Family Injured in Accident on 299 Needs Your Help

5 of the children in the accident

“These are the beautiful children affected,” said Theresa O’Brien, the organizer of the GoFundMe.

Yesterday evening at approximately 6:30 p.m., two cars collided on Hwy 299 about nine and a half miles east of Hwy 101. At least one person died. Several people were critically injured including at least one child. A modest GoFundMe has been started by a member of the same church as the family in the van. Her name is Theresa Howell O’Brien and she lives in Eureka.

According to O’Brien, “Family members of our pastor have been in a very bad accident on their way to visit. They have 5 children under the age of 7 and mom is pregnant with number 6. They will need car seats and clothes for the whole family.”

Later, another person commented that the mom had miscarried her baby who was about six months along and the adorable three-year-old pictured above is in critical condition. We have not been able to confirm this information but will update once we can do so.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe is so modest and the needs of the family so great that we thought that we would ask our community to open their hearts and help if they can. Click here to be taken to the donate site.

Note: The heartbreaking photo of the car seats at the site of the accident was taken by our very talented photographer, Mark McKenna.



  • Looking at the clothes the children are wearing someone in the family (mother?) sews some of their clothes. Are they accepting donations of clothes, car seats, or any other related gear?

    • Try contacting Theresa Howell O’Brien on Facebook. I’ll ask her to comment also.

    • Last I saw yes & you can take donations to their church (fb doesn’t say which church)

    • Any donations of clothing carseats or other essentials may be dropped off at 436 Harris st in eureka at South West answering service. Thank you for your time and help!

    • The woman who died
      Was a grandmother to Johnny Jr
      My condolences to them and there families

      My prayers also for the well being for the children and
      Condolences to all involved in this horrible accident

    • Those are boutique clothes usually bought for photoshoots special occasions they are super cute! I am sure donations of clothes of any kind would be well accepted by the family my heart aches for their loses and the journey ahead of them <3

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    That looks like their Easter outfits to me and could be Matilda Jane brand (I have 3 granddaughters). Darling children, so sad………Heading over to donate now.

  • Thank you Kym. We need at least 1 infant car seat and maybe one older booster seat. We have boys clothes but could use some girls clothes for the 6 and 7 year old. Also, the girls do not wear pants. The mother is still in critical condition out of the area. She did lose the baby.

  • Will continue to lift up your family and friends for healing.

  • John, who gives a rats ass if they made their own clothes or not, their in need. The mother (who may have made their own clothes) is in critical condition.

    • No need to be rude to someone trying to help. Just my opinion.

    • You’re rude. Someone made an observation and wants to help.

    • I think the comment was very positive that the Mom made the children’s clothes. They are very pretty and say more about the Mom’s devotion to her children and anything else. Also it’s much more intensive to sew clothing versus buy off the rack. I read the handmade comment and more closely admired the dresses.
      God Bless this family they are going through so much.

      • I read the comment as being loving and caring also. A mom that takes the time to sew is VERY SPECIAL. This is such a tragic accident. Let’s just send love and prayers of healing and strength.

      • I agree with Marilyns comment. Is there a need for useless drama at this time or do you not understand.?

        This family has been hurt bad. Help them or shut up. I personally am donating $100.

        • I understand the pastor’s wife had a tire blowout and lost control. Please do pray for them, their little girl Aubrey passed away yesterday. Both families involved in the accident will have big needs.The pastor is from Oroville

        • I agree!! Who cares what brand or if they’re homemade?? This family needs our support!! People are so petty that it makes me sad.. 😥

    • John, sorry I offended you, but I care enough to say/do something. Something hopefully helpful. I see the car seats in the road in that photo, and I wonder what I would feel if they were the two seats I carry my children in every week along that same stretch, when we go to town. No offense intended.

      Now I know I can stop by 436 Harris St. to do more, so for me, it was helpful.

      P. s. Kim; I don’t use facebook

    • I was thinking the same thing; I am reading this late but had to comment.

  • God Bless you all. I’m praying for all to heal. I’m so sorry about the baby. I’m donating what money I can. Humboldt has the biggest heart,and rallies when needed for folks. It’s the best here. Even with our problems.🙏

  • What a horrendous and terrifying situation. We will keep all the victims in our thoughts and prayers while we figure out what we have that they may be able to use. We do not have a lot, but we are always willing to share with those in need. What church, and where is it located? Godspeed, S.

  • The family is from Oroville California. I believe they need sleeping bags, clothes and carseats. Any donations can be taken to 436 Harris st in eureka at South West answering service. Thank you so much.

  • God is with you I’m sorry for this sad event! #Godbless

  • Are they mennonites? Just wondering, So i have pants for girls that age to donate, they wont accept them?

    • They are pentecostal and while they would be grateful for the help the girls can not wear pants because it goes against their beliefs.

    • They are Pentecostal Holiness. The women only wear dresses or skirts. It’s not that they wouldn’t be appreciative of anything donated, they actually create skirts from pants all the time. Skirts and Or dresses would be more beneficial to them. They are really good people.

  • No need for opinions from anyone, snarky comments, rudeness, meanness, or trolls, of which this site has too many. If you have an opinion, keep it to yourself. If you want to help, then help. No one needs to know how much or what, or that the donation will be hard for you but you’ll do it. This article/ post is not about you, it’s about a family devastated by this terrible crash. Include them in your prayers. And give your fingers a rest.

  • One of those herrific accidents that we will never understand, but one thing we do know God cares, hears and answers prayers. Keep praying for their needs.

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