Family of Woman Who Died in Hwy 299 Crash Yesterday Asks for Help

Janine Capoeman-Orcutt.

Janine Capoeman-Orcutt’s warm smile.

Yesterday at approximately 6:30 p.m. two vehicles collided on Hwy 299 about 9.5 miles east of Hwy 101. One young family has had a GoFundMe account set up and the community has been very generous. Now the other family who are from Humboldt are asking for a little help.

“Our mom passed away in the tragic accident on HWY 299 last night,” explained Janine Capoeman-Orcutt’s daughter. “This is a hard time for our family and we are asking for prayers and help with funeral costs and the costs of visiting our dad and sister who are still in the hospital. Our sister [Stephanie Capoeman] was flown to the hospital in Redding with internal bleeding.”

If you can help with funeral expenses for this local woman and with all the other expenses that comes with so much injury to two more family members, please go to the GoFundMe account and do what you can.



  • Does anyone every just pay for their own funeral expenses these days?
    It is so tacky to immediately start a go fund me account.

    A small funeral can be done without all th ebells and whistles (direct creamation).

    You should have the type of funeral YOU CAN AFFORD and stop asking the community to foot the

    I saw a recent go fund me for a local restaurant businessman who wanted to expand
    a new aerial drone business. Really? Do you give a way free food? Why do you think
    we should give you our money for your business?

    Again, this is not meant to be mean it is just honest feelings that others have but wont express.

    • Just don’t donate then. I felt comfortable giving a small amount. Others won’t. So don’t. Why blame people who are suffering already? It’s as simple as scrolling on by.

      • Thank you Kym for saying that way more tactfully than I would have. Prayers for the family

      • I’m sorry but I am in COMPLETE disbelief that somebody would even think to offer an opinion like that! It makes me sick to my stomach and want to cry! I’m at a loss for words. I know this family and the loss is devastating beyond words. I…really am at a loss for words. We live our lives surrounded by such ignorance and hate. It truly disgusts me. Night ruined.

        • What is it that Mr. Rogers’ mother used to say…Something like “Look for the helpers.” I say also, “Count the helpers.” If you look, there are so many more people offering love and help than there are those who offer discouragement.

          • Thank you Kim, I feel so fortunate to not be the one in this picture. I was passing people on this stretch of road later that night. I had been driving for almost 14 hours and felt I needed to get home. It was such a stark reminder that it’s not worth it, that I could have killed someone, children! I felt this as I finished my drive home and then saw your original story. Tragedy can teach us, if we listen…

            • I’m a speedy driver myself–always trying to pack too much into a short time. This and other stories will come back to haunt me when I start getting carried away.

        • get a grip on yourself. its just a blog

        • It sickens me as well, that someone(Safety Rooster ) so heartless and rude could even say such a foul thing. I also know the family , Janine is my other half ‘s cousin. It hit all of her family in Washington very hard since we all just seen her a few weeks back. She was and still is very loved.
          its obvious that (Safety Rooster ) has no clue how the process of losing someone goes and needs to keep their pathetic opinions to them selves. It truly is sad that there are miserable people like that who prey on people during times like this. We will definitely donate to the cause.

      • Yes, Kym…. ditto

      • The poor woman was killed by the other driver (not her fault) but the family can sue for wrongful death…that’s why we,have car insurance just a heads up for this poor womans family!

    • Oralee McAlexander

      How absolutely rude and heartless for you to say these things!!! These families are going through a horrific tragedy!!! There is nothing wrong with asking for help!!! I hope you are not in the same situation some day & needing help & hope to God you don’t come across people like yourself who don’t believe in helping people!!!

    • My daughter called Jeanine “my other mom”. I could sleep at night knowing my girl was at the Orcutt home. She opened her heart and home to many.

      Pretty sad Safety Rooster when you turn a tragedy into your time to post a complaint. Jeanine would have prayed for you. 🙂

    • Veterans friend

      No one will know that you were too full of yourself to help. But thank you for inspiring ME.

    • I’m sorry “Safety”, maybe you just don’t understand what community is all about. These families need help in an extremely difficult time. If you don’t want to help these families out, fine. I know that funerals are expensive from personal experience, not to mention the medical bills that are coming, and travel expenses for family. Just go back to your hole and let the community take care of our own!

    • How sad … heartless is an understatement… it’s your choice not to donate… but how dare you to chastise anyone else for asking for a little help at a time like this.

    • If they had been from Mexico their community would have helped pay for the expenses.

    • Yu can tell you haven’t paid for a funeral. Even a simple no whistle blowing creamation costs a couple grand,

    • This is a tactless heartless comment to a very sad family who deserves our support. I love that our community bands together and we should not be ashamed to ask for help when it’s truly need. I am sad to see this response.

    • What is tacky is your response to the request. If you had any manners whatsoever… (Which most parents try to teach their children at a young age) You would keep your negative comments to yourself. It’s as simple as this…..#1. If you want to donate…Simply follow the instructions on how to do so. #2. If you don’t feel comfortable with donating….Then simply move along. Easy enough right?

    • Concerned Community Member

      Are you kidding? What a cruel thing to say! This family is devastated from this loss and they have 2 other family members in the hospital with serious injuries…which means loss of income and in need of help. If you don’t agree then don’t contribute but show some compassion!!!

    • This was just plain rude. I truly hope you don’t ever have a situation where you need help but hopefully if you do someone will show more compassion then you have. If you don’t want to give don’t. I agree that many people use crowdsourcing for wrong reasons but funerals and medical expenses etc in cases such as this is just being compassionate toward someone hurting and in need of a helping hand.

    • I can’t believe there are people out there like you. As heartless. And uncompassionate. It’s one thing if you don’t agree with what someone is doing. Fine. Go about your day. But does this physicalle affect you? How pathetic your life must be to leave such a comment on this. This family is grieving. Something horrific and tragic happened to them and their loved ones. I can’t imagine what they are going thru. With everything that happened they will be grieving for a while. Taking some personal time off work. My grandmother just recently passed away. She was cremated. And the cost of that alone was more then what we could afford. Plus taking time off of work to mourn and make arrangements. I can’t believe you have the nerve that make a cruel comment such as the one you made. Maybe next time just keep scrolling. This doesn’t affect you in any way. There’s no need for your comment. I’m praying for this family. My heart goes out to everyone involved. Such a tragedy.

    • Did someone drop you on your head? When people or strangers hurt because of an incident they like to help where they can. Something unexpectedly horrific occured and her Dad and sister are in the hospital so she’s reaching out. What are you the real life Grinch?

    • This is NOT the place to complain about your sick views! How dare you pollute this with your thoughtless garbage. My deepest condolences to the family and survivors of this horrific accident. And for the people who just don’t have any class whatsoever. This is a heartbreaking and heart-wrenching day when you have to bury your mother. Not to mention the unborn child in ones belly… God bless you all…

    • This is absolutely totally horrible what you just said here. I know this family and they are wonderful caring people. They will have loss of income do to being in the hospital and who knows for how long. If you don’t want to help then don’t put your personal opinion here. If you can’t say something nice and caring then don’t post.

    • I feel so sorry for this family…as with anyone who in the blink of an eye had a loved one jerked from their grasp unexpectedly. We live in a world where so many are living paycheck to paycheck and even if you do a basic cremation and no service, where I am it’s over $1,500…that’s more than 2weeks wages…if a few people who are blessed with good jobs can help that is loving and Godlike…and those who have no fellow feeling should just be quiet and mind their own business. I pray that both families be strong and find comfort inn the scriptures…the bible shows a promise of our loved ones returning to us in perfect health on a beautiful paradise earth…

    • Well aren’t you righteous. Antonella can contribute and not bring guilted by folks like you. Most will be aquantences of the families

    • Really????? Jesus Christ why would you even post a comment like this??? People have lost there love ones unexpectedly!!!! This is a time you keep feelings like this to your freaking self! If you don’t want to help or can’t for what ever reasons that’s fine! But other wise keep your mouth SHUT!!!

    • It’s not only for Funeral exspence…Alot of family members who just lost there mother, father, family member ect…dont have the funds to travel to see there loved one’s in the hospital ect…. I know this family has a handful traveling more than 12 hours w babies in tow… Janine would of helped anyone w traveling exspences or a place to stay during this difficult time, including YOU……This family is not out for free funeral exspence…They are leaving jobs, school, college, kids, homes, unpaid bills, to be with there family, sister in the hospital, dad in the hospital & to take on the difficult decisions planning a funeral…running back n forth from State to State, going back n forth to 2 different hospitals passing the road your mom just died on…going to see your sister who is sedated & doesn’t even know her beloved mother has passed…It cost $$ to travel this road…This is not a vacation….Just so upsetting & sad….I know when my brother died in a car accident, I had to drop my entire life in a matter of seconds to go & be w him during viewing & funeral process..Thank God I had the funds to do this.. I would of been so thankful if an account had been set up for my family if needed…This is usually done from the kindness of family & friends..Direct family suffering can’t even think straight to set up an acct during the difficult/confusing time loosing your mother or anyone in a HORRIBLE car accident……Sweet Janine & Kevin would of helped anyone during a difficult time like this, I KNOW because Janine,Kevin, Steph, & there family helped me during the time my brother died…😓😓😓😓😓😓 It was snowing & icy weather & no vehicle was a available from the funeral home to transport my brothers coffin to Hoopa for his wake & buriel..Janine & Kevin OFFERED to put him in there truck & bring him home…. 😢 THAT’S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID !!

    • whokilledourdaddy

      one headstone alone is $1500 minimum…

    • Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine!

    • We all share life, death, happiness, sadness together. We as the human race need to acknowledge that we live on the earth together…to help one another in whatever way we can. If it is with money, food or simply a warm smile…just do it! There is no cost to show empathy. ‘Fellow feelng’…. to all! Have we forgotten such a simple human trate?

    • Did you ever hear the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Does anyone ever keep their obnoxious comments to themselves anymore or do they always feel the need to express themselves no matter who they’re trampling on or hurting so long as their opinion is heard? For all you or I know these people were the type to give everything they had to others and helped others every time they were able. Your comment is rude, unfeeling, unnecessary, inappropriate… Forget it, I don’t have time to list all of the adjectives.
      Praying for these families.

    • Penny Robertson

      Not everyone has life insurance, especially at a younger age. I don’t have (and I am 67) because we can’t afford it.
      Thank God for those with a giving heart and are so willing to help.

    • Please. You don’t have to add to the tragedy. Just don’t donate then. Simple as that.

    • Rainy day Hip Parade

      Well safety rooster I hope you just think you are a ray of sunshine because I’ll tell you what I am I’m a thundercloud and I’m fixing to rain on your parade if this is the only way you can talk about someone who has just died why don’t you keep your fingers off the keyboard and keep your mouth shut it’s bad enough the families of people who’ve died are dealing with the tragedy but then they get online and they see people like you who commented with the utmost level of stupidity like you just did did you ever think this could have been your wife this could have been your sister this could have been your mother how would you feel if I made them kind of comments about their death about your need for help with funeral expenses I hope you never find yourself in a position to need help and if you do I hope somebody has more compassion than you do

    • The Woods family pastor a small church and trust me its not like The BIG TV evangelists and pastors. My husband and I pastored one church for 50 dollars a week and drove 45 miles one way to the church twice a week. Thank God I’ve never had to ask anybody for anything because some people are just like this comment. God has always made a way for us and He will these families too. We’ve left everything to help other peoples family and don’t even get to see our own family very often. Once again I say, if you don’t wanna give, Don’t but if you do God will bless you abundantly. God bless.

    • [edit] What happens to people like is that when calamity comes to u, and it will,u learn real quickly that having compassion is real important because it’s happened to you !!!! Now back off !!!

    • Not everyone takes death seriously enough to prepare ahead or some cannot afford to put back for this. Some live paycheck to paycheck.

    • catherine brooks

      some of those expenses were to bring her back to washington state to quinault reservation to be buried where she originally came from thank you so much for your worry about paying for a funreal

  • This is so heart breaking. Not to be nosy but was she driving. Thoughts and prayers for family. Just made me cry when I seen this accident hope all children are okay.

    • No. She wasn’t.

    • Old Highway 299

      Nosy or not, Janine Capoeman was front seat passenger red van over the side of the road, I think. Please pray for their children. “Responder”

    • The children in other car were okay, but mom miscarried a 6month baby I sadly heard. Prayers needed for all.

      • One of the babies in the other van, along with the mom, are in very critical condition. Mom is now stable but the 2-1/2 year old isn’t given any hope of surviving. We’re not giving up on our miracle-working God! Praying for the other family also that lost their mom and are injured. Our other little ones are still in the hospital with minor injuries that are being treated.

        • I know the other family well. The mother is still in critical condition. But the little 2 1/2 year old passed away last night. Many prayers requested for this family as well. Praying for the Capoeman family as well. Such a tragic thing for one family to go through much less two. So sad

          • catherine brooks

            I’ve known Janine for a lot of years and I know that she would pray for this family no one can blame a accident on anyone both sides have lost loved ones if either knew this accident would happen they would’ve did there best to avoid this tragic situation My prayers go out for both sides and may GOD give blessings and comfort for each family it’s like a bad dream you can’t wake up from as long as we keep ourselves non negative and pray for all this well someday be not forgotten but a little less painful

      • Regarding the children being OK, I read on the Gofundme site that the other family lost their three year old daughter and the mother lost the baby she was carrying. This is a horrible tragedy all around.

  • So tragic is all I can say .

  • One child is brain dead. Others have broken bones. Mother in critical condition.

  • Heartbreaking.
    Remember to tell your loved ones how you feel as often as possible, you never know. I encourage the families to check into hospice grief counseling.
    I cannot imagine the pain both families are in, may you get your monetary, physical, emotional and spiritual needs met as easily as possible.

  • Prayers up for Stephanie and her dad. May their well loved and thought of mom and wife Janine rest in peace. May all who grieve the loss of such a wonderful lady be given a mighty amount of comfort. And may her family traveling to be here have safe travels.

    Losing Janie is such a terrible loss for her family, friends and our river communities.

    • Very well said….

    • catherine brooks

      Yes Janine passing is a real loss everytime she came to Washington I always missed her by minutes now she is home away from her Hoopa home and I am going to miss her always she is a beautiful Lady and a good friend and her family as my families prayers and to the other family also

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Such a tragic accident. My heart goes out to the family. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • My heart cries for you all. There are no words. Prayers.

  • Safety Roster,
    Yes, funerals are very expensive and very few folks of limited means have a prepaid plan for funeral expenses.

    It is not a tacky request, but a very real need for this family and many others in our region who do not pull down a middle class salary.

    You do not have to donate at all. Sad to read your commentary on a post meant to honor a wonderful woman.

  • Oralee McAlexander

    So tragic! There are no words just praying for them and their families and friends! 😭😭😭😭

  • To the Capoeman children, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. She appears to have been a joyous and loving person. May her soul rest. May your heart aches lessen with time. Cherish your happy memories, forgive all others.

  • To Safety Roster it wasn’t just a request for funeral expenses but also to travel to see the still-injured dad and sister. Also the other family lost one baby and is quite possibly going to lose the 3-year old also. How about if you have nothing kind or compassionate to say you keep your mouth shut. I don’t know the other family but over the years Kevin and Janine took in many children and loved and cared for them like their own. This beautiful lady earned and deserves the best send-off ever ❤

  • Compassion please

    I just want to say that this was a good woman who tried very hard to raise her kids and even her grandkids, even many other kids in the community that needed a mom. If you needed something, anything, and she had it to give – it was yours no questions asked. No one was a stranger in her home. Please help if you can and if you can’t please just be quiet. Don’t judge people you don’t know, she was awesome and so is her family. She was very loved and if you believe in prayer like she did, please pray for her family.

  • It doesn’t matter what your personal beliefs are. They are in the middle of a horrendous situation. Plz just pray and donate if you can! It could be any of us.

  • Janine was a beautiful person inside and out. My heart hurts for her family and friends who have to learn to live without her. I am praying for her family as I know she would of done for anyone else. I don’t know the other family but my heart and prayers goes out to them as well to have two babies lost is an unbearable loss no one should have to bear. Lord Jesus wrap your arms around these families and comfort them.

  • What goes around comes around. I’m sure some day you’ll need help and pray God brings has some grace and mercy as you recall your comment.

  • I just want to point out for anyone else who ever questions or looks down on the Go Fund Me’s for things like this, usually they are started by another friend or family member. One that probably feels helpless but wants to do anything and everything to help. One that realizes other people (whether they are other friends, family, or community members) want to help too! In this day and age social media is so prevalent in our lives. News travels fast and I think it’s great that Go Fund Me exists. It’s a great way to organize and bring together all the help that is offered.

  • Not only did they lose their mother, it sounds like the family members are in 2 different hospitals 3+ hours apart with the 299 slide in between. Sister in Redding, dad in Arcata/Eureka. The family has their hands full in the midst of their grief.

  • Feeling bad for human race

    Safety it is not easy for everyone to ask for help. That takes a lot of courage. I agree there are some go fund me post that give me a good laugh but how can you not feel for this family. There is a child that had to be flown out and was all alone. How scary for that child. Think about well maybe this was not an expected expense after all who wakes up and say I think I’ll be in a horrible accident today. There are expenses traveling and taken time off work to do so. Not everyone is lucky enough to have extra money each month. Where is your compassion for each other. This bring tears to my eyes just to read what happened. Just because some ask for unreasonable things that I get a good laugh at there are some that are just sad. Lives were lost children were horribly hurt and will live with this for the rest of their lives. I’ll pray for you and maybe one day you will get some compassion. This was not the right time for your comment.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to both families. May our Lord wrap His loving arms around them and give them peace and comfort that only He can. Lord, your will be done. Safety Roster, I also pray for you. God knows you need all the help you can get!

  • I buried both parents believing they had funeral preps made-not true one was $8,000.00 n the other $7,000.00 no frills ; family night no viewing($500), etc just coffin n service. Last one was 7 yrs ago n still in hole n neither have a marker! Just saying they need help they didn’t start out planning to loose an important member of their family. Please help them it’s difficult to grieve but devastating to grieve n face bankruptcy at the same time. Its the right thing to do!

  • I agree these families are both suffering and need our help. No one planned for this to happen. Do any of us plan on these things? We all seem to think it probably won’t ever happen to me. Sometimes things like this are so hard to imagine until they do happen. One person said, “you don’t have to get hit by a brick to know that it hurts, but sometimes u have to get hit by a brick to know HOW it hurts.” I want to have compassion!

  • catherine brooks

    the reason the family was asking for help for the mom Janine is they sent her home to washington state to the Quinault Indian Reservation where she grew up before moving to Hoopa yes I am sure they can handle the rest of the arrangements comments are to be made concerning both families this is sad for all and my prayers to both families they have lost so much and are struggling at this time

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