really.

          • …but, Ralph, the good news is that there is forgiveness for you at the cross of Jesus Christ! I know her, and this young mother of 5 would be happy to tell you how to trade your bitterness for joy, your hate for love in the name of Jesus Christ.

          • Mark of Oroville.

            If you don’t like the people around you. You can just move to an Inland or try living out of space where its just you. You do have the choice where to live, You can either live among us or go live alone somewhere. You didn’t make this world or the people in it, So what right do you have to chose what race of people live where. We the people don’t own this earth or own any part of it, We just live on this earth for a short time.

          • Part Indain, part other race.

            Indians wasn’t the first born race of people.

            If you don’t grow your own food, make your own lumber for the house u live in, made the car u drive, make your cloths, candy and what ever else you have. Then why are you feeling the way you do about other races ?. Every one has there place in life. Even you do !

          • You are sooo wrong. 99% of the problems are from drugs & crime, not from any kind of people. I got news for you, this area WAS Mexico 200 years ago, so get that racist stick out of your ass. People like YOU are the problem. Misery loves company. There are plenty of other places for you to live. Alabama sounds about right.

            • No!! Don’t send him to Alabama!! We don’t want people like him here!! Thats the worst comment ever!! It’s so sad for the family that lost a wife,mom,sister,aunt,grandmother,etc but its just as equally sad that the other family lost their unborn child and could loose another!! It doesn’t mater where they are from or what her race is because she is human and is no doubt the worst pain ever!! I pray for both families involved… for The Lord to comfort and bring peace in this terrible time!! And I pray The Lord had mercy on the crazy man making stupid comments!!

              • The lady that was killed was my sister she had 4girls 2 son’s granchildren 1 brother she took care of forever and lots of cousins and a very big family in Washington &California she was a very special lady to everybody we will miss her dearly RIP in piece

          • This is ridiculous there are children dead or dieing how would you feel if this was your family being talked about the way you are talking about them? They are all people and they deserve prayer and hope not negative attitudes like yours.

          • Ok, I’m NOT from here but came here becuase I love everything about it. What pisses me off is all the locals that walk around saying how much they love all types of people, but in the next breath slam those who come here to be part of the culture and love. Which is it Ralph the hater?

            • Makes me mad that SOME of the locals do that, too. Remember though it isn’t all of us.

              • Rosetta Bledsoe

                Yes Kym My husband and I were born and raised here and we love the diversity that people from out of our area bring. So we just have to get beyond stupid. It is everywhere.

          • triniboldticino

            Trump voter, clearly. America circles the toilet.

          • And who is to say that this was her fault? You are angry at the wrong person for the wrong reason. If we all showed compassion, our world might be in a better state.

            All of these people with keyboard confidence fighting on a webpage filled with brutal and heinous visual proof of a car accident that has claimed lives wasting time..

            Where is the love?

        • You’re spot on, Kym! I don’t usually post on these sites, but your wisdom and compassion speaks for me, as well. The issue is not fault or blame, but the horror or terror the children might suffer the rest of their life; the loss of life and the suffering and grief of all effected by this tragedy. Thank you, Kym. You instill hope by your profound reply.

        • I know these people personally. Mrs. Woods is a legal citizen and devoted pastors wife. She is going through great grief. Please be kind.

        • Thank you, Kym!!

        • You are so right , Kym

        • Beautifully said. So sorry to all who are suffering through this. Really makes me realize how precious life is as I sit here with my two boys.

        • Well said Kym! Human beings, period! What does race have to do with this terrible tragedy. So very sad. Thoughts and prayers for both families.

        • I agree. Accidents happen that’s why they are “accidents” I feel for every loved one who is grieving on both sides. Lots of prayers going up for these families in Jesus Name from Redding

        • She is a good Christian woman and is an American citizen. You have no clue what this family is going through. Try having a heart.

        • Thank you for saying that. Surely what ALL these people need now is love and compassion. Such a sad day.

        • She did lose her toddler

      • I know this lady and she was LEGAL! Why are you saying such stupid things in such a terrible time??? Use some common sense!!

      • [edit]…its always poor me they lost an unborn baby and may lose another child…how dare you even question if they were here leaglly just because they are Mexican….im sorry ypu lost someone as well she sounds like she was a wonderful women…but she was not the only victim here so tske your nasty ass comments somewhere else…..why is it ALWAYS about race? the only elephant in the room here is YOU [edit]

      • She is American born. I know this family and they are Pastors of a church in Oroville. Want a tragedy of such a precious family 💔

      • Good Grief Ralph Metsersnich she lost her unborn child and may have lost her smallest daughter.

      • I don’t think she’s ever been to Mexico. My nephew is from several generations of Americans and his children are half-Mexican American. Yesenia is a truly wonderful sweet person and is crazy about her children, who are supported by their father!

      • Hey Ralph, go donate some blood [edit]

      • Ummm yes!my cousin was born here!

      • I know the woman who died in the accident and my husband worked with Kevin for years they are friends. Two wonderful people who worship God and have always opened their hearts and home to children who had nowhere to go. They are soul mates that love each other deeply. I can’t imagine what Kevin will do with out her. As for that comment about Mexicans, Who do you think you are to assume a Mexican was involved in this why in the world would you even say it. You and people like you are what’s wrong with this country. Racist ignorant people who think their superior over anyone not of your race or faith. Get your head out of your butt and please keep your mouth shut until you find some intelligence for crying out loud. And all of a sudden you have sympathy for residents of Hoopa? I know people from Hoopa and you Sir are beneath them. And show some sympathy for those poor little children and the woman who lost her baby.

      • Ralph – I too often wonder about the people in our world who are so quick to use the race card. I mean where did that comment come from, race isn’t even a factor in something as tragic as this accident! Do you have any compassion? The only thing that any decent human being should think, is how they can help make things a little easier for all involved…

      • Seriously Ralph? They were probably a family on their way home after going somewhere for Easter weekend! Wow.

        • On their way to do volunteer work at a church. A pastors family. Even this truth doesnt stop the haters.
          The folks in red van were probably on a family outing as well.

          Hold your loved ones close and be grateful for what/who you have, even if they make you crazy sometimes! Love will prevail, these mean comments make me realize how very important it is for us all to spread as much peace as possible, inner peace.
          Lets all work to be more gentle towards one another ♡
          This family sounds like folks who would be honored by having kindness performed in their name.

      • Christopher Moran

        Yes she was born and raised in California and her parents were legal as well. So you and your elephant have a nice walk off a short pier. [edit]

      • She is here legally. Born and raised in the U.S. That was rude and disrespectful. You don’t know the family and unless you were there at the time of the wreck you should probably keep your Opinions to yourself.

      • Friend of the family

        Really? Really? This woman is not illegal, but if she was, does that mean she or her children deserve to die or suffer any more than you? How inconsiderate of you to say this! She is a wonderful, Godly woman and you would be so blessed to have her praying for you and your obviously messed up heart.

      • Mark of Oroville.

        Yes her and all their kids are here legally. even Kids born in California, and her husband was born in California, He’s 100% white, He is a pastor of little faith holiness church in Oroville. They are a very will liked an very kind hearted couple, love god fully and gave all of there life to god serving him fully, Doing what ever god lay’s upon them to do, He works, He supports his family, He pays taxes, They don’t live off the church offering, They were on there way to help do needed volunteer repair work on a little church in Manila ca, There 3yr is brain dead on life support, She in real bad shape in a trauma center. She lost her fully developed unborn son.

        After I had my accident, this was my first time meeting them. They made time to visit me in the hospital, week later after I was transferred to a rest home. I was now living life in a wheelchair, Him and 2 others from the church built me a ramp so I was Able to come home an live in my home again. I didn’t know this ramp was being built, It was a need out of kindness. I’m so thankful to be living at home again, He even replaced my front door that someone destroyed breaking in while I was hospitalized. He would not take money so I had a person go put it in the little church offering. So unless you know a person. Why judge, Did God make you a better race ? Most are a mix of every race.

        • Thank you for sharing this. I love hearing about people being kind to each other.

        • Thank you for sharing Mark. They sound like wonderful caring people. They are definitely in my prayers.

        • Thank you for your comment, what an amazing and wonderful service to do for you!! I love those stories, its such a blessing to live at home as we grow older.
          These are the types of actions i believe jesus would be proud of, not selfishnesd or lack of compassion.

          Im gonna speak for others in saying i hope you know the majority of us in humboldt are truly sorry for these losses and are keeping the families in our thoughts and prayers.
          As well as the community they obviously served well.
          We too know the loss of community members to tragedy, and the ripple effect it often has thru the community.
          You are all in my prayers.

      • 5 children and one on the way….

      • Are you freakin kidding me Ralph? WTH is wrong with you?! Have some compassion. This poor woman has lost her baby & possibly another one of her children! She is going to have to live with that as well as the death of the passenger in the other vehicle. You are a disgusting human being! You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Oh my lands I know them personally. Yesenia was born and raised right here in California! You couldn’t find a sweeter person than her. She wouldn’t hurt a flea! It was an accident. It could’ve been you just as easy as it was her! Don’t speak of things you know nothing of! Our hearts are heavy for the other family as well. We have been praying for them too, and once the young mother comes to she will have to realize not only is her 7 month pregnancy just ended but she has a brain dead 2 year old and two other children having gone through surgeries all scattered in different hospitals. As I said it could just as easily been you or me… life happened and nobody in either one of those vans wouldn’t do anything to undo what took place.

      • Omg!!! Are u for real? Heartless pig. Smdh.

      • Who cares what race she is and if she is legal or not???[edit]. Prayers to this poor families.

      • Praying for your sick imagination and soul Mr. Ralph know it all.

      • Right, so everyone that looks Hispanic, especially if they’re in California, must be an illegal. You’re just a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Actually she is an American citizen, born to American citizens. Even if she wasn’t, it is a tragedy, and people are hurting. My cousin is having to sit with his wife while his daughter is brain dead miles away. Another precious lady lost her life as well. At the end of the day, we’re all humans, and we all hurt. We need each other.

      • Ralph, you are a despicable human being. Chances are, her family has been here for as many generations or more than your own.

      • Yes she was legal!!

        • Why in the hell does that even matter? These are KIDS!
          Please quit buying into the admins bs that all your troubles are caused by ‘other’ people’
          We should help this family, no matter where they are from for crying out loud.
          Thats what Jesus followers are SUPPOSED to believe, and its also what this country was founded for.

      • I know shes here legally

      • Really? Have some respect. She was a preachers wife. She lost her unborn child.

      • Here are the faces of this family. Your comments are just horrible.

        • They are my cousins great caring down to earth people i cant believe people could say such rude things about such sweet people


        Currently, there is now, thanks to social media, a world wide prayer chain going on. Continuous praying for a beloved Pastor, his wife and their children. Yes, powerful, interceeding, prevailing prayer, by Saints of God.

        If you ever needed anything, they would be the first to show up. Keeping them all in my prayer’s.

      • Ralph, I am sorry for you. Your internal misery shows in your every statement. I am a very close relative of rhe victim that lost her baby. Their family is most definitely US born and very upstanding citizens. If they thought you were in need I would almost promise they would try to help you. This is a devastating horrible event in their life but I can assure you that even though it has brought them to their knees, by God”s grace they will come through it because they know in whom they believe and the power of his resurrection. Our hearts go out to the family in the.other van. May God”s peace and comfort surround them in this trying time.

      • She not illegal. A pastor’s wife

      • ELC just a friend of mankind

        Ralphie in your quest to determine whether or not this young lady was legal or not let me ask you does Native American blood flow through your veins if not it is a possibility that it one time your ancestors may have came to this country illegally as far as this family is concerned I have come in contact with this man and his wife and their young family at different times the man’s mother is from Oklahoma and the town I was raised in , his father raised in California and her family has legally been here for a few Generations or more so as far as them being illegals go they are as legal as any one person can be that is born in the United States of America of American parents however in such a time of tragedy as they are now in it is so petty for us to as a nation and as a people to try to look at someone and say well they deserve it because they are illegal which they are not so I ask you so next time you want to judge someone because of the way they look with the way they sound please stop and look and see that you have all your facts correct and straight because you see when we run off at the mouth about things we do not know and we do not understand we make ourself look more foolish then need be I do not know your ethnic group not do I care and sir rightly it if you was hurt weather I agreed with your choices or your ways and life is a moat point we need to see past skin to understand to comprehend when someone is hurting and they are going through something that is horrible more horrific than words can tell and ask yourself if this was me what I want someone to speak ill of me because of my race or the way I choose to live my life you know there is an old Indian saying no one knows how I feel till they have walked a mile in my moccasins and so sir i dont know if you believe in God or not but rather than throw stones of hatred and slurs of race it might be more fitting for you to take a second and get on your knees and thank the GOD of the heavens that this is not you or one of your family members that is in the situation right now then sir you might see things different

      • You my friend are ignorant. No the woman from Oroville is not an illegal. Do you not have a soul?

      • The “Native” woman who passed is my sister. While we are devastated by her absence we hold no hate or malice toward the woman who caused the accident. Janine was a kind loving person who had a strong faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We know she is now wrapped in the loving grace of our savior. We will miss her deeply but never hate.

        The young mother who was driving the other car has also suffered a terrible loss and we feel for her and pray for strength for their family in the coming days, months, and years. We know how difficult it is to overcome the sadness caused by the loss of a child and hope and pray for a miracle for her 2 year old.

        This accident, yes it was an accident, is nothing more than a tragedy. Both families will deal with the aftermath for years to come. I do not know the condition of the other family but I do know it will be a long recovery for our family members who survived and their lives are forever changed.

        This accident had nothing to do with an immigrant status. FYI unless you are an enrolled member of a Tribal nation you too are an immigrant to me. It puzzles me how so many people choose to attack immigrants because they have a better tan than you have. For us these folks look a lot like our people. Less foreign than the millions of European immigrants that are here today. As a Native person I condemn your callous attack on this woman who to me doesn’t look like “unamerican” at all. The reality is even if she had been an immigrant which she is NOT it would not change anything.

        This country was founded on the premise all men are created equal. This includes immigrants. I will pray for you that your heart will be made soft and you can let go of your hatred. To hate others is to hate oneself. I have always believed those who hate are those who are hurt the most. May God lift the burdens you clearly carry and help you to see the truth.

        Chrissy Winn
        Sister, Aunt, Native, but most of all A Real Christian with Love For All people regardless of Nationality, Color, Sexual Identity or any other factor some callous people deem as undeserving of respect, compassion, or kindness just as our Savior always taught.

        • Thank you for this beautiful, loving letter. I teared up at the kindness and caring you shared.

        • Chrissy,
          I am a friend of the Wood family, but I have been praying for your family as well. I’m glad to know you will have the comfort of Jesus at this horrible time and the hope of seeing Janine again.

          She sounds like a wonderful person and I’m so sorry for your loss.

          • We are heartbroken to hear they lost the little girl last night. Just a terrible tragedy. It is so difficult to understand why some are taken so young. Please express our sincere condolences to the family.

            I know time and grace will allow us all to overcome the events on Monday.

            We pray for the young mother’s recovery and her children.

        • As a Sister in Christ: May God comfort you and your’s during your time of sorrow. Thank you for your words of strength in your Christian faith. I feel God is using you to touch the lives of others and share His Grace and Mercy. There are prayers going up all across this world for everyone affected by this accident.

        • Beautifully said, I’m in tears….this tragedy is heartwrenching-

        • That was a gentle and compassionate reply, Chrissy. I send you my condolences. Praying for all those involved.

      • Wtc!? So if you look Hispanic you must be a illegal?

        • We have Mexicans that live across the street from us, that own a business and I believe the restaurant up the street, these people will bend over back wards for you, I love our Mexican neighbors. They know how to make the best Taco salad ever. Prayers for all whom is involved. This is heart breaking.

      • You should be praying for everyone [edit]

      • How can you asked that?? For your information yes she’s was born in the united States and yes she is Mexican… You guys are quick to judge… I feel sorry for you if it happens to one of your love one …

      • Are you kidding me. This is what you came up with after reading about this horrific accident? [edit] How dare you.

      • Your a sad person.

      • Victoria Rountree

        She’s legal. Also, her husband is a pastor of a church. Have you ever driven with multiple under abt 10 children in your vehicle? It’s easy to cross over the line a time or two.

      • Are You Kidding Me!?!? What is the matter with you? What rock have you been living under? Hispanics have been a part of the American fabric for generations. Not to mention the fact that several American states were once Mexico. But that is not the issue here. You read a Latin last name and immediately jumped to conclusions. Never mind, that there are two or more families in turmoil. If you are a praying person, perhaps that is what you should do. Pray for these children and the families involved in this horrific accident. And pray for yourself. You obviously need an examination of your conscience. God bless you!

      • Dear Ralph,
        This is the ” Oroville womans” auntie, you don’t have to wonder any more, I will answer your question sir, as I can tell, it has been bothering you,I hope you haven’t lost sleep over it.Yes,she is American. Thank you for being concerned. May the Lord bless you.

    • 5 kids, working on number 6. Was she trying to start a hockey team.? 🏒

      • not right to judge,

        This was there last planed baby, This would had been his son, The 4 others was girls, they love children an was good parents. He worked and supported his family and paid his share of taxes, He’s a pastor and carpenter by tread an does good work. He Just recently gotten his contracting license. So what’s wrong with this couple raising 6 children they planed for.

      • Not exactly sure what it matters how many children this couple wants but I do know one thing it’s none of my business how many they have and I really don’t think it’s none of anybody else’s business

      • Stephen, was that a joke? What does the amount of kids she has, have anything to do with the lives that have been lost? Every single one of those children, are loved, celebrated, and raised by two wonderful parents that adore them. There are ppl out there that have multiple kids that are uncared for, uncelebrated, that are affected by the drugs & have a horrible life with no one to care for them. And your going to make a comment about how many children were born into a beautiful safe loving home? Ppl are being irresponsible getting pregnant and having abortions on a daily basis, without even knowing who the father is. There are so many fatherless & unwanted children. And there are ppl that desperately want a baby that cannot medically have them. God has blessed that family and who are you to say any different? As if having enough kids make up for losing one. Her father in law was from a family of 13. They’re blessed to be surrounded by so many people that love them.

      • Dear God: Please heal and comfort all the victims and beautiful souls involved in this sad tradgedy.Help them with love, comfort, and support with all the good love energy and prayers being felt by many for these families.My heart is sooo sad to see this…I’m praying for everyone~♡♡

      • Stephen,
        now I’ve been trying my best to be nice about these comments, I’m her auntie. [edit]!!! I truly don t know if you’re trying to make people laugh, but she lost two so that hockey team is out of the question,right? So if she was, well now she can’t ,and thanks for reminding me that I lost 2 of my family members.

    • I’m shocked that anyone,lived threw this,accident look at that car! Good greif! Just pray the mom lives threw this cause she has,4 other beautiful children to take care of

  • Still praying for all the folks involved in this accident and the folks who stopped to assist as well as the first responders and medical teams caring for the injured. Thank you to all who are able to donate to the two go fund me pages.

    Please be kind with your comments the families of both families may check in here and they need to read words of compassion, love and care.

    Thank you.

    RIP dear Janine……tears are flowing for you and your beloved family. As well as for the Wood’s family.

  • Ann Coulter’s great book !Adios America! details the mass media’s ongoing efforts to NOT state when someone is legal/illegal. The fact is usually left out, regardless of the country of origin, to placate political correctness.

    It sounds like the woman was distracted by her children. Tragic indeed.

    Fact: I walk the streets and byways of (mainly) Eureka daily. I am nearly killed by distracted and sociopathic drivers on a daily basis. They turn without signalling, they turn into crosswalks when you are in them, and most of all they run stop signs all day long. Hang out at your neighborhood stop sign for an hour and watch the cars roll through. Hundreds if not thousands of drivers who care only for themselves (watch them eat, drink, apply makeup, etc.) speed through our local streets without a care since they know no cop will ever stop them. Without enforcement, there are no laws.

    Tragedy cannot be averted if no one cares ….

    • My family has been here since the 1850’s. I sometimes drive distracted and no I’m not proud of it but it sure as hell isn’t because I’m here illegally. I doubt this woman is here illegally but I don’t give a damn if she is, she’s a mother in pain which makes her more my sister than someone who would be so harsh.

    • People like you who make this world a bad place. Your narrow views and conclusions of what you think you know. People like you who take a tradegy and make it worse. People like you who are heartless and lonely without a life and who doesn’t care about the children or family involved in this accident. This is not the time or place to leave a comment like that. This is a family devastated by the loss of a little one and possibly two. Five children who were seriously hurt along with their pregnant Mother who lost her unborn child. [edit]

    • Back in hole beastie

      Who gives a crap if someones “legal”? Youre the original illegal ones here, so maybe you should get the f*ck out, this state was stolen from native tribes and then from mexico by illegal settlers.
      my guess is youre a white male.
      The bad drivers you see are mainly LA transplants going to HSU. It doesnt matter whos legal or not.
      Just quoting that book shows your lack of ability to think for yourself.
      Youre comments also show what an uncaring and cruel person you are. You are going to draw in so much bad energy for you and your family i almost pity you. I wish i was a good enuf person to pity you now for spewing so much unecessary hate.

      In your honor i am right now making a donation to the ACLU, specifically for their work on immigration issues, and will everytime i see your hate talk.
      I encourage others to do the same, this person is giving us a great example of why we need groups like the ACLU.

    • Brother by faith.

      We won’t know what happened that caused this accident until she comes out of her coma, She was transported to a trauma center in Santa Rosa calf, Their other 2 yr old is brain dead on life support in a Oakland Calf trauma center, The other children are injured and in the care of family,

      So sad for all the family’s involved, Many People an churches are praying for all the family’s involved. Sounds like both family’s were kind hearted loving people part of the Christian family that loved god a all people. and would not want this bad stuff said on either family behalf, This was a accident. it wasn’t done purposely.

    • Distracted by her children Maybe but did you look at the weather look like it was perfectly dry roads sun was just Shining not just because you had to deal with a few psychotic drivers few distracted drivers doesn’t mean everyone is but have you ever been distracted

    • actually that wasn’t why the accident happened “Ms just sayin” why don’t you put your real name, I did. my name is Connie and I’m her auntie. I’ll give you my number if you must know the details to satisfy your curiosity,but you’re so wrong about that hun.

  • Veterans friend

    Thank you Kym, for leaving that hideous post up for all to see.
    Thank you to all the first responders who cannot but have been traumatized by this horrible accident.
    Condolences to all who lost loved ones. Healing to survivors. You have a long and difficult road ahead. Hopefully you will find comfort in our community’s embrace.

  • Veterans friend

    Anyone who quotes Ann Coulter ought to be deported.😠

  • Prayers for all involved. And prayers for the Emergency Personnel who have to see this more often than they should have to.

  • “Two passengers in the Chrysler were not wearing seat belts” why do we keep seeing this over and over? WEAR YOUR FUCKING SEATBELT. Really. It’s not hard.

    • Some people have medical issues prohibitting them from wearing seatbelts. Either way it doesnt matter at this point. Just pray for the people instead of criticising..

      • I’m trying to get the point across to other people who might read this site. Not wearing your seatbelt is a really fucking stupid idea. It seems like a rather high portion of newsworthy accidents have at least one person not wearing a seatbelt. Do you think that percentage of people don’t wear their seatbelts… or do you think not wearing one makes an accident that much more likely to be newsworthy?

        Also, pray? If you want to talk to imaginary beings, go seek professional help. If you want to actually make a difference, convince people to drive sober, undistracted, and belted in. You know, things based on reality, not delusion. Things that will actually save lives.

        • I do wish we could stop hearing this, please people your best chance is to wear your seat belt! I know no one wants to talk about it after an accident like this, and I mean no disrespect to the family at all. I am praying for them. I know how horrible this is. I lost my boyfriend and his son in an accident on 101 a few years ago. Out of the 3 occupants in the vehicle, two were not wearing their seat belts and died. The third person was wearing their seat belt and survived. It was a horrible, horrible, horrible tragedy, but I have tried to use it to educate my son to always wear his seat belt no matter what! Something positive must come out of our loss and if the only thing I can find that is positive is that I have become a seat belt fanatic for myself, and anyone around me… so be it.

          May God Bless both families and help them find the strength they will need to get through this, and bless the two babies… Fly with the Angels now.

    • Have you ever been just going down the road just a little late and never put your seatbelt on be careful lest you judge someone when you yourself is at fault maybe you wear yours every time great most people at one time or another forget or just do not take time to put their seatbelt on

    • The passenger who died was wearing a seatbelt. The two who weren’t survived.

  • Yesenia is legal and is married to my first cousin who is also legal. But even if she was illegal she is still a human being.

  • What a tragedy. My prayers are with the families.

    And a huge thank you to the firefighters, EMTs, CHP, tow companies and police for helping these families. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.

  • A neighbor from Oklahoma

    Thank you Ralph for your generous contribution to the woods family “go fund me page” Your comments where so motivational that it made me want to give them more!! I ‘m sure others feel the same way!! Thank you!! PS This will help offset the cost and the cruelty of your words!

    • Well done! I agree completely. This person is reminding us how much we need to hold love for one another, this is the darkness we are up against.

  • Ralph, you picked the worst fight, one you can’t win. I am close friends with her and her husband and she is American born…I think you need to rethink your evil worldview.

  • Why even acknowledge the bad comments? All energy should be going to the injured!! All involved in the accident are in my prayers.

  • Isn’t this accident sad enough, Loco probably closed it’s comments because of racist pigs like Ralphy boy.

    • Ralph was a deprived child. Let’s hope someone helps him see what an jack ass he’s being with his hurtful comments.
      My heart goes out to the patients, and first responders!

  • Me and my buddy were the first people on scene. All you could hear was frightened hurt screaming kids. As we started clearing stuff out the get to them we could see how bad this was. But in about 10 mins there was races from everywhere trying to help. It took about 12-15 of us to pick up the van high enough to to untrap the last kid. Racism wasn’t a factor or we would not have been able to do it. The images I witnessed I can never forget. And to hear someone come on and attack someone after something like this. There is no word that explains to me the depth as to which you are low. I’m not a believer in God but I’ve been praying for those families since I left the scene. I wanna say thank you to everyone else that stopped to help. Please don’t post if you wanna be negative. Bad things happen so pray for people instead hate people.

    • Thank you for being there and helping.

    • Yes, thank you. These are my cousins.

    • Thank you michael!!!
      Please check in to how first responders process these types of situations after the fact. I remember a friend being first on scene at a horrible accident and it took a bit for the shock to fade. I remember him going to a meeting with the fire and police folks who were at the scene to download with one another. Im sure theres someone who knows more about this out there?

      Im so sorry for the challenges of being at the scene, and so glad you and others who jumped right in to help were there.

  • I drove an ambulance for ten years. In all those thousands of people, car wrecks, medical emergencies etc, not once did it question my mind regarding race. We all bleed red.

    To Ralph, first I hope you never have to see the images that others have.
    Second….. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your shorts and your puny arms to short to scratch! Go bury your head in a manure pile somewhere. You’ll be right at home!

  • Wow MICHAEL God Bless you. Such a heroic thing you’ve done.Bless your heart and seeing PEOPLE,just people needing help. We need that kind of world

  • Anything I can further do to help I will. Please share the go fund me accounts for the victims of the accidents. It can’t fix the situation but we can help make it a little better for all the people involved.

  • I just want to say my heart goes out to the families involved in this. The extended families, including the church family. Last night when this story came out all I could think was please God, please don’t let anyone die. Then I seen the comment of the coroner being enroute. I’m so sorry for all the loss in such a tragic accident. Much love and prayers going to everyone. ❤

  • Thank you Michael and all the others who assisted on the scene of the accident. May you find comfort and healing from the horror of the wreck.

    Regardless of the race or culture of the accident victims, folks stopped, helped and first responders did their job, as well as CHP, the ER and EMT staff, the air flight crews and now the hospital medical teams.

    Thankfully they do not put race ahead of working to save lives.

    And for all those who are praying and sending healing thoughts thank you.

  • Please God send strenth. This renewd racisim is sick. It’s dividing us. Pray together. Live together. Play together. Laugh together. Love together. One people. One planet. Just love. Please. Pray.🙏🌸💜

  • Ralph, with a last name like yours, it doesn’t sound like your from the US. Maybe you need to back where you came from. But to tell the truth, I can’t really say that. Because I’m not a racist. My whole family is of mixed races. Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, philappinos, Portuguese, native American, African American.

  • Can we help fix up the church they were on their way to? Im not christian but i am community minded, and think community service is non-denominational.
    It seems a way to honor the family by finishing the projects they were hoping to get done.

    From experience i recommend the website to the folks supporting these families first hand to keep meals coming in an organized manner. Therez a feature called meal train plus which includes things other than meals like housework and rides.
    We found it a helpful tool. Food tea and flowers seem to help too.
    There is no way but thru. May the path be as gentle as possible from this point on.

    • What a beautiful idea! If someone decides to do it, contact me and I will put together an article to hopefully bring more helpers.

    • The church is Manila Holiness church. Right now the church is spending most of its time with the children while Jeff is with Yesina.

  • I worked an accident like you Michael at that exact location about 7-8 years back. Three kids, a dog and a highly intoxicated parent. Couldn’t get ambulances or firetrucks out there fast enough. I definitely have never forgotten it. I highly recommend you check in for some first responder counseling. It takes strength to run up Into a scene like that and do the right thing. Born and raised in Arcata and living in Willow Creek I can tell you I never saw people run or turn away in these nasty incidents. Lots of those fireman are volunteering and putting their life and sanity on the line for us. That road has stolen someone from all of us at some point and I cannot imagine that the community of Hoopa and beyond aren’t hurting once again. I hope the state can evaluate that section because it seems innocent enough but with the downhill trajectory and coming up from the turns going East and the climate change as the elevation etc. Changes I find it concerning. Many prayers and blessings to all involved. I know this is a hard one for you Kym. The community is blessed to have you keeping them updated. People have no idea what this lady goes thru or hears working like she does. She Is a blessing indeed.

    • These stories are hard. The photo of the tiny patent leather shoes had me crying. But I believe that they also help open our hearts and bring us away from our own selfish concerns.

      • A friend calls these awful situations “perspective shifters”, meaning its an opportunity to step back and look at whats really valuable in life, at all and who we have in our lives and how lucky we are. Cherish each moment to the best of your ability.

  • Praying4AllInvolved

    Many of these comments brought me to tears. I was in a bad accident myself a few years ago and I can’t describe the overwhelming calm feeling that came over me in hearing my name from the lips of the local fire chief I had went to school with many years before. First responders are angels. They risk their lives and bring so much comfort in quite possibly a victims worst moments. I know how long the trauma has stayed with me. I was hit head on, they came into my lane. Blame was the last thing on my mind when I came to in smoke filled vehicle. All I could think of was getting out and getting to the people screaming in the vehicle. The vehicle that had hit me. Not once did it could it pass my mind what their race is, nor did I care. I did not care that they ACCIDENTALLY hit me. All I cared about was that we were ALL okay. My heart hurts for these families. I will be praying.

  • Mr. Metsersnich’s comments are pretty appalling and close-minded, but some of what’s been said about him here is equally so. If the family of the man murdered in Ohio this week can forgive his killer, perhaps we can show Mr. Metsersnich some compassion as well, because he clearly needs help. Often, people who make such flagrantly inflammatory comments do so to get attention. Well, he got plenty. Sometimes such comments are better ignored.

  • Many of these comments brought me to tears. I was in a bad accident myself a few years ago and I can’t describe the overwhelming calm feeling that came over me in hearing my name from the lips of the local fire chief (first on the scene) that I had went to school with many years before. First responders are angels. They risk their lives to bring so much comfort (in quite possibly) a victims worst moments. I know how long the trauma has stayed with me.
    I was hit head on, they (the other car) had came into my lane. Blame was the last thing on my mind, when I had came to in smoke filled vehicle. All I could think of was getting out and getting to the people screaming “help” in the other vehicle…. the vehicle that had hit me. Not once did it or could it have crossed my mind what their race is, nor did I( or do) I care. I did not care that they ACCIDENTALLY hit me. All I cared about was that we were ALL okay. My heart hurts for these families. I will be praying.

  • Firefighters wife

    Taking pictures of accidents ?!?!
    Who does this and feels good about it?? It’s so disrespectful!! The only people taking pictures should be the highway patrol.

    • Most first responders have told me that they have appreciated the respect shown by our photographers. Of all the family members who have commented here and there have been at least a dozen, the only mentions of the photography have been praise. Photographs, good ones, can make us look at the truth in the world which includes the horror of collision scenes. This doesn’t work for everyone. They need not to see these things. Then they should avoid the stories that contain these images but for most people the images bring an added awareness of driving carefully and, can help bring information to those hungry for news of family and friends far away.

      • Well put kym.
        I showed the pics to a few teens who have been driving a year or less. I asked them first if they felt ok to see crash pics. Both of their jaws dropped, i could see them realizing that this is reality of accidents, when we say drive safe its not just some adult trying to control you.
        Much like the faux drunk driving accident they do at the high schools complete with patients in fake blood, the images tell the story. Just like the images that were on the news every night during the vietnam war, thats what stuck with people.

        These photos make me think about driving safer, and being more patient with other drivers.
        At this point in our technological world theres a very big chance some photos from the accident would end up online anyway, whether posted here or not.

      • Firefighters wife

        My husband has a really hard time with reporters in his face while he is trying to save someone’s life . They have enough to do without that to worry about. I get your point but you should also get mine. A little goes a long way

        • A reporter should not be in the face of someone who is working to save lives…period. I totally agree with you. When first responders are able, it is okay to ask questions and respect whatever level of reply the responder is willing/able to give. It is never okay to interfere with taking care of people.

  • And sometimes those harsh photos provide evidence to find out what happened. Or something they missed. They are not pretty to look at. That’s why I chose not to look.

  • Regarding taking pictures: I think the phone camera has been a major advance for us seeing and understanding what happens around us. The pictures of police misconduct have been very important in starting to correct this major problem. The pictures of this accident that I have seen serve to show the tragedy that can strike us out of nowhere without warning, and for myself at least, make me a more conscious and attentive driver. FW do you feel that seeing the wrecks and describing them to others is likewise disrespectful? Do you think Kym should not publish them? Accidents happen, tragedies happen, and look at the results of Kym’s posting the description and the photos. People are talking about completing the mission of repairing the church. More information has come out of the comments than the press release, and the humanity of the victims has been much better expressed. I don’t believe you should photograph the accident instead of giving whatever assistance is required immediately, but otherwise I have to disagree with you about the recording the awful consequences of the accident by photo or in words.

    • Firefighters wife

      You might feel differently if you have lost a loved one in a car accident. I tried to avoid the news and then a couple weeks later a picture of my loved ones car was right there before my eyes… and I never wanted to see that.

  • Why did God let this happen? I don’t know why these fine people have to suffer! They didn’t deserve this horrible accident. It hurts me to see the suffering and I wonder…Why GOD??? It shouldn’t be like this!!

    • We never fully understand tragedies like these. Consider the things that happened to the wonderful servant Job….it was a trial right…..not saying this is just a way for God to test the faith of these sweet families, but things happen that we don’t always understand….Satan came against Job, but God was always there with job, even when he didn’t realize it. God is with the Woods family and the other family…there will be moments in the upcoming days, weeks, and months that they will feel as though God has removed Himself from them…just like Job did….but if they will just hold on…keep praying, keep reaching out to God…they will realize He is there just as He always has been. He feels our every pain, our every fear….he has walked the paths before us…His thoughts toward us are good and loving….He has promised to never leave us, nor forsake us. I can personally testify to that. During the darkest time of my life, when all hope was gone and I thought even God was gone…He never left, He was working on the sidelines, in the background…always showing up with comfort and mercy and grace right on time. We have to trust God. Trusting God and having faith in God isn’t believing He will do what we expect, but knowing He will do what is best according to his perfect will. He makes a way, when we see no way. If we diligently seek Him, trust Him, and fellowship with Him….He will see us through our darkest moments. We as a community, as Christians must bind together and pray for these precious families.

  • Praying 🙏

  • A neighbor from Oklahoma

    The little girl Aubrey passed on to her eternal home this evening. 😢

  • Ralph, [edit]Yes they were Americans. Just because someone looks Hispanic doesn’t mean they are illegals.

  • Oh no,I’m so condolences doesn’t seem enough when your heart is broken. I’m praying for this family 🙏

  • Reba Coburn (lockhart)

    Oh my goodness. This is so devastating. It makes me not want to ever drive again.
    I am the 37 week pregnant mama from the four roll car accident 01/03/2017, Kym posted on…
    My husband, one year old daughter, my now 11 week old baby, and myself are all alive. We named our baby “Grace”, because she made it. We didnt know if she was alive until the OB could hook me up to an ultra sound.
    I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we are all alive. I still can hear the crashing in of the van all around us, every time I go to sleep.
    This is just the sadest story for both families. Car accidents are so horriable. I am praying for the mama. How is she doing?

  • Reba Coburn (lockhart)

    And, I am so sorry for the both babies who passed and for the wife that passed. I couldn’t imagine losing my soul mate, my unborn baby, or my other baby.
    I am so sorry to all affected.
    Also, the first people there for my car crash were so kind. I would love to get in contact with them. There was a man that run to my side and helped me out. The van was crushed in on me and my husband’s door was crushed in on him. He jumped out of his window and got out daughter. Her door was ripped off.
    The whole time we were flipping I was screaming “I’m the name of Jesus Christ! Save her, Lord!” And when we landed in on coming traffic in the middle of the free way, I asked God to save my unborn baby. Then myself and my husband. He had blood gushing everywhere from his head.
    The young couple behind us were even willing to take us to the hospital, in their brand new truck. Even my husband with blood everywhere.
    They said they weren’t followers of Christ. How I wish I could contact them and let them know we are all ok. Even my new born baby.
    I don’t mean to make this about me or my family or be insensitive to the lives lost in this horriable accident.
    It just reminds me so much of my accident 3 months ago.
    It is a miracle that two from the Chrysler are alive and huge miracle that 10-12 People were there to pick up the Toyota and get everyone out. I am so sad that three lives were lost.
    Why Lord? Why that baby in particuala

  • Reba Coburn (lockhart)

    Particular, and, why that wife?
    Please let me know how the mama is doing.
    And, also it would be awesome to get in contact with that husband and wife that came running to my family’s side three months ago.

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